On Second Thought

By Linda Leland

We get tons of letters and posts from people saying, “I’m still judging!  GRRRR!!  I still feel unworthy!  I’m still getting angry and afraid.  What’s the deal?  I thought I gave that up?”

Well of course you do!

First of all, it’s incredible that you’re asking that question because it means you’re noticing these thoughts.  Very recently, those thoughts were lurking below the surface and hijacking you all day long.  That’s not the case anymore.  You know that this is where the healing needs to occur.  The fact that you’re aware of these thoughts is epic, essential and paramount to your freedom from them.

So, here’s what you need to know.  This is the kicker.

Listen and listen well.

It’s the 2nd thought that counts.  It’s the thought that you choose AFTER that thought that matters.

A Course In Miracles tells us that the ego (thought system of fear) always speaks first and it’s always the loudest.  Remember this, because it’s huge.

A Course In Miracles is a “how-to-manual” for overlooking that first good-for-nothing thought and choosing again.  It will systematically train your thoughts to a different perception of everyone and everything in the world.

*    To see the good in everything
*    To devote every day to miracles.
*    To live your life knowing you are perfectly created by God and so is everyone else.
*    To prove to you that you have an inner guide, you are never alone and Love is here.
*    It dismantles the thoughts system of fear.
*    Now you see everything differently.

You will learn that in every moment, in every interaction and in every circumstance, you have a choice.  Fear or Love?  Hell on Earth or Heaven on Earth? A separate vulnerable body or Christ vision?  Lack or Abundance?  An old grievance or a new Miracle?

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Here’s the really, really good news about that first thought of fear, guilt, shame, anger, etc.

“Trials are but lessons you failed to learn, presented once again so where you made a faulty choice before, you now can make a better one and escape all pain in which your first choice brought you.” T.31-8

You’re getting another chance, you see?

God doesn’t stop calling you Home!!

God is calling you home

That first thought is there to jog you awake. Love is in it, calling you and saying,

“My beloved, choose again.”

It’s an invitation to reveal the peace and love, beyond all understanding, that is safely in-tact, just below that first thought.

Do you know what the true meaning of temptation is? 

It’s simply the strong pull we feel to give value to the first thought.   When we get stuck there, we try to fix fear with more fear.  It literally hits the pause button on your happiness.

When fear thoughts arise for those of us on a spiritual path, ego wants to use it as one more opportunity to make you feel guilty.  To say, “ah ha, Linda…you’re not getting this, you’re doing it wrong, you’re not learning fast enough, you’re not good enough for God yet.”

Here’s the Miracle (aka, shift in perception):

Instead of seeing these thoughts as “bad”, see them as an opportunity to be transformed.  Don’t be afraid of them.  Don’t judge them or feel guilty.  It’s another chance to choose again.

It’s a gift! It’s another opportunity to weaken that old habit.  When you have fixed determination upon your 2nd thought, your 1st thought will die of neglect.

The second thought doesn’t need to be complicated.  It can just be,

“Holy Spirit, help me see this differently.”

“I choose love instead of this.  I choose peace instead of this, even though I don’t know how to get there.”

Ask and it is always given.

That’s Mastery.  When given 2 choices, the Master chooses love instead of fear when fear arises.  It’s not that the master never sees or feels fear and guilt, it’s what he does with them that makes him a Master.  It’s all about the 2nd thought.

A Master chooses to remember God created him and everything he looks upon, no matter the images he sees or what disturbs him.

A Master knows she came to bring the light and love to that given situation.  She has been sent on their behalf.

Because we’re all joined, a Master knows her choice will echo throughout the world.

A Master is here to bring the love that sets us all free.

Now you’re in alignment with God’s will.  Now you have the strength of God that never fails; no matter what the situation.

It’s a really cool opportunity when you get caught up…to wake up.

The other night I caught a couple minutes of the evening news on television which I rarely watch.  I was lying on the couch peacefully but then found myself bolt upright yelling something like,


I felt my discomfort.  I could feel my vibration level sinking lower.  Then I remembered and I said,

“Can I Rewind?”

My husband laughed because I say that often.

I didn’t stay there in that first thought.  I decided to choose peace instead of conflict.  I decided to remember what Marianne Williamson taught me about the brilliance of God.  In exactly the same way that an acorn turns into a mighty oak or an embryo develops into a baby, we are all being called to our highest potential.  I chose to trust that brilliance.  The only difference between the acorn or the embryo is that the acorn and embryo don’t interrupt the process, thinking they know a better way.  I chose to reside in that trusting space instead of being a fearful, judgmental know-it-all.

It was my second thought that made all the difference in the world.  Literally.

What a great opportunity this is to choose the false from the truth. To wake up. And you’ll know which is true or false by how it makes you feel. Hit the “rewind” button.

