Do you ever tell yourself, “I’m not there yet.”?

When you feel lousy or have problems, addictions, fear or guilt show up in your life, do you think,

“I’m not there yet. Things are a mess. I should be better off than this.  So and So is having profound shifts and I’m not!  What’s wrong with me? Shouldn’t I be doing better by now?  I try so hard but my problems are still here and I’m still feeling crappy!”

You convince yourself that you’d be better off in a state which is somehow different from the one you are in.

Listen and listen well, your PROBLEMS are not the PROBLEM.  Your “seeming” PROBLEMS are not a sign of failure.


But as long as you see your PROBLEMS as PROBLEMS, they’re going to keep looping back around at a deeper and deeper level. The very thought, “I’m not there yet” is the only thing keeping you from “there”!

Let me explain.

You are on our mailing list because you’ve asked, at some point, to have the blocks removed to the Love and Perfection that you already Are.  You asked to be shown exactly what thoughts and beliefs are keeping you from accessing the Truth that is True always.


Once you ask, He immediately provides you with the answer.  The underlying error belief rises up and plays itself out for your awareness.  Yes, it is that simple.  So why do we react by thinking something has gone wrong?  Why do we think,

“It shouldn’t look this way!”


Yes, I agree, it would be really cool if these answers came delivered by the UPS guy or if they were whispered into our ear by fluffy kittens.


It just doesn’t work that way.  Besides, that would certainly NOT get our attention in a powerful enough way to be effective.

The answers are sent to us immediately.

We are clearly…vividly shown.

The discomfort is revealing where healing is needed.

You are welcome!

All of your “stuff” will appear at the perfect time. The situations and people you need to help you REALize this are sent to you. When they show up, you’re simply asking the wrong questions!  Here’s the kicker.  This is the game changer.

Do not ask,

“What has gone wrong?”

Instead, ask,

“Where is the healing in this?  Where is my gift hiding?”


You see, Jesus clearly states that behind every problem and every discomfort there is a miracle.  They reside side by side-without exception.  The miracle, the way out for good, is nestled inside that seeming problem!  Your problem is given to you as the perfect tool for your awakening.  They are literally God tools.  How awesome is that?  Every disturbance is a gift.

You are living a charmed life.

But only if you DECIDE to see it that way.  If you, instead, DECIDE to see your problems as a result of not being good enough, victimized or guilty in some way, now, they become a means to maintain your investment in the world and keep you constantly occupied as you try to address one problem after another.  This is where all your sickness and unhappiness is. And the problem will continue to reoccur in another form until you recognize the source.

So, you see, there are 2 choices here.

One is loveless and the other is miraculous.

One choice will keep you in suffering and the other choice, Jesus says, will substitute for a thousand years of learning.

One choice is complete forgiveness and the other is for those who don’t want Peace just yet.

So, when you find yourself with a “problem” don’t resist it.  Stop analyzing it, attempting to fix it or exerting more effort.  Don’t disassociate and try to rise above it and certainly don’t blame anyone or anything.  This is ego trickery and will get you nowhere. NOT EVER.  Let everyone off the hook.  Stop yourself in your tracks and ask to be shown the miracle.

Jesus says that every problem you have is some sort of grievance of yours.  Once the grievance is released, the problem is GONE.  Do you see? Your problems are your whole way out!  They’re treasure maps!

Be grateful every time you’re shown a thought that needs forgiveness.  People and situations in your life don’t need forgiveness.  It’s your own thoughts about the people and situations in your life that you need to forgive.  They’re here to show you what grievances are still lurking in you and acting as blocks to the Heaven that is right here for you NOW.

Stop wondering what went wrong and look for the healing instead.  You have a guide ready to jump on this if only you’ll ask the right question.  This guide is way better at this than you so hand it over and get out of the way.  Then, don’t you worry about a thing.

And please, don’t worry about what anyone else is doing.  Its utter silliness to compare yourself to them.  They’re receiving exactly what they need for their healing and you’re receiving yours.  You’re merely wasting the time that you’ve been given for your own renewal.

