A Course in Miracles Meets Rupert Spira

Amy Torres and Bill Free had a chance to interview Rupert this week while on a Retreat in Burlingame, CA.

Contemplating the Nature of Experience.

Hear Rupert offer a few insights to specific content from A Course in Miracles that was delightful to hear expressed from this Advaita Teacher and new friend of Bill and Amy. Enjoy!

Chop wood carry water

This week I was at a seven day retreat with Amy Torres to see Advaita Teacher and Mystic Rupert Spira effortlessly open the mind of understanding to support the claims of A Course in Miracles, Advaita and all the non dual paths pointing to Enlightenment that says we all have it right Now! It’s under our nose and in the breath.

Chop wood carry water is not a joke… If you pause for a moment and ask yourself. What is aware of this that is being experienced you will notice it is the I of the I AM with no person identity. It is the Self that God created.In this interview you will watch in 40 minutes Rupert Spira unpack a few ideas and clarity around ideas offered in the Course and Advaita that will literally blow your mind (Nirvana) as you see the simplicity of Enlightenment explained by a Master Advaita Teacher. Enjoy this interview with Rupert.

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33 thoughts on “A Course in Miracles Meets Rupert Spira

  1. I’ve been following his teaching on utube for the past year and have been studying
    the course of miracles over 2 years. Since listening to Rupert and reading the text and workbook everything seems to click together for me! Mooji has also opened me for a deeper intense look within! How lucky I am to be living with all these teachings in one life!

  2. Thank you so much Bill for sharing this. I love Rupert Spira, but this was just mind blowing. I think it will unlock so much for people struggling with the ‘Course’. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Much Love and many blessings to you, Amy and Rupert <3 <3 <3

  3. I am blown away… suddenly someone speaks of matters that chase each other in my thoughts….
    …and I am so very greatful to you for sharing this……!!!!


  4. I love Rupert Spira!! I play hi all the time in ACIM Gather – you guys are so lucky to have spent time with him. Yes – it is exactly the same as ACIM because Truth is True <3
    Blessings to you all<

  5. Gratitude and love to you both Bill and Amy for sharing this interview with Rupert Spira . His clarity is indeed mind blowing– his explaining so simple, his demeanour so gentle and loving –his humility is inspirational .

  6. Thank you Bill and Amy for sharing this interview with us . Rupert Spira is truly inspirational , loving , and gentle . He speaks with such clarity and from such certainty of Truth .

  7. Hi there,Thanks for sharing ,It’s good to me to try to be part of the world wild seekers of the” truth”.I feel I’m a part of this switch of collective consciousness longing for a better world.I’d like to be a Psyconaut now not an astronaut any more !! I follow Eckhart Tollé,ThichNathHan,Krishnamurti,Jesus,Siddhartha,even Sadhguru I just discovered.Let’s say I’ve got the theoty but I’m not able to practice,so I’m struggling even more.Any advice ? Thank you and much love to all of you psyconauts !

  8. Thanks Bill and Amy for sharing ..

    I also saw the video’s from you and Amy with Mooji so found it very uplifting and loved to see the similarities in the non-dualistic approach of Rupert and Mooji .

    He off course has a fantastic way with words and is quite brilliant in pointing out the different levels of being and awareness. Great video.!
    Bless you all.


    Dear Rupert effortlessly put words to my experience!!!..I AM AWED….and so grateful for it!!!

    A second interview is coming too!!! DARN TOOTIN’!!!….

  10. Thank you for sharing this Bill. I have seen a few other video’s of Rupert and was blown away. Bringing the course to this was really helpful.
    Love it.

  11. This was such a fantastic interview. His analogies were so simple to understand and yet illuminated otherwise complicated concepts.

  12. Bill,
    Thank you and Amy so much for sharing Rupert with us! He teaches with such clarity, and certainly enhances my understanding of the Course. I feel like he and Mooji together provide a fantastic enhancement of the Course’s teaching and an even more accelerated path to knowing our Selves!

