6 Qualities of a Child That Speed-Up the Undoing of False Beliefs

Recently, I read a sentence that knocked me off my feet.  It is surely the most profound sentence I’ve ever read and I had to share it, and I had to understand it fully.

Here goes:

“Assuredly, I say to you, unless you change and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18.3 and Jesus, ACIM)

Do you get how HUGE that is?  This is so huge, that I’m going to say it again with more clarity.

It will be impossible for you to experience the indescribable Love, Joy and Peace of Heaven, where all things fall into place, unless you become like a child.   



Let me remind you that Heaven is a conscious choice that must be made by us.  It’s not some walled off place up in the clouds where “good” people get to go when they die.  Heaven is not a reward that you get later, if you’ve earned it.

God’s Love is Heaven.  And it is yours for the taking.

I love clarity and I love simplicity so please allow me to continue breaking this down.  It is the most important choice there is – so we should get really, really clear, don’t you think?

Heaven is available RIGHT NOW but I must become like a child to enter.

Do this ONE thing and you get to live in Bliss-town!


I want Heaven!  I’ll do whatever it takes. I’m declaring this my #1 priority.  If this is a choice I must make then I’m making it!

I will live like a little child.

I’m just not sure what that really means??????

I’ve heard it 100X but never put it into action in my life.  I forgot how to be a child!  I’ve stuffed my “innocence” into my “big girl pants” and it vanished!

We’ve squeezed our “wild selves” into business suits and grew up like we were told.

We now wear this protective shield of unawareness.

Jesus is telling us that we have to undo that in order to expose Heaven which is within you at this very moment, waiting, WAITING, on your decision.

Yes!  I’m deciding today.  Will you join me?  Will you decide for Heaven with me?  Let’s stop waiting.  What, in hell, are we waiting for?  LOL  Jesus tells us that if we practice becoming childlike together, it’s extra potent and He promises to be right there beside us.


If you’re ready to join me, keep reading.

But let’s keep it simple and, most of all, let’s have some fun.

Start with this:

Think of YOU and God as you would think of a child and parent.

Got that?  Now let’s move on.

Children trust their loving Mother and Father to completely take care of them, to protect them, to provide for them, to correct them when they’re wrong, and to love and cherish them.

Jesus is telling us that we need to have this same type of trust and faith in God. After all, we are His children.

Let’s examine the qualities of a child so we know what we have to un-do.


A child doesn’t know how to get where it’s going.  The child needs to be led and the child follows, sure he is safe. There is something in the child that recognizes his inability to follow a path on his own which is frightening to him. A CHILD NEEDS SOMEONE TO HELP THEM FIND THEIR WAY BECAUSE HE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WHICH WAY TO GO.  And if the child stumbles, we raise him up.  If a child wanders off, we call him back

How to practice this quality:  Stop thinking you know how ANY of this should go.  You have no idea what is Real and your plans are frightening.  Let yourself be led by your Father who knows the way. Trust God with everything.  100%!  He will not let you fall or let you wander off and get lost.


A child takes what his father says to heart and without any doubt.

How to practice this quality:  Ask and listen.  The Truth is always simple.  Stop analyzing God’s word and please, stop doubting.


We have become cynical.  We’ve invented judgments and grievances that close down our radiance. We’re taught to worry and fix because we’re told that everything is NOT how it should be.  A child has yet to be touched by the concerns of the world.  Jesus is telling us we can let that all go!  Whatever it is, we can let it be.

How to practice this quality: Remember that the Truth of you is unlike the world in every way.  Your meaningless thoughts have created a meaningless world.  To release this world is to accept everything just the way it is.  (Jesus calls this forgiveness).  Then, our childlike radiance is returned. 


Children are never self-conscious.  They are wild!  Children let ecstasy fill them to the tips of their fingers and toes.  They see no limitations. 

How to practice this quality:  Stop cautioning yourself to be careful or realistic!  Unleash your joy and wonder.  If anyone tells you that you’re “out there”, say “Yea!  Thank you!”


