I’m Coming Out of the Closet!

By Linda Leland

Hi everyone… I’m Linda Leland and this blog has been a long time coming.

I'm coming out of the closet

Although I’m the DOO here at the Teachers of God Foundation, I’m also a Minister and teacher.  However, when I’m out and about in the world, I keep fairly quiet about my work and my passion for knowing God.

Why is that?

Good question!

Because I have felt that there’s a stigma attached to people who love God.  Because I held that stigma myself, for many years.

Not to mention, I’ve also had some good friends come forward and say they were worried about me over the past couple of years, since I’ve devoted my life to God.  These were awesome, smart, beautiful women who love me.  Some even questioned whether I was in a (gulp) cult.

Mostly, they said,

“You’ve changed and we’re concerned for you.”


They didn’t know what to make of the changes in me.

So, I’m coming out of the closet, full on.

Watch this video to hear my full story:

Download the Video Transcript

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You see, I was raised in a religion that told me, as a little girl, that my parents would burn in hell because they got divorced when I was 5 years old. I literally ran out of Sunday School screaming and never went back. (That’s just one of the many lies we’ve been taught.)  After that, I associated God with religion; preachy, judgmental, elitist, phony and downright crazy.

I’ve since learned the Truth.

I want to be someone who comes out of the closet and helps remove this stigma.

First, let’s set all religion and fears about religion aside.

Let’s look at spiritual Truth. The real message has been here all along.  It’s not just woven through the Bible. Whether you follow the Tao, The Bhagavad Gita, A Course In Miracles, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, the Twelve Steps, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Jean Houston, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, (I could go on and on). From all the way back, great spiritual teachers are all saying the same thing.

Yes, the truth has gotten twisted along the way and many of us have turned away from God because the manipulated message didn’t feel right.  It didn’t fit.

But here’s the truth:

There is something bigger! There is a love and an intelligence that is much bigger than we are. You can call it whatever you want. You can call it God, but you don’t have to. I call it God. Call it “George”, it doesn’t matter. In twelve step programs, they call it a higher power.

Here are the standard, unshakable truths that have been spoken since the dawn of time:

• We’re not just these vulnerable bodies.
• We are spiritual beings and we are eternal.
• We are loved and guided.
• There’s nothing to worry about.
• We have everything we need.
• Every single person we encounter is our brother.
• No one is better than anybody else. Your skin color, gender, and IQ don’t matter. We are one.
• We are all living this human experience together.

Let’s go one step further.

All of these teachings have said, in some way,

“Seek ye first the Kingdom and all else will be added unto you.”


So, we are being told that if we keep our focus on God, or the highest in us, then everything will be taken care of and provided for.

If someone told you, “Do this and everything will be yours.”, wouldn’t you want to give that a try?  That’s a bold statement that deserves some attention!!

I also read a research article and learned that the happiest people in the world were not those with the most money or married or single, well educated or have an ocean view.  The happiest people in the world, by far, are those with faith in something bigger.

That’s HUGE.  I want to be one of the happiest people in the world!  So I decided to lay down my resistance and give it my best effort.

I mean, what if I’m not alone?  What if this isn’t all there is?  What if there’s more to this story?

I wanted to know.

As soon as I said YES, everything started to shift.  (“Ask and you shall receive.”)

Think of it like this.  Imagine standing on one side of a fence looking through a tiny hole. All you can see is part of a bush.  Make the hole a little bigger and now you can see the whole bush and some grass.  Make it even bigger and now you’re seeing trees, mountains and the sky!

We’ve been looking through this little, tiny hole in the fence and lived our lives based on this small point of view. (aka sleepwalking) It’s hard to believe anything else exists apart from what you can see through that pin-hole.  A spiritual practice means making your fence hole bigger and bigger.

faith in something bigger

This is why the 40 Day Program for Transformation was so life changing for me.  I used that time to lay my narrow-minded point of view down.  I set aside my little beliefs, fear, lack and worry.  I was going to trust in God for 40 Days.  To look for God everywhere and in every face.  It was a living experiment.

It did not disappoint.

I learned that God is here.  IT’S REAL!!!

The way I see everything has changed.  So yes, I’ve definitely changed.

Faith begins as an experiment and ends as an experience.

It’s been a beautiful unfolding. Now, I want to shine some light on this stigma for everyone.

How have I changed?

I don’t think the way most people in the world today think.  I don’t worry or judge the same.  I choose to trust everything and I feel deeply connected to all of it.

Call me weird.  That’s a good sign.  Today, I’m happy about that!