  13. Wow! ‘God freely assumed separation and our separate limited mind is an agency’ —this for me sums up God’s plan from the beginning of creation for/of our salvation –returning home to our recognition of who we really are!!! God’s infinite love!
    I enjoyed this interview. Rupert speaks with simplistic clarity. Thank you Amy and Bill for sharing.

  14. I always enjoy listening to you, Bill when you speak about the Course and listening to you with Rupert and Amy was also enjoyable. I loved Rupert’s response when you read: Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.
    Keep up the good work Bill. You are very much appreciated. Will love hearing the second session.

  15. thank you bill. i was particularly drawn to his description of the outward facing aspect of the path of non duality. . . pondering how this is reflected in ACIM, feeling that inward facing and outward facing experiences are more a continual ebbing and flowing into each other . . . and that perhaps outward facing could be understood as the experience of seeing the Face of Christ, Great Rays, Awareness of Truth in our encounters with the world as we surrender into the Vision of the Holy Spirit (through forgiveness) . . . the giving and receiving of Love.
    endless . . . nicci

  16. Oh my goodness…………………that was SO enlightening and amazing. I’m ‘blown out!!!!” Looking forward to the 2nd interview. Much appreciation to you, Rupert, Amy and Bill. Blessings and Love. <3 <3 <3

  17. Wonderful, helpful and inspiring,thank you. I met Rupert on several weekend retreats and his clarity and heartfelt teachings are of great support.
    And now the connection with the wonderful course. Truth reaches us in wonderful ways.thank you!

  18. Thank you Bill & Amy for bringing forth this deep teaching. What a gorgeous fusion of mindfulness. Rupert is so clear, concise and masterful. I love you all.

  19. Thank you all so much! There is much to contemplate. I attended ACIM confrence in 2016 and fairly new to the course concept, but not new to non duality from other teachings from great masters from the west. I learned of Mooji through your and Lisa’s introduction. Have been follwing his teaching, just completed the 40 day workshop (wonderful). Bill, just yesterday I found and listened to your inteview with Mooji (wonderful). Now today this. This journey is the best thing that ever happened to me. Very thankful that you have been placed in my path. Please look past my wordiness. In the rural town wich I abide there are not others that I am aware of with a spirtual understanding as this. Teachers as youselves have been sent to guide me.
    Your sister in truth,

  20. Greetings All,

    Thank you for your sharing.

    I would like to offer something that was coming through to me during this that may bring a deeper understanding and clarity to what the Course is actually teaching as I understand it.

    In your talk you focus a lot on the nature of the dreamer and the dream and the world being a localised or finite limitation of the Mind of God that allows God to experience the ‘world of manifestation’ or ‘creation’ through this localised or limited consciousness. My understanding is that what A Course in Miracles is teaching is different to what you are presenting here. I sense that this understanding was not communicated during the interview and I would like to offer this for contemplation:

    Just to re-iterate, this is what you said in one part of the interview:

    Both the dreamer and the dream subject are made out of the indivisible mind. However in order to manifest the world, the dreamer’s mind has to fall asleep to itself. The dreamer has to overlook the unlimited nature of itself and collapse into or localise itself in that seperate subject of experience in the dream from who’s point of view the world may be known. So what you call the ego mind is the mind of the seperate subject of experience in the dream from who’s point of view the dream may be known. What you call the God mind is the dreamers mind which limits itself for the sake of bringing creation forth. So what is very important to understand is that the ego mind is not something separate or distinct from God’s mind. In fact the ego mind has no status of it’s own. It is not an independently existing mind. It is simply a temporary limitation of the only mind there is. God’s infinite mind

    Your understanding seems to fit into what A Course in Miracles refers to as True Perception, or Right-Mindedness. This however is still only a perception and is not what is the Course calls Creation.