Your job is to remember the Truth for everyone, not to measure and compare.

Can you imagine how different it will be when you see your problems as your answers?  When you give thanks for every discomfort?  This is what A Course In Miracles means when Jesus says he needs “Happy Learners”.  It’s all good.  What’s not to be happy about?


OH, one more important thing.  Now you can clearly see that you have 2 choices when reacting to a seeming problem.  But you can’t choose both.  It’s one or the other.  It’s like voting for both candidates.  A split vote doesn’t represent any real allegiance.  You simply cancel yourself out and nothing much changes.

Bottom line:  Nothing has gone wrong.  

Stop thinking anything needs to change and that you’re “not there yet”.  It is NOT more efforting that is required of you, but a simple shift in your perception that will LITERALLY TRANSFORM EVERYTHING!  But this is a choice YOU have to make. You must DECIDE to see that behind all of your difficulties is a grievance and the real solution is in addressing that first. Then, the answer is given immediately.

Your happiness is based on this choice.


All is well,

Linda Leland






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112 thoughts on “Do you ever tell yourself, “I’m not there yet.”?

  1. Linda,
    This is a Brilliant and timely blog…I love it.
    It seems no matter how far along we feel we are in our journey of anything…we always want to compare and we forget that the pesky ego savage dogs are hard at work to send us off in the ditch and start to doubt. My goodness this is a great article.
    Thank you for sharing your wise words my wise wise wise friend.
    I love you

    • Becky you are the best cheerleader ever! I’m so glad this article was helpful to you. Thanks for your constant Love, my friend.

  2. Thank you Linda for writing me. I feel all the time that I have come no distance at all with the course and I have been studying it for 20 years! My life has basically falling apart in so many ways in the past month or so but I need to realize that I must have a grievance – thank you so much for reminding me of this!
    Love, Jan

  3. Absolutely beautiful. So well put, clear and simple. I remember Jennifer Hadley saying that there are 4 responses to fear: Fight, flight, freeze, or seek nurturing. So instead of fight, flight or freeze seek someone (or the Holy Spirit) who is aligned with the truth, because only the truth will set you free. This article is the “seeking nurturing” option and brings deep relief because it reaches high for the truth!

    Thanks again,


    • So glad this is helpful. I love how you said, “deep relief”. I feel the same way. Thanks so much for your beautiful feedback.

  4. I feltl as if a bright light went on in my mind and a big burden was lifted off my shoulders all at the same time when I read this! The problem IS the answer! So obvious and yet so easy to miss at the same time. I I thought the answer was a problem – so upside down and backwards! Thank you so much, Linda, I wish I could give you a big hug right now!

    • Theresa!! Thanks so much for this feedback. I wish I could give you a big hug too. Thanks for walking this walk with me, my dear friend.

  5. I continually get mixed messages from ToG about not doing anything or efforting, yet there are instructions. “Address the grievance,” for example.

    • Great question Kris. That’s just it. There is no fixing or efforting required. We need do nothing without first asking our guide and then listening. There is no more trying to figure things out. There is no more fixing. We just become aware of our thoughts, feelings and reactions and then hand them over. This is an undoing. I love your feedback. Just keep going. it gets easier and easier my friend. xoxo

  6. Hi Linda!

    It’s like I have a personal guidance!
    Your post is the answer to many of my questions that occurred in the last couple of days – the first 8 days of the 40 days program.
    Thank you.

    God bless you!

  7. Linda, this was the first thing I chose to read this morning upon awakening and it’s exactly what I needed. What a brilliant article! This is one of the most timely and helpful articles I’ve ever read. It’s pure perfection. I feel like you wrote it specifically for me in this moment. What a blessing and gift you are to us all! Thank you for showing up the way you do and being a guiding light! Sending you much love! Shasta

    • OH wow Shasta! This is such awesome feedback. Thank you so much for all of your kindness and support. I’m sending Love right back to you.

