Just Call His Name

By Bill Free

When I first met Lisa I was living in Boston. She had recently moved from Wisconsin to Maine while staying with her Father in the transition of moving.

just call his name

One very cold winter night when all of New England was covered in lots and lots of snow, I was looking on Facebook and noticed Lisa had posted, how nice it would be if she had someone to bring her a hot cup of coffee or tea on a cold winter night and also maybe for someone that could take the dog for a walk at night when it’s 10 degrees outside.

This picture was three months later:

Just call his name

Our first day date.

Well, I was already in the 1st love stage with Lisa when I saw this flyer go up on Facebook☺.

Immediately I remembered this song by Michael Jackson and I posted this a video link to her inquiry to the Universe:

This was not the first time I posted to the Universe, we are always posting to the Universe and the Universe is always listening.

Watch this and you’ll see what I mean…

Download the Video Transcript

The reason I love the Bible Verse “Seek and you Shall Find” so very much is because it’s true for everyone on the planet, there are no exceptions.

How simply and easily miracles occurred in my life just from calling out to God. Saying things like:

“God, if you’re there, I need your help.”

Or if you’re looking for a change in your life like Lisa was, LOL (be certain what you ask for). There are no idle thoughts, this is a fact!

On a big picture for my own life as a single parent, everything changed when I called out to ask for help from the bottom of my heart.

For Lisa and me, we are married now because she posted something on Facebook and I answered the call☺ .

For my daughter, she is a beautiful mother of five, my best friend forever and a love of my life.

It may not come in the form or timing that you expect but your request will be answered every single time.

This is my story of how calling out to God (and Lisa’s even as nonchalant as it were) changed everything in our lives and led both of us to understand and experience the Greatest Story ever told and answer to all the worlds seeming needs, wants and desires. The kingdom of heaven is right here, right now.

“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field.”

kingdom of heaven

Here’s a practice for you if you are feeling BOLD!

“God, Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Ramana, Shiva, Mary Magdalene, Brahman, Jeshua, are you there?”

Now don’t do this flippantly, this is sacred surrender…

This request of the heart is sufficient to move mountains.

Are you ready?

You’ve got this.

Be Bold!

Say it right here…

Question: What is the desire of your heart? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I hope you enjoyed the video and please leave a comment of the miracle that brought you to know or seek the truth. Or maybe you’re not sure and this nudged you to really ask…

I love you.



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52 thoughts on “Just Call His Name

    • The desire of my heart is to be debt free and able to buy the house I love. I desire be intensely happy and deeply connected and inspired with my husband. I want to live vibrantly.

  1. Thanks Bill
    This can through at the right time for me. Day 30 on the 40 day program. It’s changing my life and all making sense. Lisa is amazing you both are!

  2. Hi Bill
    Wow I love you… Your honesty is so inspiring. Thank you! I too have had some powerful awakenings when I cried out to God in my darkest moments and heard God speak to me, through my heart. He saved my life and my daughters when I started listening. So thank you for sharing your truth so openly and humbley. You and Lisa are a gift from God in my life today…
    God Bless!

    • Hi Christine

      That is such a lovely response. Yes, Bill and Lisa are true gifts to us from God. I am so looking forward to hearing ways to hear God in the calm and in the chaos. Much love to you and your daughters xxxx

      • Thank you Jennifer, it was truley a miracle… And the miracles continue to pour down as I stay in faith and not fear. Seeing my fears manifested in my daughter was my greatest teacher and then seeing how when I changed over to Faith and seeing so much healing….yes just miracles!
        You are in the right place here with Bill and Lisa and just keep going within and asking God to show you, guide you, tell you, speak to you… I know journaling has been a powerful way for me to talk to God and he speaks to me through my writing. You will find your way, keep asking! Love you💞

  3. My Heart ❤️ desires more more love and good health for my two children and me . My heart desires a kind and friendly and sweet partner and a life in more nature . My heart asks to be seen as good person , as a light as love and to sing with my heart ❤️ and play with my heart and touch people s heart ❤️ my heart desires union in my family and my heart desires that all the judgements that I ever had disappear as snow in the sun. Thank you god thank you universe.

  4. Hi Bill

    I love you I love you I love you!

