The Laws of Extension, Projection and Attraction

By Kimberly Cartwright

I had been hearing the words extension and projection used in A Course In Miracles for years, and they seemed like very complicated ideas. I was very curious about the differences between projection, extension and attraction.  I wanted to make these ideas crystal clear for myself. Why do I want extension so much more than […]

law of extension

Why Saying “I Can’t” is the End of You

By Lisa Natoli

A Course in Miracles is a great way to begin noticing your thoughts, words and emotions. It is a way to train your mind in a systematic way to see what you have been doing, thinking and feeling. It’s a way to observe yourself so that you can begin to make new choices. Most people […]

I can't

Spiritual Bypassing: How To Spot It

By Lisa Natoli

Spiritual work is not just affirming nice-sounding ideas. It’s not about saying “everything is perfect” when, in fact, your life is falling apart. Real spiritual work that transforms you is about looking at the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you hold about yourself and the world and being willing to look directly at these thoughts […]

spiritual Bypassing

All Healing is a Release From Fear

By Lisa Natoli

One of my favorite lines in A Course in Miracles is “to heal is to make happy.” I find that a lot of people think this means to make “other people” happy (and it can mean that) but I find that many people have forgotten about making themselves happy. The love that you have withheld […]

All healing is a release from fear

7 Fun Ways to Extend Love Everywhere You Go (How to Be a Love Machine)

By Linda Leland

Today, we’re going to have some FUN! Did you know that in every minute you’re either projecting or extending? Projecting feels horrible.  Extending is a blast. When we’re projecting, we’re attempting to get rid of something we don’t want.  We see our fear and guilt acted out in someone else that’s not us.  We’re blaming, […]

how to be a love machine

Do You Trust Completely Even When Your Life is Chaotic?

By Lisa Natoli

Someone recently sent me a book that I am in love with. It’s called “Lovingly in the Hands of the Father” by Evelyn Whitell. She wrote it in 1931 and it was published by Unity. It’s currently out of print but available in a free pdf form online. I have an online book study group […]

Trust in God