My Resurrection Experience

By Kimberly Cartwright

I have had some painful challenges come up for me in the last month-and I asked for them!!

my resurresction experience

I have been saying to God and Jesus:

I want to be of greater service and a real child of Light and a full expression of Love.

I have had three incidents over the last month in which someone has said they did not like something I did or said.  And for someone like me, who is a people pleaser, it felt devastating to have someone tell me that they don’t like me!!  It kept me up at night, and made me feel frightened and paranoid.  I wanted to please them so much until they would say that I am a nice person and that they were no longer upset with me.  But that didn’t happen.

Instead, I heard Lisa and Bill on their monthly group call talking about the Responsibility for Sight section of A Course in Miracles.

Responsibility For Sight goes like this:

I am responsible for what I see.  I choose the feelings I experience.  I decide upon the goals that I would achieve, and everything that seems to happen to me, I ask for, and I receive as I have asked.

In the past, the Responsibility for Sight section would send me into instant guilt and shame. I would say something to myself like

“A Course In Miracles is saying that you’re responsible for what you see, and you asked for all of these awful things to happen to you, so you are getting what you asked for and apparently what you deserve.”

And that kind of thinking separated me from Jesus and my own healing.

But, I realized this time, that what Jesus is saying in the Responsibility for Sight section is that I am getting the answer to my prayer to be the full expression of Love and Light. God is sending people and circumstances to me in order for me to have what I want: FREEDOM from FEAR!!

I have been getting one person after another telling me that they don’t like me so that I could begin to release the need for anyone outside of me to approve of me in order to feel worthy.

I AM responsible for what I see, and I DO choose the feelings I experience.  I don’t have to go into self judgement. I can choose how I want to feel in response to other people and situations.

I had to learn that I can ask Jesus for help in all circumstances instead of going into self judgement.

I shifted my tone and conversation with Jesus.  I was seeking Jesus’ approval just like I was seeking other people’s approval.  I was a whiny miracle worker who was full of self doubt.

Download the Video Transcript

Click here to see Part 1 of Kimberly Cartwright’s People Pleasing series.

Now I talk with Jesus like I talk to a very wise and loving Friend-which is what Jesus is.  I ask Him to look at the fearful upset thoughts with me and then I tell him I want him to get rid of them. I am more interested in serving Love than feeling scared.

I like to say:  Jesus, you and I both know what I am here to do, and who I am, and in order for me to do and be what I am here to do and be, you  have got to take that sad, doubtful, ashamed thought OUTTA HERE!!  Then I say, “Thanks So Much!!”  High Five!!

I no longer talk with Jesus as if He is better than me. I am responsible and I have the power to decide, and if Jesus is here to help me, well for Heaven’s sakes, lets do it!

I realize that this is what the Resurrection really is: It is the release of something that doesn’t work in favor of something that feels really good!!!

I know who I am and how to get the help I need to more fully express love and light.  How much better could it be?  Just knowing who I am is Heaven right now!

I am responsible for what I see

Resurrection, or re-birth, can be accomplished in under two minutes.

Try this:

Take a couple of deep breathes and relax your shoulders.  Think about what in your experience is coming to you in order to be released. This is your place to grow and to open to a healing.

Feel what is in this experience that is an answer to your request.

As you open to the experience, invite Jesus to stand with you and look with you, and just say, Hey, Jesus, you know why we are together-this _____ has got to go!!  (Use your own words here)

And welcome to the Resurrection!!

WOOHOO!!  You did it!!!  Now KEEP DOING IT every time something comes up.  Jesus is ready.

Your Turn:

Question: What is your Resurrection experience? What are you letting go of in order to have what you really want? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Thank you for being the Light of the world!!

Peace, love and blessings,


p.s. Click here to see Part 1 of my People Pleasing series.

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59 thoughts on “My Resurrection Experience

  1. Thanks Kimberly . I too want to release the block to light that says i need approval to be the light of the world. I release along with you all self-criticism and doubt, which i believe causes the urge for approval. Thank you for painful situations that have brought this dynamic to our attention, we ARE free. Love and gratitude going your way and to ourselves for bringing on this healing.

    • Hi Kimberly this came just in the right time ,I’m letting go of responsibility ,control ,power over others ,unworthiness.Its easy to get into the victim roll and feel sorry for my self but through seeing that it never happend and doing the work it’s getting of my back .Your talk really helped me see Jesus as my friend thank you very much Love you.

      • I love that you are seeing Jesus as your friend-the best friend you will ever have! Blessings, Beloved!

