If you have any difficulty with Trump (or any difficulties in general)

Read & Watch This ...

If you have any difficulty with Trump being the new United States President (or any other difficulties in general), I encourage you to read this post and watch the one-hour video (below) of our recent Friday morning Course in Miracles group.

My mom watched this video a few days ago and then called me on the phone and said: “I now feel okay with everything that’s occurring with Trump. I don’t feel any of the conflict I was feeling. I realize that nothing can disturb my peace unless I allow it”.

I LOVE MY MOM! She’s willing and open to see things differently. She is willing to LOVE, no matter what. 

This one hour talk – with Linda Leland, Bonnie Kimball and Kelly Russell – was inspired by this message I posted on Facebook on Wednesday morning when I found out Trump was the new President:

I didn’t vote for Trump – I voted for Hillary – but I’m happy Trump won the Presidency. I think it’s awesome and I feel excited. How can this be? Because I love WHAT IS. I recognize I know nothing and I’m always in joyful expectancy of whatever is unfolding in front of me, staying in the wonder of it all. I’ve trained myself to be in joy, no matter what occurs. This is power. This is love. Let’s all get on board with WHAT IS. I knew when I voted last night that I would be happy no matter who won or which direction it went – because my happiness is not dependent on anything outside of me. My happiness is dependent on my connection with God, my Self. So congratulations President Trump! You have my support.

Also in this video: Why sending love and light – and even prayer – is actually an attack. It’s a good first step for many people (and well-intentioned – because it is an act of giving) but if you think about it – it’s really an idea that someone/something needs to be different than how they are right now – which means you aren’t seeing them at all – and that’s an attack. Everything is whole and perfect right now.


After you have watched the video, we would love to hear from you!


Question: What was your biggest takeaway from this? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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21 thoughts on “If you have any difficulty with Trump (or any difficulties in general)

  1. In this now we have such a grand opportunity. You are right it is up to us to create joy, family, safety and most import self sufficiency. I LOVE the fact that more humans are waking up in this now and practicing a supreme love that has and will conquer fear. Blessings to those who rise in this occasion and unite as a people for a sustainable future. With our thoughts we create things.. LET US create peace in everything.

  2. Dearest Beloveds, thank you for Light and Truth. We are the Way, the Truth and the Life. And we are One.
    How Onederful! There is nothing to fear. And Heaven is our joining. Blessings, SisterBrothers, Blessings!
    xoxoxoxoxoxo, k

  3. Thank you Linda, Bonnie, and Kelly for the timely talks regarding this presidential election, and the beautiful guided meditation.

  4. Nothing outside myself can take away my internal peace. So in a peaceful way, without attachment to the result, take your Power by doing something positive: by writing your congressmen and representatives asking them of support a constitutional amendment repealing the outdated Electoral College. The Electoral College allows the opposite of democracy which is based on majority rules. Every other elected official is chosen by majority.

  5. What if everything we perceive and experience exists for the purpose of what ACIM calls our atonement or our enlightenment? Our function in this this world is to approach each day with the grace and equanimity in that statement. All is well.

  6. Dear Lisa
    I have thought about it deeply and to me sending love to all concerned in any situation is simply that….. sending love. I don’t agree that sending love is an attack as sending love does not imply to me that anything needs changing. It is simply a desire to see feel and grow love. So I continue to surround myself and my friends and my world with love with no hidden agenda or motives. That is my truth and what ACIM teaches me.

  7. Nothing happened. Only if we think we are separate
    could we experience anything but Love.
    All this brouhaha about something that exist only in
    a dream keeps away our experience of oneness.

  8. This was such a huge help to me. It helped me to really see where I haven’t been forgiving myself as well as others who seem to be shaking things up. I have never seen a video of the group before. It feels like something I’ll be coming back to for more support in focusing on peace and love during this time when so much is coming up to be forgiven. Thank you so much for for shining this light. Much love and gratitude.

  9. A really beautiful prayer at the end.

    On my altar I put: the hair, the mouth and that hand gesture he likes to make.

    Seemed to help! 🙂

  10. The ACIM lesson that has really helped me and which I repeat every time I feel the inclination to blame Trump voters is lesson 194. “I place the future in the Hands of God.The past is gone; the future is not yet. Now I am freed from both.. For what God gives can only be for good. And I accept but what He gives as what belongs to me.”

    Hard as it may be what I take from this is that this election can only be for good and I accept it as given.

    Thank you for sharing this live stream.

  11. Judge not and the answers will come in time
    God is with Mr Trump , as He is with you and ‘♡ I’
    This video was perfect expression of how I felt and thought.
    Love to all
    And Thankyou in your efforts

  12. Hi
    I’m struggling with the idea of prayer and light sending as referred to in this article because ACIM espouses that we are all healed, all one with god, so only in our illusion do we think we need healing /prayer or that we should give healing/prayer to others. If i understand the course correctly, then no corrective or strategic support / action is necessary , and the act of prayer would then be a reenforcement of the dream, the belief that anyone needs anything at all, or needs anything to be any different than it “is”. So if only in the illusion do we think we or others need healing, then why do we pray at all for ourselves or anyone else? I’m confused as I know prayer/meditation has positive effects even non locally…and I feel peaceful when I do it. But even making that statement saying “positive effects” I must be then believing there was less than something perfect to have an effect on. Can you clarify this for me as a newish student ? Thanks.

    • Re: Mel.
      You have to get really honest with yourself. You DO see a need. Is that only in your mind? Sure, and that is why you need the help. In that sense it is a prayer for help beyond yourself. Is that self true or real? Of course not but why you think it is, you need help.
      When you have accepted atonement for yourself and experience your brother as who you are, you will understand that in GIVING will I receive because I can only give to myself. There is no separation. The reason this is a mind training is because you are already acting as if there IS separation. It is in those moments where you catch your mind wandering (into temptation) that you simply ask for help, stay in that for a moment and let it change, then say THANK YOU!

      God Bless

  13. “From the bottom of my heart, is that I’m a fair judge,” Gorsuch said, listing cases where he sided with the little guy. “I can’t guarantee you more than that, but I can promise you absolutely nothing less.”

  14. Whatever you think every one is is what you think you are.
    Needed to hear that.

    Trust spirit not people, a voice in my head keeps insisting I trust people, so good to have my instinct confirmed, don’t trust that voice!