To everyone out there, I hope that you can remove any past stigma and give God a try. Experiment with this and then formulate your own opinion.

If you’re already living a life in love with God, then I hope you don’t feel like you need to hide it or be embarrassed by it. It is the most awesome thing you could do.  It’s the reason you’re here. Feel free to share this blog with anyone who thinks you’re weird too.

I want us all to come out of the closet and remove this stigma together.

If you’re interested in signing up for the 40 Day Program, making that commitment and experimenting with these truths for yourself, click here.  The program is based on A Course In Miracles and it’s very loving and clear.  It’s totally FREE and you can start any time you like.

I’d love to see you there.

Question: How do you feel about this old stigma? What does it mean for you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I’d love to hear from you and I’ll be sure to read every word.

Thank you so much.


Ready to start your own personal transformation? Sign up for the 40-Day Program here, for free.

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149 thoughts on “I’m Coming Out of the Closet!

  1. Wow, this just arrived into my email. It is part of my life, my story. And I have been so confused about God, about Jesus, About the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Linda, I Love you. And for me it would take some strength to come out of the closet, you give me hope. Love, Mary

    • Thanks so much Mary! Once I decided that it was the most important thing there is, it was pretty easy. I can’t worry what others think and live full on, right? Thanks for always being here with me.

  2. Gracias por su interes hacia mi,ya estoy haciendo el programa en español con lisa natoly ,no hablo ingles,gracias.gracias

  3. Hi Linda!
    THIS, is my soforth greatest block! God is in and around, I am Christ, I love it, but easily scared, I create a wall, I do NOT want it to be seen. And of course, as history goes, religious people is pushed into scared fanatism or erased! I see, I understand, and think I will have the capacity to get out o the horror, the result of terror. I have left the whole cloggy mess on God´s altar, and my heart is starting to calm down as I write. I se sorrow coming up, put also that on the altar, want to see it all, have it all anwd leave it all to God, I am beginning to breath heavily out of release, and stick to writing, do not want to new blocs in any of these strong feelings, want to return to sharing this work with Christ again, feeeling gratitude for the help to cleanse all theese old feelings!
    Thank you Linda for your ongoing clarity of minds that make me recognise what I am doing! Gratest of hugs, and thank you, mighty companion for giving me room beside you in understanding, forgiving and returning to health NOW.
    Eternally grateful to you and all the teachers of God!
    Now calm, having dryed my tears and blown my nose! Holy macarony what speed in this program! ( ongoing forty days I mean)Miracle again

    • So beautiful Maria. And so it is. Hand these old feelings over and they are being cleansed. I’m so glad to be doing this work with you. Much love to you my friend.

  4. Love it love it love it! Welcome to being out, loud, and proud! To be closeted is to be shut away, concealed, kept in darkness, isolated, alone; sometimes used to abuse and punish. Isn’t that what we do to ourselves when we believe we are separate from God? Thank you for your bravery in blowing open the door and jumping into the light! : )

  5. Thank you Linda, I am on the 40 day programme again, because I love the way that Lisa teaches. Coming out of the Closet, love that, as decided a month or two ago to do the same. I am now starting an ACIM group in the Suffolk area of the UK. I do not know how this will go, but have faith in Divine timing.
    Love to all

    • Good for you Anne! No, you don’t know how this will go. That’s the best part! Love your feedback. Thanks so much.

  6. I never told you, but your “Lord, Here I Am” tattoo made an indelible impression on my mind. I was completely inspired by that symbol of your uncompromising commitment to God. I have come to realize that it is the wishy-washyness and doubt that keeps us trapped in the same old crap. I now see that it is just ego resistance – it makes us think we are going somewhere, while in reality we are just running us around in circles. Thank you, Linda!

  7. Thank you Linda , so very much for your courage to be who you are! I have felt the same exact way and it made me feel like an imposter. That is Not me!
    … I hold you in a space of peace, love and joy. I respect you very much!
    Big Hugs! Love, Betsy 🎈🌺❤️ .. So much freedom in this! Woo-Hoo! 👍🏻🌟✨✨✨✨🙏✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  8. I Love you! I was in the DMV the other day and giggling with a woman I was with and I thought… now I really look like a crazy person… spending two hours in DMV Laughing and Loving everything… I was asked “what are you on”… Next time I get asked this question… I am going to answer…”JESUS”… Thank You My Crazy for God Friend… I JOIN YOU!!! xoxox

  9. Hi Loved your video. I am signed up for the 40 day. I didn’t get a lesson for today. Just wondering if there is a problem. I will work on yesterday lessons and this video. Thanks

    • OH Great! If you go back to the first lesson-go to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a link to the member page. click on that and you can get to the next lesson.