    • Beloved Karen, I thank YOU for your willingness to notice what is not in alignment with love
      and to give it to Jesus! xxoxo, k

  2. Hello Kimberley and thank you so much for this much needed video. I am on day 20 of the 40 Day program and am so blessed to have found this and Lisa and TOGF. Thank you Jesus, my heavens team, all my angels and guides. I thought I had done all my releasing from a very troubled life, that left me beaten, literally sick all the time for the past 30 years but I have always asked Jesus and my Angels to walk with me. I know they were they because I am a miracle in every sense of the word. I have been knocking on heavens door 3 times in my life where I should of been dead but survived leaving the medical staff kinda stunned. Anyways, about a year ago I was told I was in kidney failure to go see my family, get affairs in order, and then go home and die. I almost bought in to that because I was so tired of all the pain, suffering, guilt I have for putting my loved ones thru this I understood I needed to stop and be still and listen. When I do this I usually see something in life that happened while I was young and then the feeling that this beautiful Person named Jesus was in me.and because I was looking externally I couldn’t grasp that the Divine was with me ALL the time. That is why I have been able to live thru all this stuff. I had started reading ACIM 25 years ago and couldn’t understand it because I wasn’t ready but know watch out. I AM A MIRACLE. I was on so much medication a year ago I didn’t know my own name some days, and then bingo a voice said to me, STOP, start taking ur self of these drugs as I knew they were medicating me just to keep me shut up, so I did. And wow can I ever my Divine’s voice and messages. Yesterday I was under attack from something and got very scared so m husband begged me to seek western doctors again and I realized it is out of his fear of losing me because he loves me and has seen what they have done to me not realizing that I caused myself to have all those 18 major surgeries for bowel obstructions, blood clots blowing up in my heart and the doctors telling him that only 3 out of 100,ooo survive these. He knows I am a miracle and has never stopped me from walking my spiritual path, and even encourages me sometimes when I start slipping. So, they tell me yesterday that there is blood and cells in urine, and well Susan you are nearing the end so again here are some drugs go home and lay on your couch and die. It was excruciating pain I was feeling so I came home, called my BFF Jesus, Mother Mary, my heavens team, Angels and saints, and got on the phone with some Buddist healers and woke up this morning almost completely better. Thank you Jesus and all Divine souls that are with me making me feel so loved, cared for. I also had the revelation that although I have cleaned a lot of my spiritual debt there are a few still lingering with me. I have to do the work to remedy this and I will starting today. I thank you so much for doing this video at just the right time for me to see it. I love you, Lisa, ACIM, TOGF, JESUS, Mother Mary and everyone on the light side helping me. Let go and Let God……Namaste💜💜💜🕉🕉🕉✝️✝️✝️👼🏻👼🏻👼🏻

  3. Kimberly this was awesome! My personality is also people pleasing and approval seeking, and this my journey to authenticity as well. Your openhearted expression was both validating and encouraging. Thank you!

  4. Thank you very much, Kimberly! I felt a deep pain and sadness while doing your exercise. It’s an old sadness I have been experiencing most of my life. I suddenly realized that I have made this sadness the foundation of who I am. I hate it and cherish it at the same time. I realized that I even expect to receive rewards for living with this pain! This has to stop and I have asked Jesus to take it away from me so I can start living in joy, love and appreciation.

    • I have been experiencing huge sadness-I call it the sadness IV drip, because it feels like it just drip, drip, drips. Instead of going to war with it like I used to do and saying that I am not a good Course student because I am sad, I am willing to let it be, to let the light of love and awareness be with it. I had a meditation teacher tell me a long time ago that I cannot let go of anything I do not accept. First, I have to accept my sadness-not bypass it or make an identity out of it. I have spent my life as you said hating it and cherishing it at the same time. I am now willing to understand it, let it tell me what it wants me to know, as I give it to Jesus in Love. Peace, Sister.

  5. Thank you, Kimberly! Great post. I wanted to let you know the podcast you did with Lisa is one I go to all the time. For me, you have been a light reflected back to me. And I am grateful for that you and you!

      • If you go to Unity Fm radio, there is a search bar where you can type in Lisa Natoli and all of her shows come up, you can type in Bill Free and same thing. There are lots of amazing shows on all kinds of topics to listen to. Thank you for your interest in the podcast! The show we did together is on August 5, 2016. Lisa’s show is called Living In Joy!! Let me know if you have any trouble finding her show. I will send a link to you by email. xoxoxo, k

    • Thank you, Kathy, for letting me know my experiences and words are helpful. I spent so much of my life afraid to speak my truth becasue I thought I wasn’t smart enough, or I wasn’t good enough to have anything worthy to share. I am so glad that I did not keep listening to the ego. The ego is so scared of being found out to be a fraud, and I thought I was the ego and that I was a fraud. My relationship with Jesus is helping me to de-couple my Self from the ego self. And that is why I can share my experiences. Thank you for your support and acknowledgement. Peace, love and blessings to you and your family, oxoxoxoxo, k

  6. Love this share, Kimberly, and I thank you for the GREAT example you’re setting in continuing to step forward in the direction you KNOW you want to (feel you MUST!) follow, no matter what . . .

