There Are No Private Thoughts

By Kelly Russell

Being a psychotherapist, I LOVE that the scribe of A Course in Miracles, Helen Schucman, and her collaborator and colleague Bill Thetford, were both psychologists. The Course came into the world through them presented as not only a spiritual philosophy, but as a complete psychological mind-training, which I think is SO COOL! Many of the […]

there are no private thoughts

ACIM 365 Versus ADD… Who Wins?

By Kimberly Cartwright

The first time I picked up a book about Attention Deficit Disorder was on behalf of one of my children who struggled with focus. Imagine my surprise, when I read the introduction questionnaire to determine if you have the characteristics of ADD and I said “yes” to almost every single characteristic!!! I had done the […]

acim versus add

10 Day Stress Detox

By Linda Leland

Do you think stress is a normal part of being human? It’s not. Stress is NOT normal. It is not a requirement of this human existence and it’s NEVER, EVER helpful; unless, of course, you’re under attack by an angry predator which is generally not the case! It’s absolutely not okay to live with stress. […]

10 day stress detox

The Door to Awakening

By Bill Free

I have the keys but where is the door? So many of us are seeking after enlightenment, truth, fulfillment or the answer to life. We ask questions like: What’s this all about? or Why am I here? It is much like a current in the ocean looking for the ocean, or the rays of the […]

the door to awakening bf

Transformation is Simple, Like Boiling Water

By Lisa Natoli

One of the most common complaints I hear from people who want to experience change is that “nothing is happening.” In today’s video I illustrate simply why “nothing is happening” by comparing transformation to boiling water. Transformation is simple and happens of itself when you meet the necessary conditions for it to occur. Here is […]

Parenting and A Course In Miracles

By Linda Leland

Although A Course In Miracles doesn’t speak specifically about parenting, it’s a 1200 page manual for teaching us a universal way to Love and peace, to remember God and to undo the thoughts of fear, guilt and shame that are greatly influencing our lives. We’re clearly shown that, without exception, our outer world is a […]

Guiltless Decision Making

By Lisa Natoli

You are making decisions all day long. What to do? Where to go? What to say? How to make money? What to eat? What to wear? To post on Facebook or not to post on Facebook? We think about how to fix problems, heal sickness, end pain, deal with people and situations. Most decisions we […]

Guiltless Decision Making