    Thank you for this video. I could so relate to the fact that when I too was a Catholic, born again Christian, member of a Chinese Church, in search of the truth via other eastern methodologies and teachings, something never ever sat well with me. It was always the same question with me – Jesus, you are my best friend! Why on earth would I want to institutionalize our relationship? You are who you are. I am who I am. We are best friends. You are eternal. I am eternal. We are all a part of the greater God. So, we are all God. I just did not get this from any conventional method. So, a few years ago, I bought ACIM workbook, but until now, have hardly even opened it. To be totally honest, I tried to read it, but boy oh boy, my identification with my intelligence hit a bump in the road, and I just did not understand the way the book was written, yet I remained intrigued.
    So, after seeing a bit of Marianne Williamson, I kind of kept ACIM going through a loop cycle in my mind. And this continued, until a friend of mine told me about Lisa’s 40 day program! I jumped on and today I am day 15! I have such mixed emotions of relief, sadness, hope and a bit overwhelmed about just how much there is to know. Relief that I have found a way that resonates with my soul, as do a few other ways; sadness because it has taken me until I am 50 to get what my heart has been searching for; hope that my untruths can be brought into the light and that I can finally shift perspective of which camp I wish to reside in (naturally, I choose LOVE) and overwhelm, because it is like an eternal pool of quantum knowledge that has no end.

    I am on my journey. I love and send blessings to both you and Lisa, and am becoming more and more aware of my own holy presence.

    Also, please let Lisa know – thanks for the heads up! Great plan. I too would love someone to bring me a cuppa tea or coffee in the evening and take my dog for a walk when the wind is blowing 🙂 – FB seems like a great place to put that out there for the Universe to see my intention. I had just literally signed up for a dating site minutes before I got your email and fortunately paid nothing and deleted account, as I trust in the Universe to do this in the best way for my meeting that someone special.

    Well, again, I love you.

    A super day to you and Lisa, all the way from Cape Town, South Africa


    • Hi Jenny,

      This is a bright testimony of the light that shines the same from all parts of the globe which is timeless, ageless and genderless. This is where we begin to realize we are all the same Christ Self and the joy that comes from feeling and then knowing the experience of God Presence. Thank you for sharing God Presence here with us. <3

  5. OMG…. this touched my heart- thank you so much, dear Bill! All your words express the deep truth- resonating within me. I alwa s find truth resonating in a very profound way! Being in the service to others for HIS VOICE myself….. I DO LOVE your expression: The person steps back- the inner Christ steps forward…. and in this attitude I continue my path…. THANK YOU WITH ALL MY LOVE!

    • Dearest Mary,

      This is the heart of God the Christ we share. It feels as if we are remembering through our brother what we are in Truth. I feel this expression coming from you. (((Big Love))) <3

  6. Hi Bill, My hearts desire is to never be out of the presence of my Lord. Thank you for helping me! I have that picture too! I forgot about it and it made me smile! Love, Terru

    • Hi Terry,

      Yes! a buried treasure desire. Doesn’t get any better than to Be in the Presence of the Lord our Self in God. The picture is a great! reminder that this is a joyful and very happy experience we share. 🙂 thank you

  7. Oh Bill, my story with Clive is so similar, thank you Facebook. I too met Mooji last year,life changing my spiritual upbringing was Christian, then eastern as I became a kundalini yoga teacher, now ACIM and Lisa mixed with Mooji, I am overjoyed to see you are a devotee. My hearts desire to be a teacher of love worldwide. please come to Ireland!!!! 😊

    • Mia Sera,

      Ask and recieve. It is done according to your heart. I met so many great! Irish beings at Sahaja, so passionate and authentic. I would love to come to Ireland sometime. See you there <3

  8. I want to travel around the world with my soulmate, I want my soulmate as soon as possible and I want to become a multimillionaire entrepreneurer. Traveling is my passion

    • Dearest Hina,

      Worthy desires are easily accomplished and Best appointed when the heart is open to no attachment. Seek first the Kingdom and all these things will be added is a promise to be counted on. Thank you for sharing your heart desires. <3

  9. This was an extremely well-written blog post and I really enjoyed hearing all over again what I have heard many times in our meetings. What a joy you and Lisa have found with each other! A perfect example of: “Ask and you shall receive.” Thanks for sharing your joy once again! It is nice to see it all written-out and so well-written, at that!
    Many continued blessings to you and Lisa and our group,
    Bonnie Mason
    A First Member of the Friday CIM (from day one)

    • Bonnie, I am so blessed to have someone of your writing skill to say such things, thank you.