    You inspire me, Sis, to step beyond my own limitations. Thank you! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Blessings, and Namaste _/ ❤️ \_

    • Beloved, YOU inspire me!!! You know you make me want to SHOUT!! Put my hands up and SHOUT!! as the song goes!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You bless me and I feel ready to expand into greater and greater expressions of God. And I do not go there alone….we go TOGETHER!!! Watch out, world, HERE WE COME! xoxoxoxoxo, k

  7. Kimberly,
    I cannot imagine someone not liking you!
    Just as you are responsible for what you see, so are those who spoke to you. Their dislike was more about them than it was about you; they, too, are responsible for what they see. Perhaps you were being more of a light to them than you or they realized at the time to bring their own dissatisfaction to the surface and blaming you for their feelings was a distraction so as not to see.
    Thank you so much for sharing this. I needed to hear this right now too.

    • Beloved, you are the light of the world!! Thank you for your love! I am focusing on the joy of love and sharing with you! That is all that matters! xoxoxoxox, k

  8. This was a beautiful message. I had a similar experience, but never thought of it as a resurrection experience. Kimberly expressed her experience in a way that really brought clarity to my own experience. I love this ministry and all that you do. Thank you so very much.
    Peace & Love,

    • Thank you for receiving my message! I would love to hear your resurrection experience! love, love, love, k

  9. Thanks Kimberly! I’ve found that most of my conversations with Jesus were like your “I’m a loser” comment. I have been feeling very insecure and leaning on friends excessively instead of turning it over, and choosing a different perspective. Thanks for sharing, I needed that!

    • Dearest Peggy, can you please let me know what your experience is when you turn over your feelings of insecurity to Jesus? I think there are many of us who are doing that (myself included) and it would be very inspiring to hear your story of shifting to that new perspective. Post in the Facebook group if you would, or comment here on this blog. Thank you, Peggy!! We need you!!!

  10. Hi Kimberly,
    I am having the opportunity to look at how I numb out to life. I even had a dream about being forced to lie down in green foam which put me to sleep. So I am looking at puzzle addictions, purposeless reading addictions, eating addictions that help me to numb out instead of living the life I want, instead of being fully alive. I’m catching myself more, and also choosing better ways to reward myself often- doing tai chi, going for walks, seeing friends, etc.

    I can relate to the people pleasing, approval-seeking part, also. I’m allowing myself my own approval which is something that was frowned on growing up. Thank you for sharing your experience and giving me the opportunity to share mine.
    Love and Grace,

  11. I so needed to hear this today. Busted !!! This is exactly what has been deflating me lately (feeling that others are not coming forward for help and support even though I keep saying I want to serve others and have open arms). Realizing my EGO voice is simply wanting attention and approval and is having a hissy fit. Today I release this and I am thankful to be shown what my obstacle to true service is. People pleasing and wanting approval. Thank you so much Kimberley….Namasté

  12. Kimberly,
    I love how you told your story. I loved your experience and what you shared. I loved how real you talked to Jesus. It is awesome and very beautiful. I loved all of it. I never thought of talking to Jesus like that but isn’t it wonderful we can. I am talking to Him like that right now. I hope we hear more from you and your beautiful stories.

  13. Thank you! I had an experience like you did, someone said they didn’t like me. At first I was crushed but because of some ACIM readings, I was able to overcome my sadness and move on. Thank you Jesus!

  14. Much love blessing with His Guidance through you Kimberly. I thank you for your honesty. I was asking for help with the cause within that seems to support the belief “I lack”. Insane right! Then I heard these words “emotional survival”. As I contemplated these words I recall reading from Adyashanti, give a voice to your emotions. If they had something to say, let them speak. Give them permission. Then another miracle followed during my visit with my osteopath who helps to keep me in alignment (ha). After sharing these ideas of emotional survival and giving them their right to speak up, she mentions emotional intelligence and says it is all about fluidity. Then her prescription, watch for the fear that will try to speak over these voices attempting to convince them to remain hidden and silent. So I had to share this in hopes it can be a miracle for others. Open the gate that kept the lioness of emotions locked away. She just wants to roar.

