All Healing is a Release From Fear

By Lisa Natoli

One of my favorite lines in A Course in Miracles is “to heal is to make happy.”

All healing is a release from fear

I find that a lot of people think this means to make “other people” happy (and it can mean that) but I find that many people have forgotten about making themselves happy.

The love that you have withheld from yourself will heal you.

If you have a condition other than perfect peace and perfect love, then the way to heal is to make yourself happy. This might sound way too simplistic but I have found it IS this simple. Love is the answer to every problem, difficulty and sickness you experience.

To me, the very fast track to healing and happiness is A Course in Miracles – not just to read it, but to make a commitment to do what it says, to do all 365 workbook lessons and to practice and apply the ideas to every situation in your life.

A Course in Miracles is a systematic way to train your mind to get out of the energy fields that are making you sick, tired, afraid, depressed and in a seeming experience of lack.

These can seem like bold claims but you will know they are true when you try them out in your life and see that they do, in fact, work. You will know that you can heal yourself when you see yourself doing it.


How can I make such statements with certainty? I have seen every aspect of my own life transformed as I had a willingness to keep an open mind and try these ideas in my own life. I have seen alcoholism, sickness, depression and food addiction disappear.

What I have discovered that a lot of spiritual people do is make themselves guilty for being sick or having problems. This is not helpful. They make themselves guilty for having cancer or no money, and the guilt is precisely the thing that is making you sick, and the very thing that needs to go.

Jesus in A Course in Miracles in the Manual for Teachers tells us:

“You do not love yourself.”

Think about that and see if it is true for you. Do you love yourself?

He goes on to say:

“But in his (Jesus) eyes your loveliness is so complete and flawless that he sees in it an image of his Father. You become the symbol of his Father here on earth. To you he looks for hope, because in you he sees no limit and no stain to mar your beautiful perfection. In his eyes Christ’s vision shines in perfect constancy. He has remained with you. Would you not learn the lesson of salvation through his learning? Why would you choose to start again, when he has made the journey for you?”

You, who are reading this, are wholly lovely and flawless – an image of God here on earth.

That’s a whole new way of looking at yourself! Imagine if you were to think of your holiness all day long instead of the attack/guilt/judgement thoughts you normally think about yourself! Think how differently you would show up if you began to acknowledge your innocence and perfection.

All healing is release from fear, release from the past and release from lack of love (towards yourself and others).

In this video today, I talk about my own personal method of healing. I get people talking. I find it helpful to know where you think you are located in your own belief system in time and space and the way I do this is to get you talking. Within a sentence or two, I know exactly where you think you are by the words you use.

Now, this location is only a temporary spot and it is not where you really are in reality, but for a moment you have trapped yourself in a location and you will know exactly where you are by your words, thoughts and beliefs.

Obviously I am not able to talk with everyone, and that’s not necessary.

You can begin to pay close attention to your own words, thoughts and beliefs and discover your location on your own, and then you can make a commitment to train your mind through A Course in Miracles.

Download the Video Transcript

In today’s video, I invite and encourage you to ask yourself two questions:

What are your thoughts about yourself?

What is your state of mind?

Then what? Pay attention and move your location out of fear.

One of the best ways to love yourself is to stop being guilty.

Once you notice guilt, you can stop it. Once you notice any emotion, you can stop it. It is no longer the boss of you. You recognize that you have the power to think differently, to see differently, to show up differently.

You find out that you are no longer a victim. Things still occur the way they always did, but they no longer have power over you.

This is a miracle, which is a shift in perception.

You see that in the middle of whatever seems to be occurring, you can be happy.

You can be in a state of mind of grace and gratitude. You suddenly know that you are responsible for what you see and that you get to decide and choose the feelings you experience.

The mind-training of A Course in Miracles is brilliantly designed to bring all that is unconscious in you (unconscious guilt, unconscious self-sabotage, unconscious attack) to your consciousness awareness where you actually SEE what you are doing to yourself and then you can choose to see things differently.

Question: Are you ready to experiment with these ideas that will heal you? Are you willing to train your mind in a systematic way to a new perception of yourself and everyone and everything? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please leave a comment below.



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20 thoughts on “All Healing is a Release From Fear

    • I am ready to be healed from whatever is taking my happiness away. I want total healing physical & spiritual. Body, mind, heart & soul. Thank you for your words & video.

  1. BRILLANT Lisa !!
    All my soul searching , spiritual seeking my whole life , I have been outside my self.

    I am a child of GOD

    • So helpfully presented. Am getting better and better. An elder but we have
      common histories. So excited to see you in Utah! Love you, ❤Melinda🌴In Maui Love AA saying “God does not make junk”! .

  2. Hi Lisa,
    First of all THANK YOU for this video.

    In the quote you posted from a Course in Miracles there is one question of which I would like your interpretation:

    “Would you not learn the lesson of salvation through his learning?”