      You are a pure demonstration of supporting others, being an example of sharing and being helpful all the time and Yes! You have been with the Friday group since the beginning. Thank you for believing in the message of the group and joining in the expression of love. I love you <3

  10. Thank you Bill for this…I have read some of Edgar Casey’s work & was very intrigued with his take on mind training but I never heard the connection between him & The Course before now…but it all makes perfect sense! I’m basically new to The Course, just starting my 3rd year, but I believe the Universe has answered my call! Looking back over the past 10 years or so, I seemed to have been searching for a better way to be, although I can’t say I was actively aware of my searching, if that makes any sense. I feel I was lead here by a higher power through the books that came across my path & the thoughts I had which didn’t fit the teachings I was brought up with. I am so grateful that Lisa’s 40 day program popped up on my radar my 2nd year in! I know I have a long way to go but I’m finally comfortable with where I am! Thank you & thank Lisa & very thankful for The Course! I love you all! Namaste

  11. Thank you Bill for this beautiful post and for being so open and honest. I couldn’t really say when Jesus first came into my life, because, as far as I can remember, He has always been there. I may not always have been in His life, but he has certainly always been in mine!…..But it was the search for healing that finally took me deeper. It’s been a long road with many blocks and much resistance and I am really grateful for all the love help and support from you, Lisa and all at the Teachers of God Foundation. Blessings and Love always <3

  12. Hello Bill,
    Blessing to you, Lisa, your daughter and her family!
    Beautiful story and beautiful outcome!

    I do understand how powerful mind, no resistance and absolute trust is. And attitude of our want is crucial!

    When I came to Canada I was a mother of two daughters. I came to my husband who escape from our beautiful country leaving us behind.
    It was totally surprised to me! He went abroad and he did not come back.
    I was kept for tree years without perspective to get passport,
    to be able to leave my country. There were so many obstacles, unknown.
    But I did not question the decision of my husband. I believed that for sure we are going to be together. There were so many miracles, which brought us
    all together. Desire of my heart came true!

  13. Bill!! I love you baby! Thanks for always being there! Great message. I love this especially: “Laughter takes your focus off of the world being real and serious. It allows you to express the truth of what you are. You are joyous, happy, content, and expansive. I love this expression of Jesus the Christ. It was a real honor for me to receive it (this drawing of Jesus) and now I’m sharing it with you.” xoxoxox You are a blessing to the world. All my love and gratitude, Lisa

  14. The desire of my heart? Let me say I never understood the saying “a fire in your belly” until I wanted the peace of God before anything, or I want the peace of God, which is everything. The time between those moments of pure honest God communication is shortening. It is in my speaking, so much so that I find myself being quiet more. I’m aware of how much idle chatter I had, and how much God speaks with so little words. You and Lisa are a beautiful gift God has sent me, through our Brother, Jesus. Thank You

  15. I desire to express and experience the love and light that I am at all times; to be a conduit of Christ’s love and wisdom.
    Blessings Bill and Lisa for your commitment to the Course.

  16. When I was driving My precious Dog of 15 yrs to the crematorium…..It was one of the saddest moments of My life…I had not long since lost My partner of 33 years……I remember it was gale force wind ..heavy rain and black sky..I could not believe My beautiful Dog was on the back seat …lifeless…I was crying so hard…I looked up to the sky and and called out to God….Where are You now ? I need You! And in that moment the dark clouds parted and a Rainbow appeared and shone on the road in front of us…In shock I pulled over and thanked Him….I will never ever forget that…

    • The Rainbow Bridge…God was showing you where your beloved Dog was…. I had a rainbow experience like that connected with Love of animals—long story short, I had been feeding a group of birds at work, but was told by administration to stop…it was the middle of Winter—I felt devastated, like I was letting my Friends down…I was crying and praying on my way to work, then saw a large rainbow in the direction of my workplace, with a cloud (in an otherwise cloudless sky) shaped perfectly like a wing of a bird : )) later I even googled “clouds shaped like bird’s wings”, and none of them looked as perfect as the one I saw

  17. FabUlous!!!! We don’t ASK to receive. If we just realized all we have to do is say THY WILL BE DONE then everything will be given to us. It is not meant in a material way but in a God Given Miracle Way.
    Bless you and Lisa for following HIS Call. <3

  18. I start off my day with a daily reading in the “God Calling” book
    by A. J. Russell. I call Jesus’s name each day and also offer
    up my thanks and praise.
    The desire of my heart is to listen to my heart truth and make a
    decision concerning the need to end my emotionally abusive
    45 year marriage. It is such a difficult decision for me because I know people I love will be hurt by this decision. I have prayed about this and I feel I am not allowing myself to be open to the answer because of my fear.
    Thank you Bill and Lisa for sharing your kindness, knowledge, and passion for joy with me.