And it all stems from that first thought and making your second thought your one true desire.

You are the one who can change the world.

You are learning to experience God’s Love. And you do that in the 2nd thought.

What an awesome way to spend your day.

It’s your time to awaken.  You chose this long ago.  There’s nothing left to wait for.  There’s no going back.  Let go and be carried.  You are at the doorway of something so beautiful.

Question: What was your biggest takeaway from today’s video and post? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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60 thoughts on “On Second Thought

  1. Thank you Linda, I agree with you, just to realise that a thought of judgement comes into the mind is a wonderful achievement. That is how we have to keep working all the time and not let the ego divert us from our path of light.

  2. I loved this video. I loved the hope of concentrating on the second thought. I loved the image of an acorn and an embryo arguing that they knew “a better way.” I loved “Can I rewind?” when my buttons re pushed by the news. Great message. Thank you, Linda.

  3. I love the comment I”Can I rewind”, oh yes, I needed this one today…Second thoughts. Second chances…Yes. Thank you Linda and teachers if God foundation…I am blessed coming in and blessed coming out. Loves to you all….

  4. The second thought. What thought do I value. So simple, brilliantly said and explained.
    This message is perfect timing for me. Thank you.
    Take aways:
    which thought do I value, which though IS more valuable.
    can I rewind – love it.
    holy spirit help me see this differently
    Biggest take away – God is constantly calling me home and is not going to stop.
    I feel like a big comfy blanket is surrounding me and in that, the sea of love washes over me and I feel blessed.

  5. This message came to me at a time where I have been judging a family member big time. I wanted to run and hide. I feel the low energy around it and am having a hard time finding the gold in this situation. I have been attempting to find the second thought and I am really struggling. I love the rewind statement. “I choose” fear or love. And I choose love. I will focus on the second thought. Thank you.

  6. This is really timely for me. I’ve been frustrated with the number of times I think a self-defeating or judgmental thought, or become anxious because I’m seeing through the world’s eyes. Thanks, Linda, for reminding me that this is part of the spiritual path, and key to my growth, and that it’s the 2nd thought that counts. Much love, Cheryl

  7. Thank you so much for your uplifting words – I love you, Linda 🙂
    It’s so good to experience that I’m not alone with my feeling of being stuck!
    I won’t tell my hole story to you, but I know that I’m going through a big transformation! I want to live with God and walk the path, he wants for me!
    Going through all this heavy stuff that has been burried all my life has made me so depressive, that I now have chosen to get some medication to be able to continue the work that has to be done. I find the medication necessary, but still I feel quilt and that I am a weak person. I feel like I am cheating, but still I must do this to overcome my life.
    So now I can see that I have to let go of my feelings of quilt, shame, weakness, lazyiness, defeat and judging myself.
    Lots of love from me 🙂


  8. Linda, you are always so great at giving us little positive ways to handle choosing again. “Rewind” is one of those! I will use everyday! Blessings…Renee

  9. Hello
    Today post about the second thought. I am recognizing that I always have a choice, I know that I always can choose armonic thoughts full of peace and love
    Thank You

  10. Dear Linda.
    Just what I needed right now. Thank you.

    Loving hugs to everybody


  11. Linda thank you so much for this incredibly timely post! Have been judging certain family members big time! Through the maze I kept on going back to “I want to see this differently” and today I am a totally different not crazy person.
    Thank you for pointing out that its the 2nd thought that counts, helps me to remember to reinforce that! Much love and blessings Sue

  12. Linda, this truly resonated with me today because I have a situation that I want to wade in and fix. Thank you.
    – Kathy

  13. i so needed this today perfect timing i just woke up i spent time alone with God i told him i was experienceing fear and lonliness i prayed and shifted my thoughts thank you im on day 36

  14. Thanks for the examples of what the second thought can be. Truly helpful. Linda you are so Divinely Inspired. It’s obvious and this blog is simply brilliant!

  15. you nailed it. even though that first thought comes in uninvited I still control it when I approach it with my second thought that comes from love. I lose control when I pile more ego thoughts on top of the first one. Choice , free will, Gods gift. I CHOOSE ———————————————————- LOVE!!!!!!!! love you

  16. Linda, no es la primera vez que me regalas un texto tan oportuno que me hace volverme a Él y decirle cuán maravilloso es al hacerme llegar justo lo que necesito. Ayer necesitaba una respuesta concreta y me llegó por dos vías, reforzándose mutuamente. Es Jesús y/o el Espíritu Santo actuando, no se puede explicar de otra manera que cada palabra pareciera escrita para mí (sé que lo mismo le ocurrirá a otras personas, afortunadamente). Me suelo sentir mal cada vez que tengo un estallido de ira, miedo, culpa… me pregunto, bueno, ¿entonces, qué estoy haciendo? Me digo que confío en Su enseñanza así que debo ser yo la que no está bien y, bueno, por ahí me voy…
    Gracias Linda, a veces me digo que no sé nada de nada salvo que me levantaré las veces que haga falta y que insistiré porque no hay vuelta atrás… no sé cuánto tiempo, de qué manera, en qué condiciones, pero llegaré a Él o me daré cuenta de que ya estoy ahí de una vez por todas y por siempre. Gracias. Dios te bendiga.

