7 Fun Ways to Extend Love Everywhere You Go (How to Be a Love Machine)

By Linda Leland

Today, we’re going to have some FUN!

how to be a love machine

Did you know that in every minute you’re either projecting or extending?

Projecting feels horrible.  Extending is a blast.

When we’re projecting, we’re attempting to get rid of something we don’t want.  We see our fear and guilt acted out in someone else that’s not us.  We’re blaming, worrying and criticizing.  And that’s exactly how we keep that “thing” we don’t want.  It always feels lousy!

We focus on that often, so today… I want to skip to the good stuff.

Extending Love.

Being a Love Machine.  (Just like Jesus, the greatest Love Machine of all time.)

There is 1 spiritual Law you must know first:

“What you extend, you are.”

That’s how creation works.

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What do you want to create in your time here?

You can make extending love your full time job.  No, seriously, make it your 1 purpose in life.  You are the one who generates the love you feel.

So give everything to everyone.  When you do this, there’s no need to control or problem solve.

So often in this world, we’ve pointed the arrow in the wrong direction.  We’re looking “out there” to fill “in here”. We’re looking for some supply to come TO us in some way.  We work our asses off to find it!  It’s draining.  This is 100% why we get depressed and anxious.  Life gets dark and we get exhausted.

We’ve got to point the arrow in the other direction.  Reverse the flow.  Everything you want is within you.  God has already given you everything.  We have to open OUT a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape.  It must be cast outward.

This is going to take some bravery and trust on your part but I promise you, this is key.

Whatever you’re looking for, it must come through you before it comes to you.

How do you extend love?

There are a billion, trillion ways.   (IMPORTANT NOTE:  This is much different from over-giving or being a people pleaser.)

I’ve listed 7 of my very favorite and most fun ways to extend love in my daily life.  Try them for yourself this week.  I promise, you will have the best time EVER!


The definition of Charity in ACIM is much different than the world’s definition.  True charity is a way of looking at a brother as if he’s gone far beyond his accomplishments in time.  This is the ultimate in extending Love.

When somebody is pushing your buttons, picture them brilliant, happy and generous.  In your mind, place a crown upon their heads with an armful of loving gifts.  Have fun with this.  See them dancing and free.  See their perfection even if you can’t perceive it in yourself just yet


Listening is the ultimate act of Love.  Remember this:  When you are talking, you are taking.  When you are listening, you are giving.

You know how it feels when when someone is listening to you with their whole heart, giving you all of their attention with no agenda of their own?  It’s healing and it feels wonderful.


You are praising God every time you praise another.  You are praising His beloved creation.

When you go to a restaurant, summon the Chef out to tell him how scrumptious your green beans were.  Tell the grocery clerk how thrilled you are that you ended up in her line today.   Tell a stranger how beautiful their smile is.  Usually it’s just the complainers who speak up.  Let’s change all that today.

Give someone a jar filled with 100 Hershey Kisses and 100 little notes with things you love about them and tell them to open 1 per day.  (I got this idea from the Queen of Love Machines and my dear friend, Judy Morton. I have so much fun with this one.)


Tithing is really scary when you think that abundance comes from outside of you.  When you realize it actually flows “out from you”, you’ll want to give like crazy.  Be unreasonably generous to wherever you’re inspired and now you’re riding the current of prosperity.

Nothing flows to you, it must flow through you.


Gratitude is not just a sweet little practice.  Gratitude is a life force.  It instantly increases your vibration and FORCES all things in that higher vibration to you.  Whatever you’re experiencing in your life right now is the direct effect of your current level of gratitude.

There’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for.  Be vigilant about keeping your attention there and your vibration shifts upward in an instant.


You, my friend, are a unique expression of God’s love.  Share that with the world.  It’s the most generous gift you can offer.  When you try to be like someone else, you’re robbing us all.  This world needs all of you.

Just be yourself


What is it that you love so much, you could talk about it for hours?  What lights you up?  Do THAT as often as possible.  This is your super power.  Because we are all One mind, your joy feeds us all.  Play with the reckless abandon of a child.