  19. Bill,
    You always have the best teachings…..it fills my soul and heart. I love you and thank you so much for your wisdom. I look forward to more….never satisfied right? HA HA
    I Love and honor you

  20. Thank you Bill. I am now doing the 40 day program. It is wonderful and my ego is fighting me the last couple days! It’s hard to just sit back and noticed sometimes and not to get caught and it’s drama… But I do notice from a place outside of myself what is going on. Thank you very much Lisa for what you do. Waking up is fun! Love you both, Itsy 🙂🌱🔆☮️📿⛩💛

  21. Thank you Bill for your post.

    Just wanted to share my recent experience regarding A Course In Miracles. I had felt a calling to revisit a ACIM, so I started doing the workbook lessons again. Struggling with the written word, I decided one particular evening that I could bring into reality a visual representation of each lesson. So one evening I sat at my eisle & decided to paint the ACIM workbook cover (as a starting point). The title of the whole project would be “Thou Art A Course In Miracles – A 365 day visual diary”. I didn’t really think this out, it was just sort of a play on words. After I finished the painting I started to look & think about the title, which ultimately is “YOU ARE A COURSE IN MIRACLES – your life is the canvas & everyday you paint the picture!! I guess it just struck me for the first time that I am the course in miracles. Perhaps this was the lesson I needed to learn.

  22. I love the laughing Jesus, so joyful, happy and knowing the truth, the Love.
    “Is he the Christ? O yes, along with you.” I cease to speak …………

  23. Thank you, Bill, for sharing your story. My journey to The Course was, in hindsight, very systematic and couldn’t have led anywhere else. I am so grateful to you, Lisa and all of you who have been enabled to steer us in the right direction to do the work we need to do. Yours in Christ.

  24. Such an enlightening video Bill. Thank you. There is a lot of information I have heard of but not with the details you shared. I am going to reread it until it sinks in. Like having the transcript so I can do that.

    The desire of my heart is to be free to serve as the Christ I am without getting in my own way.

    Love to you and Lisa always.

  25. Direction-
    Step by step direction and support- perhaps a like minded “business partner” to follow through on the nudge I keep receiving from the Holy Spirit to continue with a book series with the goal of 🌍✌️

