Healing Through Relationships

By Bill Free

Many of us have heard the allegory of the cave story in Plato’s Republic and I’m wondering if we are playing this out even today in A Course in Miracles? A Course in Miracles is right under our noses and often we are missing or forgetting some of it’s most obvious and fundamental teachings that […]

How to Escape from the Prison of Your Own Mind

By Linda Leland

Have you ever heard the term, “Escape from the prison of your own mind?” This statement has been used throughout the ages by Jesus, Buddha, 12 Step Programs, Ekhart Tolle, and A Course in Miracles, just to name a few. In my video blog today, I show you a VERY simple illustration of what this […]

How to escape from the prison of your own mind

Soaring Above the Battleground

By Kimberly Cartwright

Have you tried to be two things at once? To please two different masters? To ride two horses at the same time? What happens? You are split in two-you feel torn, conflicted, and afraid. Can we say we love everyone while harboring hatred and judgement for a few select people who really deserve it? Can […]

Soaring Above the Battleground

Facebook for Forgiveness

By Bill Free

As students and disciples of the truth today and especially with the worldwide social environment of Facebook, social media and public communication, it seems like it matters how I show up on these public platforms and how I demonstrate the image of myself. Hahaha! Yes, we have an image to protect – Wow! The whole […]

Facebook for Forgveness