  10. Hi Linda!
    I smiled through your video. I teared up too.
    Because even when I was younger than 18 I tried to share my idea that all the “spiritual and more” teachers in the world, including some sciences, etc were saying the same thing…..No one even would consider what I had to say might be meaningful. ( My poor ego, lol)
    I guess I’m just excited for the like- mindedness and comforted by it.
    I’m thinking and feeling more than I can explain here!
    Blessings and Love,

    • Thanks so much Alicia. I’m guessing so many people feel the same way. It’s so big. Thanks for being here with me.

  11. Linda,
    “I am loving God and I gotta Blog”
    I absolutely adore and love this and you. Perfect timing as this has been on my mind too. If I share too much or let that God Flag fly gonna be lots of explaining. Ha Ha. Who cares right. It Is my truth and I am so honored that you share yours with all of us. It just reinforces that we are all in this closet together.
    Thank you and you rock the crap out of this.

  12. Great message again Linda , thank you so much. I find it is not so much telling people of my experiences or faith that is the problem, but more about responding to their wish or even obsession about putting it in a comfortable category. “So are you a Christian , Buddhist , Taoist etc etc ?”. I find this hard to answer and seldom say that I study the course , not because I have a fear of doing so but just that it is so hard to explain in conventional or religious language? Best just to walk the talk as you say ?

  13. I am a catholic convert and so have never felt the guilt that I hear many “cradle Catholics” speak of with regards to a lot of the rules and regs of the church. I love the Eucharist and believe that Christ in present in the Eucharist. With that said, I still feel that something is missing and am presently taking the 40 day course. I bought the book many years ago but never read it. I can’t wait to start reading it now. I do feel fear though, on a certain level, that is tugging at me to not be pulled away from the church. Do you think one can remain in the Catholic Church and still practice a Course in Miracles?

    • Cindy, ABSOLUTELY! The Truth is the Truth. There is no “cheating” on the truth and there is no “conflict” in the Truth. I love your feedback. So glad you’re here. I had my Course Book for 18 years before I opened it. LOL. I love all sorts of teachings now.

  14. Nicely said Linda. I can relate. I also wanted to say that the January monthly meeting you did with another wonderful woman(don’t remember her name) was so grounded and uplifting. We ended the class laughing. I thought to myself I would love to take a workshop with the two of you. Do you do that? If so just in your area? Would love something in AZ or southern CA so it could be closer. If you don’t you should really consider it. You are a wonderful relatable voice that is helpful and truthful. I have enjoyed listening so thank you for sharing🙏🏻🙋💖

    • Anne thank you so much for this feedback. Yes, her name is Kimberly Cartwright and she’s freaking amazing! A workshop would be a great idea. Perhaps a webinar so everyone can attend around the globe. I’m on it! <3

  15. Brava, Linda! Well said! I, too, have been quiet(er) about my immense love of God because of the religious fanaticism taking place in our world. The judgments have been so ugly and heaped upon so many that I hesitate to say anything, rather than be grouped with the fanatics. The message is so twisted.

    I am in the 40 days and am a long time student of the Course. Your message raised the attack thoughts that hover in the back of my mind. Now, I will bring them forward, AGAIN, and forgive them and release them, and bless them for they are Love’s teaching aid.

    Thank you for coming out of the closet and sharing so openly. Namaste.

  16. Linda what a love love lovely post, you are such a radiant light of love!!! I felt “in the closet” for such a long time too!! I found recently that using slightly different language makes all the difference for me…instead of using the word God which has so much intense, dense energy and misunderstanding around it, I use the word “Life” or “Light”…like “Life always guides me…never lets me down…I’m so in love with Life”…or “Just connect to the Light within you” or “I want to pray / connect with my Light before I decide that…” it’s made such a world of difference and makes people less likely to desperately try to assign a “religion” to me, lol. Many think I’m nuts but I love it 🙂 As all my preconceptions and programming falls away though, I’m starting to enjoy the word God or Goddess more and more in my quiet time though! I’m curious about something too…hope it’s ok to ask here… Why such overwhelming masculine language in ACIM? I know it was written a while ago, but it’s jarring to hear from a radiant Goddess of a woman that we’re all “brothers”! You’re my sister! I wish I was saying this in person, as I wonder if it sounds judgey in print!!? I hope not.. Words don’t really matter in the end, I suppose, but they do hold so much power and energy…let’s let Her and Her creative power out to play too!!! XOXO Thank you for shining your light, it is BRILLIANT!

