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Awareness Is Hearing God’s Voice I love this topic and ACIM workbook lesson 49: “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.” I was talking to Lisa today and we were discussing this workbook lesson and a situation that seemed like I had invited conflict to rise up and be in my experience for…

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Want to know the absolute deadliest thought to the ego? A healed mind does not plan. This can be so easily misunderstood so I want to chew on it for a few minutes with you. So, when your mind is functioning correctly, it does not plan. A fearless, defenseless, faith-filled, God centered mind does not…

everything is possible-pic5_jm_1.13.16

The future is so bright that I better wear shades! This is my first blog article working for the Teachers of God Foundation and I’m so excited. I have shared my story a few times via our website and on a recent radio interview with Lisa, but I can’t wait to share more details about…

The 40 Day program

The 40-Day Program and Mooji: What do they have in common? Enlightenment. The fast track. The train leaves today. ☺ Have you ever wondered why it seems like other people out there in India or London encounter miracle situations where people have near-death experiences, visitations by angels or beings from beyond the veil… and have…

New Year

I want to talk about “New Year’s Resolutions” with you for a minute. I’m going to be honest; I’ve been writing this article for days! Writing, rewriting, researching, reading, cutting, pasting, questioning and rearranging. After time in prayer, I deleted 90% of it. I removed the heart-opening quotes from A Course in Miracles about starting…


I love the idea of new year, a new beginning and a clean slate. You might already know this – I am doing a new 40-Day Program with new videos, new messages and new content starting on January 1, 2016 – which is this coming Friday. If you are interested in doing it, you need…


Merry Christmas to you from me and our entire team at the Teachers of God Foundation. You are a gift to the world and to us. We love you.  It’s me, Lisa Natoli. It’s two days before Christmas and the peace of God is shining in you now. Christmas is meant to be a time…


Jesus leads the way to the Truth and the Light and this is Christmas… THANK YOU our brother and friend. We love you. I had a talk last week and one of the things that came from the talk is my favorite thing about Christmas, on a Fun! physical plane: CHRISTMAS COOKIES! Yum!!!!! I just…


Yes, that’s right, I gave Christmas an extreme makeover. OK, I used to dread Christmas. I HATED IT!! It was one big stressor for me. I was grouchy. I abhorred holiday music. Mainstream, conventional Christmas, for me, was about spending a Santa-sized sack full of money, standing in long lines at the department stores, all…

one decision

Over the years I have “done it all” to try to improve my life and achieve worldly goals. I would have a lot of momentum and energy and enthusiasm for the first few days (or the first few hours at least!) and then I would be back to my old habits and usual ways of…

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