    You share the ideas that the Infinite One mind of God temporarily overlooks it’s own Infinite Nature by falling asleep and limiting itself in a world of projection and perception in order to bring creation forth and know creation. The course teaches that this perceptive world is not True Creation but merely a made up world of images in the mind of the Son of God.

    Into eternity, where all is one, there crept a tiny, mad idea, at which the Son of God remembered not to laugh. In his forgetting did the thought become a serious idea, and possible of both accomplishment and real effects.

    The tiny little idea crept into the Son of God, i.e. God’s Creation and NOT into the Source of Creation or God’s Mind itself. This is where the distinction needs to be understood. It is in fact impossible for there to be any separation between God’s Mind and it’s Creation or Creations or Son/s. I use singular and plural here as Creation is actually a relationship. The Creations of God can however, of their own free will imagine or elect to experience an alternative, through this very function that you describe, images or an imagined world. These images do not occur to God as the Source but if they arise in the Son’s Mind and are given any attention they then seem to result in the making of a perceptive subject/object experience. This experience or appearance seems very real to the experiencer but it is just a tiny little mad idea blown up or lighted up by an infinite mind through this process of forgetting itself or falling asleep to itself. In order for the one mind to experience this it fabricates a ‘true self’ and a ‘false self’, or a higher self and an ego, a Christ and an Anti-Christ. This false version of the self that doesn’t actually exist anymore than the true version of the self doesn’t actually exist either is the split mind making up this world. It is actually an impossibility as this illusion of separation cannot be maintained as it has no basis and no reality. When the mind that is dreaming wakes up to this and is willing to overlook the dream altogether it can remember its True Nature or Infinite Undifferentiated Light which is incapable of limiting itself in anyway. The real Creation of the Infinite One Mind of God continues uninterrupted by the temporal form and image based experience of the Son of God’s fragmented or split mind. In my understanding pure creation functions almost exactly the same way that you are describing in the perceptual experience, in that the pure perception mirrors pure creation but is still only a mirror. The one fundamental and critical difference though is this. The Infinite mind of God does not need to limit itself in order to know itself and to Create. Creation is an extension of Self, not a limiting of Self. The extension of Self occurs through Real Thoughts or Rays of Infinite Light, or The Great Rays that the Course speaks of. My understanding of this is that the Mind can identify itself in any position along any of the Rays of its own extension or Thoughts because idea’s never leave their Source, they are continuous and inseparable. From any part within the Mind of God the Mind can know itself in relationship to all of the other infinite positions surrounding it where all is One. As close as words could express this for me at the moment this is an Unlimited Self Compounding Self Creating extension of light with each ray of light having it’s own eternal identity that it shares and Co-Creates with all the Great Ray associations or Son’s. An eternal living expression of like creating in it’s own likeness, NOT IMAGE as is commonly understood.

    If I am mistaken in this please forgive me but I feel that there is value in what I am attempting to express.

    Love and Blessings,


    • Hi Nicholas, I Love your expression here and I too! see the respective value in the way you share it. We were running out of time in the interview (folks were waiting outside the door to enter the afternoon session) and we were unable to explore the idea in a more complete reference from the Course or discover more fully the deeper meaning of these statements of perception. We went back to it in a subsequent interview and still we could have gone deeper. In my mind Rupert’s main point is.

      is it really possible that this tiny mad ideais a mistake? My point of view is – That is as impossible as ONENESS making itSelf twoness:

      Thank you for this brilliant! point of view.

      Bill <3

  21. Such a perfect example of the truth being expressed in many ways. There are many paths – whether it’s the Course or Advaita – we will all find our way.

    Thank you so, so much for sharing.

  22. Rupert is so articulate in his explanations. He not only has the authority that comes from his own experience of truth but has the smarts to express it in ways that take those who don’t have the same depth of knowing into the experience he is talking about. This video was a meditation for me. Thank you for sharing.