  17. Thank you Linda. Perfect for the turmoil i put myself into yesterday. First the anger at the situation . . . . then the anger at myself for getting caught up in it. And then waaaay too much time spent beating myself up. A perfect lesson for me.

  18. Beloved, thank you for the inspired reminder of what temptation really is, and the instruction manual for what to do when the whole “lead me not into” thing goes rogue. It’s not “the thought that counts” but rather, the SECOND thought that counts! All my gratitude for getting us on the Miracle Bus, and transporting us out of Temptationville and back into Lovetown. You rock!

  19. You know that you’re doing something right when people attack you! Most people don’t like to hear what the holy spirit has to say, many people have been taught a false Jesus that you can live however you want by grace but true grace and true relationship with Jesus will change you & when you have this you will be willing to listen to the hard things that the holy spirit has to say. I encourage no matter what don’t stop preaching truth even when people don’t like it, be blessed, strengthen, & encouraged!

  20. Very helpful and empowering. Thank you. Love finding a fresh way to look at and respond to discovering that” I’ve done it, again!” The “second response” phrasing was easy to understand and will be easy to bring to mind for purposes of healing and releasing self judgement for the error.

  21. I’ve just recently completed the 40-day introduction with Lisa. I thought that I had missed the proverbial boat and wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. I bought the book and enrolled in ACIM365 and was hopeful that continuing with Lisa and the workbook lessons that I would eventually “get it”.
    Your message today really hit home. I realized that I didn’t miss the boat at all!! In this human experience everyday will bring challenges – every single day. But now I’m not waiting to escape them. I’m just supposed to accept the challenge and make the right choice by choosing to ask God to help me through it. The first thought will probably always be the ego/human response. Now I can move on to the 2nd thought and know that I have successfully conquered it.
    No more thinking that I’m doing it wrong because the ego is always the first thought/response. Thank you, Linda, for your message. Now I will do the ACIM365 with no worries. A miracle just happened for me.

  22. Dear Linda,
    Thank you so much for your message, it is so helpful to me.
    I especially appreciate what you said about how to get 2nd thought — asking Holy Spirit, it takes workload off my shoulder, I do not work alone, Holy Spirit is always leading me to help me make a choice again.
    There is no hatred toward to the first thought, instead, see it as a reminder — to choice again.
    I also like you said about the temptations that is like a strong pull we feel in the 1st thought, it is so true to my experience — when I stuck with the 1st thought, I am tighten up, pressured, eager to go out to grasp something/someone, instead go within.
    Thank you.
    With love,

  23. Hi Linda!
    The whole idea of “a second thought “is going to be very helpful in my daily journeys.Often times my Ego pronounces me Guilty whenever I have an unhealthy thought.Now,I’m going to thank my Ego for bringing the thought to my mind so I can address it properly with “the second “thought.Starting NOW I will give it a try!Peace and Love-Dennis Poitras

  24. I love that Linda clarified that a master is someone that knows he has two choices and focusing on the second choice will re-aligned me with God’s will. I still have the ego coming in offering me a first choice but it was so great to hear that the second choice is really what matters. Thank you!

  25. I found this video very helpful. When I behave in a way that is not the way I want to be I often ask for a “do-over,” which is what we called it when we were kids and there was a conflict in a game that couldn’t be resolved peacefully. Thank you.

  26. You can choose…. an old grievance or a new miracle! I love this!!!!

    And … God is always calling you home and He’s not gonna stop. Good stuff.

  27. Linda, you rock. I love your posts. And the thought that it is the second thought that counts, i have already gotten a chance to use that today with a friend in teaching/learning that having a judgment is not the problem, but it is how we continue to deal with the judgment that is the proof in the pudding. YAY! love, isadora

  28. Thank you, Linda, for another practical, heartfelt teaching. Love the rewind idea. I’m putting it into practice now, and will report back!

  29. Linda:
    Thank you for expanding love with your message. The reminder of the second thought is brilliant and an easy way to remember I can choose again! I also like “can I rewind?” I will borrow that!
    Thanks again!!!