  15. Hi Kimberly ! Perfect timing (as always). I’m struggling with doing my taxes for the first time instead of turning them over to an accountant. I AM capable of doing them but I find myself so anxious…so afraid I will make a mistake. This fear of making a mistake has plagued me all my life ! After watching your video I realized where the anxiety was coming from…and I said to the Universe…so what if I make a mistake…I’ll learn from it ! Thanks so much. I feel happy, joyous and free!

  16. Thank you so much Kimberley for this enlightening message.I can see that
    this attitude of seeking approval and asking from a place of pleading, instead of
    believing that I am worthy to receive healing is the reason that I have not been able to release some health issues.

  17. Oh my God,
    This 90 second exercise was so powerful, I am still crying.
    Kimberly this has been so immensely helpful.
    As soon as you said ok lets just breathe and do this release for 90 seconds emotions came very strongly and I started to cry and what came up was something I repeat so often when I am afraid which is ” Come be with me Mommy”. I made the link with me being afraid of being alone and the fact that I am home now for 3yrs almost with depression and pains cause I want to unblock this fear of being left alone that came when I was little, from being left alone to fend for myself so often, even if my other sisters and brothers were there, I needed my mommy. Also no one was there to protect me from abusive people around me. Man I have so often cried about this and have tried to heal this for the past 10years and more and man, oh man DO I EVER SEE NOW WHY I HAVE BEEN SICK AND WHY I HAVE EVEN COME TO HAVE DIFFICULTY GOING OUT SOMETIMES…IT’S ALL TO HEAL THIS FEAR OF BEING ALONE. Man this is powerful and it only took 15seconds for this t0 come up. Your explanation of your experience helped me immensely to understand how this works and that I have been creating this to let go of this fear of abandonment and fear of being alone, and even why I fear so much of being alone. Such GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE, GRATITUDE to you and Lisa and the ACIM program. I can’t believe it, I am absolutely floored that I now know about the responsibility that we have in all that happens to us. This gives me great power to heal all that I have been fearing. Ha! as Lisa would say. It’s funny I started saying that since I did the 40day program.

    • A response to Deana . . . I did the same as you and the same fear with tears of pointing to “I am all alone, abandoned by love”. Then I read your post that was the confirmation and that this is what this seeming aloneness is for, to heal it. It was interpreted by ego as my punishment and now in this holy instant I ask for it’s release to wake to the Truth, I Am as created by God and thus can never be alone. My heart filled Gratitude. Deb

  18. Kim I can not thank you enough for sharing your truth. Your blogs always so resonate with me…what a gift of TRUTH and LIGHT, especially today as I need to know that I am not crazy…..AMEN Sister

    So I recently said to God I want to work for you and since then things have also been rocking in my world. A lot of big fears have been coming at me and I am listening to God, I am bringing them to God one by one and God keeps saying bring the truth out, speak the truth instead of doing what I have done my whole life. And what has that been? I have clammed up and ran scared with the truth inside, I felt I was always wrong, not deserving, ashamed, living in low self esteem and just full of anxiety and fear…trying to numb the pain and hide the truth so I could keep others safe, yes protect others by telling lies and painting everything into a pretty picture so there was peace around me even though inside I was quite sick.

    But God is setting me free today by helping me to release my fears and walk in truth. It has not been easy at all, like I have heard it said, The Truth will set you free but first it will make you miserable. Fortunately today I know God has my back and I am never alone. I do not need to live in fear and hide the truth.

    So just to share briefly how this is showing up, my ex was suppose to put a certain amount of money in our children’s college fun and he put only 1/4th of the amount. So I was trying to work harder to help my kids financially because I did not want to face the truth and ask him for the money that was suppose to be there because I knew how ugly it could get. But my kids are young adults today and wanted to know where their money for college was so I decided to tell them the truth, their dad had not done what he was court ordered to do back 11 years ago..ouch.! I had always protected them from a lot of truth about their dad, never said an unkind word, spoke only words of love into their hearts about their dad…but they are grown and today they know the truth…he left them when they were quite young and only saw them twice a year…he didn’t come for his sons graduation or eagle scout ceremony or birthdays, or to visit his daughter in the hospital when she was very ill, and on and on….just the truth they have witnessed all these years. So when I explained where their college money wasn’t their they asked me to take him to court, and so I am in the middle of a pretty nasty battle. BUT the TRUTH will come out…he didn’t do what he was court ordered to do and it is causing some pain/upset today but I know God can not use me if I am filled with fear and enabling people…I need to walk in TRUTH even when it hurts, because healing is on the other side, healing is in truth, not fear. My children do not need me to protect them from the truth anymore, they are young adults and I pray the truth will heal their hearts, always wondering why their dad never showed up for anything, why he didn’t save the money he was suppose to… telling me how they were feeling unworthy of their father’s love. Not pretty and
    I am trying to not spin a story, and just speak the truth but it is uncomfortable when I have was hiding it for so long, I keep second guessing myself, but God keeps saying speak the TRUTH over and over to my heart. No more running and hiding and living in fear.