So, there’s my fun Love Machine list.  I know you have your own list and I’d love to hear it.

Question: What are some of the things you do to extend love daily? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Be a Love Machine.  Make it your life’s purpose because Love heals everything and Love heals you.  Love even boosts your immune system and heals sickness and depression.

Jesus says,

“As we Love, we shall be released from pain.”

When you show up and shine, everybody wins!!  You’ll send ripples of hope and light out into the world in more ways than you’ll ever know.

Thanks so much for being here.

Your grateful friend and fellow Love Machine,

Register for our FREE 40-Day Program and come do this work with a group of people who love you and support you and applaud you every step of the way.

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71 thoughts on “7 Fun Ways to Extend Love Everywhere You Go (How to Be a Love Machine)

  1. nice job Linda , its so easy to be kind all day and extend love all day. I never heard anyone one say ” I was kind all day and I’m exhausted”.

  2. My day jobs in a ticket office and I make a point to be totally loving to every customer, I some time tithe when I see someone scraping money for a ticket, I say hay let me buy it for you, a lady cryed out in raleff just today when I Tithe her ticket, I found out she was going to see her mum who was taken into hospital and she had no cash just a bag of old coppers.

    • Brian, I can just picture this scenario. I’m sure it sent ripples of hope out in so many ways. Wow. Thank you.

  3. This is Grrrrrrreat!! Thank you Linda. I Love you. You are so awesome and gorgeous. You’re a gorgeous beacon for God. I will return to read this many times!

  4. Loved opening Linda’s post this morning! In the past, I understood the projection thing but today I REALLY got it! It was the perfect way to explain it FOR me😀😀
    So, to answer Linda’s question, how I extend love every day, is by saying “bless you” in my mind to every one who I pass on the road while driving.

  5. So happy to open your post this morning! I really got the projection thing as if the explanation was written FOR me! How do I extend love everyday is by saying “bless you” in my mind to everyone I see while driving😀

  6. Great video! A gentle reminder I could use daily! My goal for years has been to get an unhappy cashier or whoever I come across to smile, usually through humor or kind words.

  7. Sista, you ARE the pin-up girl for Love Machines everywhere! What an awesome, inspiring, & powerful message. I’m ordering my “You are loved – pass it on” cards today. Thank you for reminding us all that the Truth of us is as creators extending love. Your cool card just got renewed for eternity. Much love & gratitude. Xo

    • Ha!! Thanks Kelly. I’d love to head out on the town with you and a stack of those cards. Let’s make that our next excursion.

  8. What a wonderful blog video to wake up to this morning! Thank you beautiful Linda for radiating Light everywhere you go!!!!! Loved the ‘pass it on’ cards!!!! T

  9. Awesome message Linda. Thank you so much. Just what I needed to start my day. The Canadian Blood Service Agency has an ad with a tag line, ‘Blood, it’s in you to give’. My new mantra is ‘Love, it is in me to give!’.
    Thanks again with love and gratitude.

  10. I loved your message today. I ordered you are loved pass it on cards.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful message.

  11. I smile. I smile at everyone with everything that’s in me. And not just my mouth. I smile with my eyes. Even my ears are involved. Because a smile says “you’re worthy, and I’m so happy to be in your presence, if only in passing”.

    • This brought tears to my eyes. There were so many times when I was a stay-at-home mom struggling with 3 small children and felt all alone in the world that some stranger smiled at me and brightened my whole day.

  12. Hi Linda Thank you so much for this, It fills my heart with joy to think someone else doesnt think of this way of being is just a pollyanna way of being. I stopped doing this because i felt critercized and it then seemed to backfire on me. But what you said about it being me ego putting the perception of failure and victim out there that actually made it happen finally sinks in. Thank you thank you thank you hugs and love.

  13. 😍 thank you very much!!❤️❤️ that’s a wonderfully helpful summary of joyful ways to love and extend

  14. Thank you, Linda! Great ideas. Love the arrow, the cards (ordering them today), and the Kisses jar! Good reminders (LISTENING!). I so resonate with your teaching. I’m sending love and gratitude for YOU and for the gifts you share. Thank you! Tamara

  15. Thank you Linda for sharing this. I realize so often I receive from others and I hold the blessing inside stopping the flow. I am turning the arrow around right now as I bless you with gratitude for this gift. I think this flow is what keeps the love machine greased. When I stop the flow or reverse the flow no wonder I malfunction!