Little children recognize that they don’t understand what they perceive, and so they ask what it means.

How to practice this quality:  Don’t assume you know what’s going on here.  Regardless what you’ve been taught, you don’t know what anything means.  Rejoice in the freedom of that!  Look on everything with wonder and ask the Holy Spirit to look with you.   


Kids will play for hours with a rock or a box. A child will have a blast with a pile of dirt.

How to practice this quality:  Stop trying to fill your God sized hole with material possessions, relationships, busy-ness, prestige, etc. The simplicity of the present moment is the place where you experience God. 

AND THAT’S IT!  The most fun practice EVER.

This is so cool!  Take a look at these 2 definitions of the word “innocent”:

Webster’s Dictionary:  The state of being not guilty of a crime or wrong act.  Lack of experience with the world.  Lack of knowledge about something.  BOOM!

A Course In Miracles:  Innocence is wisdom because it is unaware of evil, and evil does not exist.  DOUBLE BOOM!


So thanks for being here with me.  Let’s be kids.  If you slip back into adulting, just bring yourself back.  Make Heaven your #1 priority!  Climb out of the driver’s seat and into the Toddler Seat in the back.  Kick your feet, grab a juicebox and joyfully go wherever God leads you.  Keep it simple.  Take a nap.  Accept everything just the way it is and look upon all of it with fresh new eyes and wonder.

Let yourself be held in the Loving arms of your Father. Let Him take good care of you.

“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God”

If you’re still here and making this EPIC decision with me, I’d love to hear from you.  Let your child come out to play with me!  If you’re not ready, that’s totally ok!  I’d love to hear from you too.

I love you so much,


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120 thoughts on “6 Qualities of a Child That Speed-Up the Undoing of False Beliefs

  1. Linda – I am so inspired ..!…. and in a bit of a muddle. Your message rings with pure truth, joy and simplicity. Your writing style is perfect for your message. However, this child feels left behind, while the bus goes off on a field trip… When the class started, the world conspired to fill up my life with travels, attending a personal appearance of Matt Kahn, girlfriends who talk too much, and other static. As a result, I could not start with the class on the day appointed. Shall I try to catch up, or wait until the next offering of the 40-days? I am studying daily – ACIM, Gary Rinard, Matt Kahn. SO – should I wait or should I start on Day One, late? I love what you are doing and I do not want to lose this sacred and practical opportunity. Thank you – you are truly a light worker and you are blessing us all. And so am I. Love, Gail

    • Gail, My friend, you are NEVER left behind. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Please stop telling that story because it’s just not True! There is no right or wrong way to do this. Your way is going to be completely unique to you. It might be nice if you wait until the next 40 Day and give it your undivided attention. (It’s THAT GOOD!) Either way, your doing it perfectly. I love you.

  2. Linda, you are awesome!!! I always love reading your blogs 🙏🏼 I leave feeling inspired and excited for life 💖 I’m sitting back relaxing and enjoying this ride 🌟✌️️

  3. This, you could not have sent this at a better time. Have been coming to this place but this has simply cemented it down and in. I’m all in. Love claiming my kid along with yours. What Joy, what Freedom.
    Thank you so much Lisa, your kid is adorable and it allows me to see the adorable kid in me. What fun. Much love Gail

  4. I still struggle with the Biblical references. I do however catch your drift. Thanks for sharing

    • Thanks for your feedback Barbara. You are not alone in the struggle. I used to feel the same way. For me now, God is Love, creation and Universal Intelligence. I know and Love when I hear the Truth and leave behind what doesn’t feel like the Truth to me. Thanks for being here.