  8. Yes Linda, that’s exactly how I feel. “Why is this still happening to me after all my years of spiritual study and practice – blah blah blah!”……So grateful to you for posting this. It’s having wonderful people like you in my life that keeps me on track. Thank you for this, beautiful soul. So much Love <3 <3 <3

  9. This essentially summarises a stark conclusion and simple decision of a while ago for me. It’s taken a similar while to weave it into an habitual calm whereby clarity of choice is maintained. Certainly, comparisons end up just looking ridiculous! But lovely to see it so well written up where one can consolidate such simplicity. Thank you, Linda, and all you ToGgers. x

  10. Hi dearest Linda ,

    You certainly have a way with words …thks for yr great summary of what actually lliving the Course shld be ….not for a moment or a day , but for over 100% every second……thks again , much love to you .walter

  11. Amen, Amen, Amen Sis! The healing is in the problem just as it is. And if we try to ‘solve’ the problem, avoid the problem, or attempt to ‘rise above’ it we are missing the whole point. The point being that everything is for our healing and returning back to the awareness of what we are and where we are. Brilliant article Linda. Thanks so much. Love you, Cathy

  12. Linda, I cannot begin to tell you how PERFECT your words were for me this morning. I had a very challenging ‘event’ last night and tossed-and-turned all night long. I woke up feeling awful and very disheartened and then I opened up my email and there was your message – as if you wrote it DIRECTLY to me! Thank you for your wisdom – and especially for your impeccable timing! Spirit certainly DOES always send us exactly what we need – when we need it most.
    Thank you, I love you dearly.

  13. Dearest Linda. What a fabulous article. You hit the mark for me big time❤️. I get it and I am dedicated to making the right choice. Thank you more than I can say!!


    A truly brilliant …and ,as Becky mentioned above, timely, blog! I AM blessed to have you resident in “my” mind!

    Yes, the miracle,changed perception, assures me, that I AM there.

    with great love…xo, Barbara

  15. Thank you Thank you so very much Linda. I agree with Becky, perfect timing!
    I am so grateful to experience all of these wonderful blessings.

  16. Linda,

    This blog post came at the absolute right time for me! I wrote and illustrated a note about a grievance I have been holding, giving it official release. I am now asking for “my gift” and the miracle.

    Thank you so much.

  17. Right on key thank you I have been reteaching myself this and to see it right here was exactly what I needed to see this morning thank you.
    I am grateful

  18. This was so powerful and SO timely in this 40-day program. Thank you. I just love and am grateful how God is continually guiding me along using all sorts of sources and people to speak to me and confirm that I am on the right path. “Keep going!” He is saying.

    I wish the same to be true for everyone reading this. Thank you Linda!!

  19. Thank you Linda! I certainly needed this today and probably need to be reading this every day! Holding on to this one! You are amazing – thank you!

  20. Thank you, I get stuck here. I often feel I should have this by now, and why do I feel so wily nily all over the place emotionally? And in trying to do the 6mos, the 40day and the 365, I get overwhelmed with what I am not doing! I honestly am wanting it all, and wanting to get to the place where there is a complete shift. I have never in my entire life known any one who was living the Course before I got into the 40 day. I have had just the guidance of the Teachers of God, Lisa etc.I am blessed by this sharing. Thank you, Mary Catenacci

  21. Linda, you made it so clear. I can’t even start to express my gratitude for how you outlined this information; I can only send my love💕💕💕

  22. This is brilliant ! Thank you 🙂 I hope everyone in the 40 day program can have this message as well, together with Lisas beautiful teachings on lesson 63 and 64. Thank you.

  23. I have to keep reading over this article because each time it sinks in more and I just love it. And I am just so thankful for the cinematic “smack me across the face” with an obvious solution that it is offering!!!! Amazing! The sheer simplicity of the message is so powerful and so compelling that I am finding it to be helpful at a very, very deep, “molecular” level. 🙏 Amen.

  24. Exactly what I needed right now!! You spoke to my heart. I am so grateful and I am excited to ask Where is my gift in this situation?? How may I heal?? I love you 💖🌟😇

  25. Wow that is great just what i needed at this point, just catching up on the program i am now at day 9 but that is ok i had to sort thru some of these issues to make sure i was on right track
    god bless this group xxxx