    God so loves me today and I know he just wants me to be free in the truth…so I am listening and trusting God today.

    So thank you, thank you for your courage and being a huge light for me.

    PS: Sorry this is so lengthy but its 2AM and I am awake, asking God, did I do the right thing? And he keeps reassuring me, Yes! Now get back to bed. :)))

    • I just needed to update that since I have been willing to risk sharing my truth and letting go of fear, my kids have had some honest talks with their dad and he is begining to show up as the dad they need him to be.

      There is lots of healing happening today since I was willing to stop living in fear and care-taking and rescuing.

  19. Kimberly, you put the “we” in Awesome! What a gorgeous and fantastic teaching of resurrection as we approach the time of Easter. Your gift of sharing your own experience illuminates the path for us all. I didn’t know you in time and space before you released people-pleasing and approval-seeking, but I adore the true, aligned, authentic you. JBro high five!

  20. Thank You Kimberly. You are Beautiful!
    The exercise was quick simple and effective, I will use it more with Jesus.

  21. Kimberly,
    Thank you so much for this blog. It is so helpful. People pleading is a very dangerous mind system to be in. I am truly deeply letting it go.

    • Thank you, Becky. What you are saying is so true! I am a dishonest person when I am people pleasing, and dishonesty is dangerous to my sense of well being because like attracts like. I am never sure if anyone is really liking me, or just the fake persona that I am pretending to have in order to be liked. It is so much more fun to just be myself!! Here’s to trusting God and being who God created us to be! xoxoxo, k

  22. Hi Kimberly,
    First of all I am realy grateful for your sharing! I just finished the 40 Day Program and took yesterday a day off. Today I began the day with my new routine: connecting with God then watching a video of Teachers of God. and I was guided to watch your video. Kimberly, if you could know how much it resonates with me what you tell! People pleasing and seeking approval is one of my biggest chalenges in life… When I did the meditation I saw a challenge I have been given two days ago. It is the third time I have received such a challenge with the same theme but until now I could not understand what was the block. So thank you so much and thank you God for letting me understand! I also received a beautiful insight: the man that I love and who loves me offers me sometimes big challenges but at the same time offers me support and love to ‘overcome’ those challenges, just as God does. Now I am not sure anymore we have to ‘overcome’ challenges. And I am not sure those are challenges. I would say those are experiences to grow further to who we really are.
    I am realy grateful for your sharing, Kimberly!

    • WOW, Virginie!! That is a huge insight!! I am so glad you are continuing to stay connected to TOGF because I want you to keep moving forward with all of your healing and insights! You are inspiring!! ROCK ON!! xoxoxo, k

  23. Love you.
    I am letting go of anger now after I let go of exactly the the same as you just when I saw your video, thank you so much. This is cooperation at its highest.
    Love from Lisbeth, Denmark Europe 🌞💜💚🌸

  24. How timely and thank you Kimberly <3 . I am reading this as Easter approaches and a reminder of the Resurrection of Jesus (interesting I accidentally typed Jesua) and that He is with us always there willing to guide when invited. I will remember to invite ask and seek His guidance and use the opportunities that take me out of joy and happiness as prompt of what remains and can with Him be removed. Love and blessings <3

  25. Beatiful reminder to pause and ‘choose again’. Blessings and much gratitude for your beautiful light.


  26. I am responsable for what i see and often what i see is with the ego though system.
    Now i can choose the atonement: the correction of what i see because i choose the Holly Spirit now. The though system That release the Fear to be different , separate Of Jesus and God.
    By accepting the correction, we accept our true self, our Holly self who is like our brother jesus.
    Thank’s for the blog, i was need too

    • Beloved Sylvie:
      We are remembering Who We Are, and when we can be in Joy, it goes faster, easier and is way more FUN!!
      Who can you laugh with today?
      I love it when you said:
      By accepting our true self we accept our Holy Self and know that we are like our brother Jesus.
      We have nothing to fear!! We are Holy, whole and One, and we have magnificent Help in the forms of Jesus, Holy Spirit and legions of angels and those who do the same work that Jesus does. Some who are right here in bodies, smiling at us lovingly. We are surrounded by Light. Let us together, you and me, let in so much Light that we are that Light for the whole world, regardless of what the eyes of the body show.
      I love you, Sylvie!! Thank you, Sister!!
      peace, love and blessings, k