  16. Just playing with my nonverbal grandchild…He brings so much joy and laughter in my heart…He drank from a cup today without a straw… Believe me this was a big high five for him and me…He got so excited over this he giggled so hard out came the drink onto him and me but the joy of him doing this brought so much love in the air…I bubbled up with joy with him…Spending precious moments like this throughout my day is a blessing of God’s love…

  17. I left money in the bathroom of a supermarket with a love note! 💕
    I talk to the cashier and bagger with positive comments and thank you! I compliment them. I catch a customers eye and say something positive.

  18. Lindalight you hit it out of the ball park once again!
    Felt uplifted this morning reading post especially–
    “talking is taking and listening is giving”
    Wow Wow Wow!
    Interesting bec I’m taking Improv class now and the success in skits depends on how well you listen and tune into your partner and when you do it successfully it’s called “giving a gift” Ha!
    Thank you for shining your golden light of love.
    Love you Linda and grateful to be a Love Machine member! 🔍💛💛💛🔎

  19. Love, love, LOVE this, Linda, and it’s right on track with the way I am (and always have been) in the world . . .

    You’ve expressed it so beautifully here, with such Lightness, Love and Joy. THANK YOU!

    I Love YOU, I Love ALL – BIG TIME! 😊 ✨💖✨

  20. Hi dearest Linda

    Beautiful to extend love all the time…your video is a great example and motivates to go along together in nothing else but love…You are a light …
    bless you ..walter

  21. I visit my friend in rehab hospital 3 times a week. He has no family. We laugh, talk and share stories. He says the give him hope, sweet. He is so grateful for my visits but he doesn,t know how he helps me. His strength, his endurance, his funny jokes and his mischievous ways, reminds me of my childhood memories of just having fun, enjoying friends, cherishing friendships, loving each other, no worries. We love our friendship. Love is powerful and so much easier than hate.

  22. Dearest Precious Linda:
    This is truly beautiful!
    I am inspired.
    This is Life Changing.
    Thank you so much.
    I feel I have been blessed.
    May multitudes of blessings shower you in Grace.
    God Bless You

  23. Linda, you get more beautiful every day. I like to send what I call love shots to people..notes or emails or sometimes verbally telling them all of the beauty I see in them and thanking them for that.

  24. Thank you for this Linda. I notice myself remembering the ARROW analogy often – that was great! I was so excited about the cards you mention! I ordered some right away and as soon as they came in the mail I got giddy at the prospect of giving them away. What an awesome idea. What I noticed is how it is for MY joy! The first receiver of the message. I love that people first assume that it’s probably a business card. Then as you walk away you hear them say “Awww!” No strings attached, not selling anything, just shining a little light.
    Thanks Linda!
    Jane Marie

  25. Good Morning Linda,

    These are some wonderful ideas. I plan on making a dozen personalized Hershey’s Kisses for my wife for Mother’s Day. The notes will express my fondness for her and all the amazing qualities she has as a wife and mother to our daughter.

    I work at [Link deleted]funeral home which is an amazing venue for practicing Course principles. Before each funeral visitation or service, I stand in front of the casket or urn and I talk with the person who is passed on and commit myself to being fully present and aware to their family’s every need during this time of transition and what we call ‘the acute loss period.’

    As I greet each of the guest with a ‘hello’ or ‘good morning,’ I look deep into their eyes and (with the mind that we both share) share the peace, joy, love and light of God letting them know that their loved ones are perfectly okay and restored to their true Selves.

  26. Hi Linda, Love this… its awesome…. As a street performer I love the flow of money giving and receiving. I always buy food and coffee for the street people and give money to them. The love that is shared is amazing. Jesus talks about seeing people as whole and complete in heaven together. I have seen many miracles over the years on the streets. We are so blessed. Have a wonderful day. Loved your video. Love to you, Anthony 🙂