    • Hey Juliet!!!! Wow! Such great feedback here. For me, the masculine language has never bothered me-probably because I didn’t have a positive father figure and I now LOVE feeling like I have a Dad who carries me on his shoulders and picks me up when I fall. But you answered your own questions. The words don’t matter at all and we really give them whatever energy they have for us. Spirit holds no gender. I have so many friends who substitute “her” for “him”, use the word “God” or “life” or “Universal Wisdom” or “light” or “angels” or whatever feels right in your heart. That’s all that really matters. Thank you so much for being here. I wish we were in person too. xoxo

      • What a great response, I agree that spirit hold no gender! It’s not that the masculine language bothers me, it’s that the absence of feminine langue flummoxes me, lol 🙂 Thanks for answering!!

  17. Thank you Linda. What a wonderful message. I’m doing the 40 day program for the second time and it’s been quite amazing. It’s so nice to know I’m ok, I’m headed in the right direction here and that there are many of you that have my back. I was taught by nuns for the first 3 years of school. I was so scared of God! I’ve now moved into a fellowship with God. It feels much better. It’s ok if others don’t understand. All they have to do is watch. 😘🙏

  18. Thanks Linda, Loved your coming out! I too have felt like a closet believer in God. I didn’t want folks to know how much I believed in God, how much I prayed and talked to God, and heard God talk back to me…its been like this since I was a teenager. Thanks for your honesty and courage! I have joined Unity Church a couple years ago and have become a prayer chaplain recently because I so believe in the power of prayer and yet some of my closest friends don’t know this part of me. Maybe I need to come out too! LOL. Thank you, thank you, I love your postings! You are beautiful! Christine

  19. Thank you , Linda. I had put off watching this, because I was having some resistance I wasn’t ready to deal with. And, of course, experiencing some self-imposed pain and suffering got me to a place of more willingness to look at this block instead of distracting myself away from it. I realize now that I have been having difficulty not with having a spiritual practice, which for me is as necessary as breathing, but with how to interact with others who don’t see things the way I do. I found myself saying to one of my grown children last evening that I didn’t know how to help him, because what I had (my spiritual practice) he didn’t want. I got myself so stressed about this, and now I realize that it’s because I was trying to help him from my small ego point of view. Even though it was clothing itself in terms of psychology and spirituality that are forms that my spiritual guidance has come through at times, I was trying to do it myself, instead of just allowing my perception to be corrected and letting Spirit come through me in whatever form would be helpful. I was trying to be spiritual in form instead of letting Spirit be Spirit through me. So I am going back to what you were saying in another blog about not correcting my brother. I was so frustrated last evening replaying this scene we’ve played over and over again, because I couldn’t figure out what to say. And I was feeling like a failure for being back in this place yet again. I am just now realizing that this is a gift, because it has finally dawned on me that I don’t need to figure out anything. My ego has nothing useful to contribute. All I need to do is to realize that my perception needs to be corrected, and I don’t even need to do the correcting. I just ask and allow the One who Knows the Truth to give me what I need. I was feeling so stuck for what to say, when actually, it would be better if I (meaning my small ego self) didn’t say anything at all. This is a big shift for me. Again, thank you. ❤️

    • Diane this is so beautiful. I love the clarity and awareness you gained. Youre so right. You don’t have to say anything at all. Just keep remembering the Truth of the one that seems to be in front of you and hand it up. Now, you’ve done the healing for both of you. Why do we complicate things??? hahahaaa Love o you Diane.

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  20. Hi Linda,
    I had a good laugh over this blog. My husband has said I have changed, also the “cult”word was mentioned. He doesn’t want my “personality”to change. And I say “hooray and big happy welcome”to change, because I know it is all good, it is all God, it is all awesome and bring it on!!!! I am just finishing week 14 in the LIP Programme, and really focusing on God, not getting drawn into “dramas”and story telling. If someone asks me, I do tell them the path I am on but normally dont volunteer too much information, but at the same time the more confidence and trust I am building in God the more open and less fearful I am about talking about God. Love this subject and love you, Linda, thank you. xxx

  21. Linda – what courage to come out of the closet regarding God, Christ, Spirit

    I’m still finding a hesitation to do so – every person reacts to the word God differently – and the looks given are interesting

    Yet, I’m not finding hesitation regarding God with the trees, the earth, birds, flowers, etc. Expressing it there is somehow natural.

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