Why Wait for Heaven?

By Bill Free

Would you agree that most people on the planet are in search of the same experience or the same goal of inner peace and a sense of fulfillment? Whether it shows up in the desire for lots of money so you can do whatever you want and seemingly be free, have harmonious relationships, notoriety or […]

why wait for heaven 1

Being All In & Collaborating With Jesus

Live Easter Talk With Lisa Natoli

You gotta be all in! 2000 years ago, Jesus gave up his life, his image, the world, his teaching healing ministry on earth, … and he did it willingly. He chose the cross as his own personal contribution to prove there is no death. He could have avoided going to the cross if he wanted […]

being all in

The New 40-Day Program – What It Is – and New Bonus Feature: Ending Addiction Once And For All.

I love the idea of new year, a new beginning and a clean slate. You might already know this – I am doing a new 40-Day Program with new videos, new messages and new content starting on January 1, 2016 – which is this coming Friday. If you are interested in doing it, you need […]