  30. Love this! So, we are off the hook! I know I sometimes feel a sense of guilt for having that first thought, and as you said so beautifully Linda, it’s the ego using that first thought as the opportunity to see you suffer – well, this is happening NO MORE, because, I will always remember what you’ve shared here Linda ‘it’s the second thought that counts’, and perhaps take it even further, gratitude (not guilt) for that first thought because it led me to the second thought LOL – there is no wastage in God right? LOVE IT and I love you Linda – thank you! xo

  31. Love love love the second thought mental model and practice . It takes me straight to the heart of my work. The bullshit of the first thought then has no energy. Thank you for this precious gift .

  32. Yes, thank you! I have been great at noticing my thoughts lately and then being down on myself because they were judgemental, fearful, etc. exactly as you said. Now I will concentrate on the 2nd thought. I have been saying Jesus, remove this fear and replace it with love which is helpful to me.

  33. Thank you Linda. You are such a beautiful soul and you presented this so beautifully and so simply. We have been caught up in the trail of our own wrong- thinking for so long, that we need frequent reminders like this. I loved what Sandy (I think that was her name) did on Good Friday’s Live Stream where she had two buttons, and pressed the red one when you have wrong thought and the green one when you make the right choice. Think I could do with some of those!! Love you Linda. Thank you <3

  34. Thank you so much! I didn’t know it could be so simple! I love the support it always comes at the right time! Love you all!

  35. Hi Linda,
    Thank-you so much for this. I have been having so, so much difficulties with the ego, critical, judgemental thoughts. I have been really scared of them, so wanting to do this right. I am realizing that a transformation is a process, it is not a one day thing and all is changed. So, I will practice this 2nd choice thought which I had noticed actually often, that there is that second thought. So I shall now practice knowing it is normal to have the 1st and 2nd thoughts and to choose the 2nd so that I can be in the love and not the fear. Great..A great day to all of you.

  36. Love getting your posts. Its easy some days to get caught in the ego’s negaative babble. Thanks for the reminders. Love and blessings to you. <3 <3 <3

  37. It truly resonated with me to stop and say, “Holy Spirit, help me see this differently.” Typically, when I have my first thought, a flood of negative thoughts follow. This one statement has helped to detour the pattern Thank you for all you do.

  38. Thank you Linda for addressing this so beautifully. Shame and guilt have been following me because of my “first thought” and I have been forgetting to acknowledge that I am at least aware that I want to be Love.
    With much relief and gratitude!

  39. Thank you so much for this! It is going into my “favorites” so that I can easily bring myself back to that very important reminder. I will work on the “second thought” and will also pass this on to friends. Love the “rewind” option! Awesome!
    Thank you Linda!

  40. I was so glad to read this today. I too was saying, “omg, here we go again!” Then I thought, “oh wow I’m noticing it!” And then there was the I didn’t care i was really annoyed and tired of what I’m saying being ignored, blah blah , blah. When I did finally return to myself again, i saw the circles, love or fear choose. I could start over again. I also think rewind will help. Thanks

  41. Many thanks, Linda. This was excellent! So much practical wisdom in a short time. I can apply this to events of the past 24 hrs. in my life. Thanks again!

  42. Dear Linda!
    I want to thank you all at the TOGF so much for keeping our minds actice in healthy remembering!
    This postings are all amazing- so useful to be remembered in every day situations!
    This changes the world!
    It´s all about a second chance! WE ALWAYS do have a second chance in choosing again!
    When we start to notice… and NOT BELIEVE our “feardriven, judgemental” thoughts and words any longer… let them pass – and choose again…. THIS is healing!
    Forgiveness is overlooking what does not exist!
    Thank you from my heart!

  43. Thank you, Linda. As has happened with me before, you have shared exactly what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. I am learning to stop kicking myself for having that first thought, which is only coming up so I can get another crack at choosing differently. Thank God for the power of that second thought. <3

  44. I love the idea that it’s the second thought that counts. It’s the one that you choose, not the one that first comes to you (automatically). Often, I get disappointed in that first thought because I think I shouldn’t have it to begin with…

  45. Thank you so much for this great post Linda! You were reading my mind. The day before tis post came I had been mentally creating an email to send in asking this very question! “It’s the second thought that counts” is such a helpful idea, and “Can I rewind?”

  46. Your message makes perfect sense, a light came on for me.
    It gave me peace, encouragement and excitement.
    Thank you

  47. Thank you. I was grateful and relieved. It seems I have been doing it properly, at least some of the time.

    Love, Ann

  48. I love this article. Thank you so much, Linda! It’s the second thought that counts… will be my new “go to” reminder!

  49. Linda – you’re a true and awesomely wonderful teacher. I absolutely love what you share, and how you share. Thank you, thank you, Thank You! ❤️

  50. My biggest take away is to not be so afraid of the ego….do not give it power. Simply acknowledge the first thought and then use your power of choice to step back into love. Thank you, Linda. You are a sweet and profound teacher. I love you.