  5. Linda! I inhaled every word that you wrote here. Almost speechless as of the timing of your blog!
    … It has taken quite some time to get to this point and I chuckle at how really simple it is– becoming my innocence! In the past few days, have followed my guidance and am doing, being mySelf. Thrown caution to the wind, reconnected with ME. Just like a child:-)
    … Have never felt such freedom!!!
    ThankYou! Thank You! For being here at the exact right “time”. Huge happy smiles!!
    Love, Betsy ❣👍🏻✨😍✨✨✨

  6. Hi Linda!
    I love this reminder, and I need it~! Silly me slipped back into the world of grown-ups for a while.
    I worried, got angry (A LOT), and I felt terrible!
    I’m finding my way back again and this propelled me!
    Remember, I am always right there with all of you kooks 🙂


  7. Linda –
    Just loved this blog!! So simple, so direct, so easy to do ! Just LOVE it! Thank you, thank you, thank you !
    hugs, joani

  8. Hi Linda,

    I love what you have to say. We’re on the same wave length.

    I was recently recently ordained as an Ordained Ministerial Counselor through the Pathways of Light Spiritual College. On Sunday, October 23rd I’ll be celebrating this blessed event by having my amazing facilitator, Rev. Maria Felipe, O.M.C. (re)ordain me so that I may share these blessings with my family and friends. Part of my talk at my ordination includes my reference to the purity and openness, trust, innocence and love of children. It reads, in part:

    “If we need reminders or role models for these actions, (love, trust, innocence, forgiveness) simply…

    • For inspiration, I look to my grandchildren: Griffin, Emme and Jacey.

    When you’re unsure or confused about your innocence or the innocence of your sister or brother, look to the children. Look to them for the symbol of truth.
    • Look at their pure joy and elation, unbridled without interruption of self-consciousness
    • Look at their urgency to offer love and receive love
    • Look at how they welcome others, without fear or judgment
    • Look at them at play with anyone who may enter the room regardless of gender, color, class, looks, attire, ability, religion or no religion; spiritual or not.
    • Look at them as they reach out to extend their love so easily and without thought
    • Look at them as they embrace to accept love
    • Look at them as they reach out to you and ask, “Up?” “Lift me up. Lift me out of this turmoil; this confusion. Lift me up, close to your heart. Lift me up so that I remember who I am. Lift me up and hold me close.”
    • Look to the child
    • And then…remember the child within yourself and each other.
    o That part of us that simply wants to be accepted for the trueness of our Self
    o That part of us that says, “Please don’t look at the ‘outward me.’ SEE the true, inner me.”
    o That part that has been hurt, scarred and scared who simply needs the space ‘to be;’ who simply needs to be accepted and loved for the essence of our souls.
    o That part that craves, if not a physical embrace, an emotional embrace. Who has been judged their entire lives and seeks only to be known for the goodness within.
    • See the child within others and reach out; extend your love
    • See the child within yourself and reach in to see your true Self: Love, Innocence, Purity, Joy; One with all and One with God.

    This is what my ministry is about: honoring our truth, yours and mine; our innocence, our joy, our love and our peace. It is the gift from our Eternal Source. We don’t have to earn it. We don’t have to bargain for it. It is all ours simply by our willingness to ask for the reminder, to quiet our minds, to listen for the Answers.

    And to simply FORGIVE AND REMEMBER.

    This is shared with love,
    Rev. Barb Adams

  9. Bless You , Linda!!!

    I found mySelf grinning from ear to ear while reading this beautiful article!…Yup, with the H.S. at “the wheel”, I find that I AM staring out the back window in awe, wondering where we will go to next!!!..BLESS YOU!!

  10. Love you, too.. Linda! What an honor to be a teacher of God with you!! Will become a child again today and everyday! Thank you for sharing this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Dearest Linda…………….What an awesome message. My inner child will be delighted to play with yours 🙂 Thanks for the reminders and the invite. I’m off to learn to play my Djembe drum tonight, and perhaps even dance!! I feel so blessed to have received this wonderful gift of freedom from you this morning.
    Blessings of love, light, peace, joy and gratitude.
    I love you,
    Joyce xoxoxo

  12. Linda, you are such a wonderful Blessing for me and for all who read your amazingly and awesome always spot on blogs Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

    Blessings and Love😇💕
    Al Austgen

    • Thanks Al! You are such a Blessing to me too! God gave me the best gift EVER when I found you. Best prayer partner and friend EVER.

