A Really Cool Forgiveness Story

By Kelly Russell

The Course in Miracles teaches us that the miracle is a shift in perception, from fear to love. In relationships, it is not the so-called “reality” of the situation that disturbs our peace (aka pisses us off, makes us want to kill / trade-in / divorce our spouses, put our teens up for adoption, run […]


The Greatest Invitation Ever Extended

Please RSVP

You are cordially invited. The great shift in consciousness has begun.  It’s being called “A Time of Massive Transformation”.  It’s happening right now.  It just got real.  It’s a time of deep healing and a collective awakening. You have been invited but the choice is yours and it must be a conscious one.  You must […]

If you have any difficulty with Trump (or any difficulties in general)

Read & Watch This ...

If you have any difficulty with Trump being the new United States President (or any other difficulties in general), I encourage you to read this post and watch the one-hour video (below) of our recent Friday morning Course in Miracles group. My mom watched this video a few days ago and then called me on […]