  26. Two years ago, my friend and I were on a trip to pay our respects to the mother of a mutual childhood friend. As we rode along, our conversation turned to the topic of Faith. My friend had recently lost his wife to cancer, felt lost and alone. I personally, had been through a mastectomy and chemotherapy & radiation. He asked me what I thought of God, did I believe He was real, answered prayers, etc. As I began to answer him, I realized that what I had been taught was Truth was no longer a factor in my life. Our journey began on that day although we were both unaware of it and instead was applying ourselves to reach a destination which should have taken approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. We left at 10:30am to arrive at the service by 2pm. At some point during our trip, we strayed off course without being aware of it. When my friend and I changed topics of our conversation, the last statement he made was an emphatic plea – he and I were both emotionally affected by our words and his last remark was “If God is really listening and IF He cares, why doesn’t He just give us a Sign.”
    Further in the trip, he mentioned that we would require stopping to get gas before reaching our destination. I asked him how much he had used while on his way to pick me up. He told me less than 1/4 of a tank. Noting the approximate length of time we had been on the road, I said we should be close to a suburb of the city we were headed and I began to physically take in my surroundings. Nothing was familiar to me. It was mid May and there was snow everywhere I looked. I asked if he had remembered snow being on the ground before, he said no. I told him I didn’t recognize the place or road we were on. We began to watch for mile markers or Highway Signs to figure out our location. When we approached the next sign, we both realized we had indeed gone the wrong way, (which I thought impossible because of our direction and my own extensive knowledge of the highway we were supposed to be on) We looked at each other and I asked if he had taken an exit, crossed a bridge or veered off course that he was aware of. He hadn’t. We eventually found a service station, asked how to return to the road we thought we’d been on, and were told it would require several exits and merging onto roads unfamiliar to either of us. The man pumping our fuel suggested we take a route to the major Interstate as it would be less time and we would be late, but would eventually arrive at the home of our friend. We found the Interstate and began the long journey south. Due to the amount of time we had wasted on the trip, we both agreed we should get lunch. We stopped at a place I knew of, however, once again, we had to inquire as to it’s whereabouts, adding even more time to our schedule. We ate at leisure, knowing the service had already taken place and there was no need to hurry. When we arrived at the home of our friend, we were both beyond surprised to learn that we hadn’t missed anything. In fact, we were merely 10 minutes past our expected arrival time. Neither of us could explain how. We related the incident to several people, none of them taking our accounting seriously. Eventually, the memory of the trip faded in time and importance for both of us. Fast forward a year and I had been placed into Hospice, with a new diagnosis of Stage 4 terminal cancer. Struggling to maintain normalcy in my life, I refused further chemo/radiation and left the future to be determined without fighting against the disease. The side effects of the pharmacology drugs prescribed took a toll on every aspect of my life, including my nightly habit of reading at bedtime. I had no ability to concentrate and gave up reading all together. I had several books lying around that I had yet to read and out of desperation from insomnia, chose one that I had previously begun but found no interest in and tossed it into the “donate” pile. I had earmarked where I had read to previously and began there, but found I needed to refresh my memory of what had been written on earlier pages. Once I started reading the book, I could not seem to put it down. It was one epiphany after another. The book was written during the “New Age” of Spirituality and told of the authors experience with enlightened beings visiting him and relating to him a means by which the Universe was created (or actually miscreated) and how and why we find ourselves in existence here. Skepticism began to fade when I read a passage where the author is informed as to how true Miracles work in this dimension of duality , explaining that their purpose is to collapse time – or the need of it. I instantly recognized the incident my friend and I had experienced previously and thought to myself: ‘Here’s the Sign he had asked for’ . The book I read which began this quest for the Truth was titled The Disappearance of the Universe. That led me directly to A Course In Miracles and as an avid student of the Course, I found some difficulty in it’s continual ability to keep me untying the knots of guilt while facing each day. Fourteen months into Hospice, after a multitude of blood work and monitoring tumor markers, and chemical analysis of my body, I began to choose a different role in my life. I remained in close contact with my friend and traveling companion and shared with him what I felt was an explanation as to what our experience was. He came for a visit a few months after my health began to return to normal and my cancer was “in remission”. We went to lunch and I brought the Disappearance with me. By that time I had read it cover to cover 3 separate times, and had highlighted specific passages in different colors. We spent over 5 hours discussing the book and he was genuinely interested in reading it. I wanted him to take it with him so he could read it at his leisure, however, I didn’t become aware of how profoundly it affected him until a few days after he’d returned home. He called me, was overwhelmed and full of the same enthusiasm I experienced reading the book. At that point, I had begun ACIM and suggested he look into it. He did so eagerly. As we finished up working through the Course, we both had the same difficulties with accepting continuous existence here. But we were certain we had found our path to Knowing the Truth about Who and What we are and Why we are here. My friend found Lisa and Bill and urged me to join with him on the 40 Day Course. Knowing what I Know, I found it would be furthering my relationship with the Holy Spirit and only positive results would be found here.

    Thank you for all the work you both do. Bill and Lisa are truly on the right road to enlightenment, and I feel so blessed and loved to be among those who Know the only two words that make this world what it is… those words are said and nothing else need be. God Is….

  27. Thank you for sharing this. I have realized deep into my spiritual journey that what I truly yearn for is the Peace of God. That is all; there is no higher desire for me. I continually remind myself “When I am with God, there are no problems” and I can feel any tension or holding or unsettledness just melting away. I am part way through Lisa’s 40 day program, and its different than other spiritual teachers I have followed but has helped me find points of resistance within myself that are still difficult to admit. But I am with God, and I have no problems. I want to not just bring God to myself, but I want to bring God to the world and the world to God.

  28. That was beautiful Bill. Yes I did ask God,Jesus are you here because I really need You!!!
    I so badly want my childhood home back!!! I want to start a healing and meditation garden there and help others but I see no way. God please show me the way.

  29. The desire of my heart is to be totally free of the desire to drink alcohol. I am tired of the nagging thoughts, the lies I tell myself (this time, I’ll not get out of control)……I’ve been in many treatments, worked very very hard, and yet I continue to relapse every few months. I know I have purpose, I know there are many talents for me to share, which I do………I simply want this obsession removed so I can do His Will all my days.