Enlightenment for Dummies

By Linda Leland

Hey guys, it’s Rev. Linda Leland here! Lately, I’ve been really passionate about removing some of the old religious stigmas attached to spirituality and God.  I’m going to continue that again this week. Let’s focus on the 2 concepts of enlightenment and awakening. I’m calling it “Enlightenment for Dummies” because I’m going to break it […]

Enlightenment for Dummies

Train Your Mind to a State of Euphoria and Joy

By Lisa Natoli

When Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, experienced a massive stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain, she experienced (in her own words) “a state of euphoria, a sense of complete well-being and peace.” Without the use of her left brain, she was unable to walk, talk, read, write or remember anything. She was […]

train your mind

How to “Do” A Course in Miracles

With Lisa Natoli

Many people think A Course in Miracles is difficult to do. It’s not. It’s one of the easiest things in the world once you make a commitment to it. But many buy the book and then feel completely overwhelmed by the number of pages. Once they do attempt to begin reading, many people feel confused […]

how to do a course in miracles

Never Correct Your Brother

By Linda Leland

A Course in Miracles clearly answers the question, “How should I react to my brother’s mistakes?” Very simply: Don’t. Only the ego can see ego. Only error sees error. If you are worrying about another’s mistakes, you’re both confused. No matter how crazy someone is acting, it doesn’t change that FACT that they are the […]