    What is the lesson?

  3. Thank you so much for what you are doing for others Lisa. I’m not even sure how I found you, but I am grateful that I did. So the answer to Day 1 of my experience with you is that I am pretty sure I don’t like myself. It is my fault that some of my adult children don’t like me all that much, that I am continually financially bound and this month life has the appearance that I will not be able to pay my rent, I have a part-time job that is for a very good cause but I don’t like my role in the organization, I think that I can’t do the job the best it can be done. Several months ago I was facing lower back fusion and within a few days things started to look better and now I am almost pain free, moving freely and doing very well. This is a miracle for me. Lastly, I study a lot. I read, learn and read and learn some more, but with what you said on the video today I realize I don’t take the time to apply what I consume. This could well be one of the causes of the severe anxiety I experience every day. I just want to be who God made me to be, to be happy and to be the source of joy for others, have the needs of the temporal existence met and be at peace with myself and with God. I would prefer that this not be posted. I am briefly letting you know a bit about me. Thank you again for what you are doing and I am so grateful to be part of moving through these teaching with you.

    • Hi Lanae, a “friend” responding here from Orono, Maine.
      Thank you for sharing what’s going on. I know from my own experience what the fear is like…
      Sorry the IT system didn’t allow a proces to satisfy your request for confidentiality, but, I think you’re safe, and I for one appreciate your having shared exactly what you shared.
      Love of God-Ellen Butler

  4. This was terrific! Sometimes I think, “it can’t be that easy.” But it can be that easy!! Love everything you teach us! Love to you!

  5. Thank you for your wonderful videos…. They are clear and to the point. I have done the Course in Miracles lessons recently and they have really helped me to observe my thoughts, my emotions, my beliefs…. And I am now taking every single moments in my life to shift my perception from fear to love and acceptance. Of course, it’s an continual learning experience. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and your wisdom. NAMASTE!

  6. Thank you Lisa for your succinct and beautiful explanation of “A Course In Miracles,” what a miracle is, why it might be time to try it, and how to become aware of how you direct your life from your belief about yourself. My life has changed so much since I first read and did the training of ACIM three years ago. One of the most significant things I noticed, in comparison to all the searching I had done through the years, was that I didn’t make demands on my husband to change along with me. I am content and no longer live a fear based life. Listening to you really resonates with me. You look amazing, by the way and what a marvelous view you have from your window! Love Diane

  7. Lisa,
    Wow this is awesome and you are for putting this in such easy terms to understand. Thank you for blogging.

  8. I always love the way you teach! You are so good! I told you once , that you are so clear, and I love it! Love you my Dear friend ❤

  9. Hi Lisa,

    First off, thank you so much for these videos. I have studied the Course for 25 years but since beginning the 40-days and now the Living on Purpose training, I really feel like I am getting it at a much deeper level.

    Secondly, I was wondering about your thoughts on “life contracts.” I have been a facilitator for an ACIM for the past 3+ years and one of the questions we discuss with some regularity is about those who are born sick. (One of our regulars had a brother who was born mentally impaired and sick.) The general consensus is that such things are life contracts. I am of the opinion that while that may be true, the body doesn’t necessarily have to remain limited in that way and could be healed since it is the mind that controls the body. (“Only the mind is capable of error. The body can act wrongly only when it is responding to misthought. The body cannot create, and the belief that it can, a fundamental error, produces all physical symptoms.” T-2.IV.2.4-5). I was wondering what your thoughts were on the subject. Do you think there are life contracts? If not, what do you think is the reason some people are born sick? (I suspect it may be related to the fears of the parents.)

    Thanks for all your great work!
    Love & Light,

  10. Lisa, than you so much for this video. This is my fourth year as a student of ACIM. I recently purchased ACIM COMEPLETE AND ANNOTATATED EDITION, Circle of Atonement. Oh my goodness, I am soaking this in like a sponge. Alot of undoing is happening around the body. There has been some resistance that is for sure. I am becoming more willing each moment to surrender. Like you I am recovering from alcoholism, cigarette addiction, food addictions, shopping etc. Before listening to this wonderful video, that I realized since I was no longer using substances to soothe myself, I am noticing that I’m experiencing more depression and anxiety. And yes more sickness, minor but still sickness. Constant colds, allergies etc.

    This video is very timely, thank you. I love what the course says about healing the body. Don’t ask the Holy Spirit to heal the body, rather heal my perception about the body.

    So im on board. Already asked myself the questions you suggested. Was surprised as to the amount of hatred and lack I still held. I turned all those thoughts over to the HS and asked for a change in perception. I decided wrong and I don’t have to feel guilty because the HS will undo all the consequences of my wrong decision if I will let Him. I WILL to let Him decide for God for me.

    Thank you and much love. Jackie