  13. I can’t wait to start the Course in Miracles. So much goodness! Thank you for reminding me to quit being an adult and share and delight in the moment. I’m not going to clean the bathroom today!

    • Hahahaaahahaa Marianne! I love your message. I’m not going to clean the bathroom today either! Ha! You are going to LOVE ACIM. It has made me the happiest person I know! LOL This foundation is so good at helping you practice and understand-make sense of it in your life, right now. I am over the top glad you’re here. Thanks for your awesome feedback.

  14. I’m all in Linda! I have been all in for a while although I forget myself sometimes and fall into that silly thing called “adulthood”. I have been enjoying every single day that God is blessing me with. Your message was beautiful and a great gentle reminder to let go of the stuff you cannot control and just sit back and enjoy the ride!

    Love and Blessings,


    • Deb!! Thanks for being ALL IN with me, my friend. Let’s totally enjoy the ride. Love and Blessing to you too. xoxoxoxo

  15. Thank you Linda!
    I love this , thanks for making it clearer. I’ve thought about this for many times, heared it lots but it changed in my head once I understood that it also meant being totally dependent on God, in everything. Not just being the innocent child, the joyful, but mostly dependent. So much the opposite of this world where we’re supposed to fix everything on our own.

    Thank you. Lots of love. Ulrika. ❤️🙏🏼☀️

    • Ulrika, I know. I needed this clarification too. Let’s commit to remembering from now on!! LOL So much better to be so dependent that we can just play instead.

  16. Dear Linda, you are just great!
    Thank you for this loving, simple, joyful message. Just love it and want to play!!!
    I just need it, I am doing the LIP and “forgot” and was feeling guilty again for not doing it perfect…some kind of tired….but this is a refreshment, as always at the right time! Love you and thanks again!!!

  17. I may be old, but I’m immature!

    I’ve been delighted by the beauty of the universe, the excitement of my career, and the most amazing people in my life.

    I met Jesus face-to-face when I was very young and he’s been my constant companion ever since, along with a variety of other guides and angels. They are so eager to help that I can actually feel the breeze when they rush in to meet my every need — and only at my request.

    As you say, children ask.

    I ask a lot!! It’s never too much, and I can feel their joy in fulfilling my requests.

    And we laugh a lot!!

    Love you soooooo much, Linda!! Thank you for your article.

    • Wende you are such a Master. I love you soooooo much too. Thank you for the loving, supportive and affirming feedback my friend!

  18. This brought tears to my eyes….I NEED to get back to my child within. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time….time to lighten up and PLAY!!!! Thank you for sharing Linda!!!! <3

  19. Right on blog Linda, I love your presentation of the child in the back seat and the juice box. I felt like I was there as the child and the parent:)

    Also, as simple as you pictured it, we like adulting a little too much to step back unless/until we are forced by our own multiplied mistakes to surrender into the Fathers hands.

    Thank you 💕🙏🏻

    • Thanks so much Bill. A huge compliment coming from you. <3 Yes, we sure do like adulting sometimes. Hahahaaa Personally, I no longer aspire to adult-hood.

  20. Dear Linda,
    Thank you for this and all your blogs! Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love brought ACIM into my life many, many years ago and thanks to her also being Jewish, it changed my life as I was able to see all the biblical and Jesus talk as “just vocabulary”. Now and especially after doing Lisa’s 40-Day Program twice and James Twyman’s 365-day musical ACIM, I have no problem calling the Holy Spirit into me every day and rejoicing in Jesus’ love!

    BUT I’ve always had a problem when I’ve been told to go back to memories of a happy, innocent childhood and to become that trusting, dependent, loved being. That was not my experience at all! I won’t go into the details of the abuse – physical, verbal as well as emotional – and not knowing what it felt like to be kissed, held, hugged or told I was loved. So this posting of yours reminding me of this ACIM directive has brought back all the bad memories.

