Soaring Above the Battleground

By Kimberly Cartwright

Have you tried to be two things at once? To please two different masters? To ride two horses at the same time? What happens? You are split in two-you feel torn, conflicted, and afraid. Can we say we love everyone while harboring hatred and judgement for a few select people who really deserve it? Can […]

Soaring Above the Battleground

Facebook for Forgiveness

By Bill Free

As students and disciples of the truth today and especially with the worldwide social environment of Facebook, social media and public communication, it seems like it matters how I show up on these public platforms and how I demonstrate the image of myself. Hahaha! Yes, we have an image to protect – Wow! The whole […]

Facebook for Forgveness

Free Webcast With Lisa Natoli and Rupert Spira

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Thursday, June 8th at 11:00am EST

They will be discussing topics such as non-duality, A Course in Miracles, the direct approach to the Light of Pure Knowing, and much more.

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Why Saying “I Can’t” is the End of You

By Lisa Natoli

A Course in Miracles is a great way to begin noticing your thoughts, words and emotions. It is a way to train your mind in a systematic way to see what you have been doing, thinking and feeling. It’s a way to observe yourself so that you can begin to make new choices. Most people […]

I can't

The Pros and Cons of Guilt

By Linda Leland

Today we’re going to talk about Guilt.  A vital topic if you want to feel better and be happy. First I’ll explain exactly what guilt is, the pros and cons of guilt and we’ll wrap it up by knowing what to do about it. What is guilt? It’s an inner emotional experience that tells you […]