    BUT, thank you to Rev. Barbara Adams’ post pointing me in the direction of how I can get that childlike feeling by watching and feeling it from real children. Remembering my daughter’s childhood, that I made sure to be the opposite of mine is helping as I imagine what happy children feel.
    I’m realizing that I need to stop whining about this horrible childhood, that actually made me the strong, caring adult that I’ve become and get with the program!
    So thank you, thank you, Linda, as I endeavor to now, at age 63, become that happy, carefree, non-judgemental, trusting, loveable and innocent child that is excited about everything! Why not!? And especially since I’ve been feeling God’s love so strongly in recent years – feeling what it feels like to be a beloved child of a loving parent.

    Sooo, I’m ready to play and learn anew!!!

    With so much love, thank you and all of you!

    • OMG Denise! Thank you for this note. I can really understand how it can be difficult to relate to a happy, care free child when you had an experience that was opposite of that. I Truly understand. Thank you Rev Barbara!! Yes!! She showed up just when you needed her. OH, yes, you can start to tell a different story now but you’re certainly not whining. Go easy on yourself, my friend. It’s come up to be healed. I’m so glad we’re in this together.

  21. Thank you for the awesome blog post! 🙂
    “If you haven’t grown up by the age of 50, you don’t have to” was something I saw on FB, and it stuck! 🙂
    Still curious and creative, with a playful touch! 🙂

    Love, Håkan

  22. Finally!!! The REAL meaning of UNADULTERATED!!
    Thank you, Source Sister!!! You know I love you buckets, xoxoxoxo, k

  23. Thank you Linda! While reading “the child” in me took a deep sigh an started smiling it felt free and joyful! Thank you,
    With Love,

  24. Thank you Linda. Always love your blog posts. And YES, I’m joining you!!!! Think I’ve been an adult far too long!……….My husband once asked my (adult) stepdaughter when she was ever going to grow up, and she just looked at him and said ‘NEVER’!……..She has a good job, a home, a family, and she’s just always happy!!………..Thank you for this wonderful reminder, to be like a child and trust. So much love to you <3

    • Ngaire I always adore your feedback and input. I’m never growing up either! LOL Let’s be the happiest people we know. LOL

  25. I adore this post…so simple..I’m joining you all in being like a child…I don’t have a bloody clue and it’s beautiful..and I’m not cleaning my bloody bathroom either!!!! Thanks so much Linda..a brilliant post 💕💕💕💕 Karen

  26. Thank you for the fantastic invitation to a “Play Date.” This was a beautifully written blog. The gospel in church this morning was “Ask and you will receive.” It mentioned your exact sentence, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you change and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” What a nice surprise to come home and have it reinforced and clarified.

  27. I just love your blog. Your choice of words and style of writing spoke so beautifully and clear to me. I would love to play like a child with you. It sounds so refreshing and fun and all I have to do is go along for the ride and experience everything in wonder. Pooh I just can’t wait, this is so exciting.

  28. Letting go and letting God…so simple….If we really believed…
    Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Matthew 6:26

  29. Thank you everyone for sharing this today. I found my little girl in a closet many years ago when I attended A.A. at the age of 32. I learned about the inner child from Bradshaw’s writings, ‘Homecoming’ and at that time my life became so peaceful and I to had a face to face meeting with Jesus. My life was wonderful for many years and then I lost my connection when I bought a house and fraud foreclosure was acted out upon me. The attack was so vicious for a little while I became angry, was thrown into defensive mode, and was handling the battle completely alone or so it seemed until I got into the court house. There was so much deception going on there I simply had no “defence.” I went outside for a smoke and by this time I am exhausted and I said to Jesus, “Ok, I have had enough.’ This must end today and all I want is peace. I don’t care Holy Spirit how that is going to come, or what will bring it but this must end today. I went back inside for the court hearing and the duty council were trying to threaten me into making a plea and set a trial date or I was going to be put in jail …again. I found myself saying, “No,” your going to jail for aiding and abetting fraud and theft upon me. Wow! You should have seen those people run and hide. No one showed up for the court, several of them attempted to make me give in right up until I announced I was not leaving that courthouse until this issue was resolved, even if I have to call in the Military!! I was left standing in the lobby all alone. I waited two hours for someone to call me into the courtroom. No one showed. I was still in shock when I left there, sort of a daze, I guess so it took a few days to comprehend what happened. I have been four years working on regaining my peace of mind and safety in this world and even though Jesus has been with me I could not fully let him back in. I could not understand myself. But I never could have imagined something like this could happen in my life, even though I know when we allow ourselves to be used in correcting the little problems, we will be used in bigger problems to help set things right and bring peace to ourselves and the world. Anyway, God bless you Lisa for this blog today. I literally have been so full of fear I have been going through the motions trying to feel and see Jesus again and hanging on with the ” heady” knowledge that I have always known he was here but i could not feel his presence anymore. And today I can come out of the closet again but now once and for all. You gave me back my life today and now I too can spread the love. Been working on my website but feeling stuck. nogriefnostress.com Coming Soon. Thank you.

    • Bonnie you beautiful soul!! Keep going. This is what it looks like. You asked to have the blocks removed to the Love that you Truly are and you are shown what beliefs and fears are lurking below. I am so glad you’re here.

  30. Thank you, Linda for this wonderful reminder. I have cherished these verses often over the years, but never really took it for my own. Yesterday, however, I started to behave like a child. A man in a wheelchair was approaching the grocery store door just a little further away from the door than I was and I spontaneously and joyfully said to him, “Here let me get the door for you!” We both smiled and chuckled since the door was automatic. I was happy, but a bit later I thought: “I wonder what people thought of me?” And then I thought: what do I care? I did no harm and the man in the wheelchair smiled and I felt like a kid again! May we all act spontaneously with joy and smiles!

    • MaryLynne, I love that you did that. LOVE IT!! Don’t worry what anybody thinks. You are giving them permission to live as a child too!

  31. Thank you for this Linda! And children also see all fellow children as their friends, so here I am dear friend! The Friend in me, welcomes the Friend in you, and I welcome the love we both share as children of God! Thank you for playing!!

  32. The child in me is the best part of me!!! I can only thank God for allowing me to have this experience.And thank you for sharing this with me. Between you and Lisa and Bill ~ this is all just “heavenly”. Blessings~

  33. Thank you dear Linda, i feel very touched by your invitation, and my inner child seems to recognize, what i read, at first tears came up and i feel very warm. Yes absolutely, i will be as a child! Happy journey starts now! Thank you so much! Love from Dorit


  35. Hi. I’m in the 28 day of the 40 days program with Lisa. I understand EVERYTHING in my mind, some things have been very easy to put in practice, but it’s been hard for me to trust in my heart, to throw down the fences (excuse me if my english is not perfect) and to just listen God’s voice and let me be guide by him. I have no job, I’m running out of money and I don’t know what shall I do next… And I’m constantly returning to the fear and doubts! Oh my God! Today I was trying to meditate and I simply couldn’t. I felt I wasn’t able to connect. I thought “I’m gonna write Lisa and see if she can tell me sometihing that helps”. I opened my e-mail and found this message that I haven’t seen. It was my answer. I was thinking I have to be in charge even of my transformation and understand how to be the light of the wold. But you’re so right! I have no idea. I just want to trust. I want to grab my Father’s hand and watch the view while he walks me.

    I will practice all you say. I’ll be as a child. And I’ll have fun in the way. Thank you for your words, they made me the day.

    Love, Ale

  36. Being a child is quite scary for me. In my memory there are suicide of my father. There are children being born to my mother afer my father died. There are hunger and shambles. To be child is entering the time
    of Turbulace.

  37. Hi, Linda, I just read “the six qualities of a child”. Absolutely fantastic! You stated everything so perfectly, beautifully and remarkably easy to digest. I rewrote the practices into”I am willing ” statements and look so forward to putting them into practice. I also look forward to other offerings you may have. Thank you soooo much!!