The “Science” of the Workbook Lessons of A Course in Miracles

Lisa Natoli's Personal Theory on How Doing the Workbook Lessons Changes Your Brainwaves

The most powerful way I know to transform your life is to DO the workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles. It takes one year to complete, with 365 lessons.


Many people begin on January 1st which is right around the corner.

In the video below, I explain my own personal theory of how I believe the workbook lessons actually work – the reason why Jesus (the author of A Course in Miracles) says in the Introduction to not try to understand these lessons “they are not understandable” but to simply do them.

After struggling for many years to do the workbook lessons (with minimal results even after having completed them), a thought came to me about why I was having such difficulty and what I needed to do differently to experience the results it promises: to transcend conflict, fear and doubt and to enter into a state of mind of joy and peace.

My theory is that when you do the workbook lessons EXACTLY as they state – just do what it says and don’t think about it – you change your brain waves.

And when you change your brain waves, miracles occur.



In this video, I share my own personal experience of doing the workbook lessons and how they can change your life.

Download the Video Transcript

All you need is a copy of A Course in Miracles, which is available in bookstores and on Amazon. Make a commitment to one year. Read the Introduction to the Workbook Lessons (this is important), and then do one lesson a day for a year.


It’s a one-year audio program to take you through all 365 lessons – a 10-minute daily audio talk for every single workbook lessons, one for all 365 days of the year, click here for the details of the online program I created called ACIM 365.

On this page you will have access the first audio about the Introduction, along with the transcript.

It will give you a good idea of what this program is like.




Question: I would love to hear from you! Are you doing the workbook lessons?? Have you done them already? If you have done them already (or you are currently doing them now) what is your experience? How has your life changed? Inspire others and leave a comment below  You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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11 thoughts on “The “Science” of the Workbook Lessons of A Course in Miracles

  1. DARN TOOTIN’, I’ll be doing the lessons with You this coming year, Sweetie!!

    …and even though I have been blessed with them for years, having Your energy “along for the ride” will be WONDERFUL!!!

    with great love…xo, Barbara

  2. This is so great Lisa! I love the way you explain the workbook. To me the workbook is like turning on the light to a new world. I have done it for years and I did have some great changes in my life. But in the last two years with your teaching along with a few others, I have definitely shifted into a new reality. I definitely recommend that everyone listen to your 365 recording’s along with the workbook. Your clarity will save years. It is my intention for the workbook group call to be a place to share an experience the workbook with joy and ease!!

  3. I highly recommend ACIM 365 with Lisa Natoli! I am halfway through the lessons! Her commentary really inspires me to keep going and she gives these lessons great clarity. This is simply mind training. It’s learning to listen to and follow my heart and not the mind chatter. When I started I was dealing with a lot of anger and fear. When crisis occurred it would take days sometimes even months to move on. Now it takes minutes. I am able to recognize the disconnect and regroup much quicker! It’s simply a matter of getting out of my head and back into love! It’s a matter of letting go! It’s recognizing that peace is the only thing I really want! It’s knowing and accepting that being happy is more important than being right! I highly recommend ACIM 365! If you want peace and freedom this is the path to take! This is the path I am taking and it’s working. Hey what do you have to loose! It’s only a year!

  4. I have been following the workbook lessons with Lisa Natoli since the inception …..and depend on her emails every day to know which lesson I’m on. I so appreciate the clarity that she brings when I read a lesson and say “what” she helps to clear up the meaning for me. She helps me to apply these lessons in my daily life. Lisa truly lights the way through the sometimes seeming complex readings in ACIM.
    I now have only a few “what” moments thanks to Lisa and of course Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God oh and I only paid once for continuous access year after year❤

  5. Hi Lisa, yes I agree with your theory that it changes your brain-waves and lifts you to a higher vibration. I also think that it is more effective when lots of people are working together, so although I started doing the lessons again about six weeks ago, I am going to restart on January 1st, so that I can join with everyone else. It will be interesting to see the effects of us all working together. Thank you for this video. Very inspiring <3

  6. I, too, tried the workbook lessons on my own – and found insight and a forward movement – and yet something appeared to be missing – and then I stepped with a commitment into Lisa’s ACIM workbook lesson program – and her wisdom of understanding and expressing each lesson has given me a domino effect – moving into the light. Tomorrow is lesson 305 – and yet I will begin again with Lisa in January 2017. Thank YOU, Lisa.

  7. Dear Lisa,
    I have been involved with the blessing of ACIM for 30 years and teaching for the last 10. There are no words to describe how much my experience of life has changed through the Course. It is a constant source of guidance in my life and it is my greatest prayer that everyone take the Course; Awaken to their Truth; and know the Peace that is beyond understanding.
    The first miracle I “recognized” was around lesson 160. I was watching the news of a dramatic and very tragic event (aren’t they all?) and I felt such a sense of peace and infinite compassion for ALL involved in the tragedy. All defined as the police, the families of the victims and the family of the perpetrator, the victims AND the perpetrator. ALL felt innocent and lost and I knew in that moment the truth of forgiveness and compassion. Nothing in me blamed. Everything in me loved and blessed.
    Thank you and ALL the teachers of the Course for reaching out and sharing the gift of miracles.

  8. I keep looking for an announcement about the on-line course you offered in 2016… Have I missed it? Are you not doing it?
    Would love to know. Thanks, BJ

  9. Hi Lisa,
    I started the workbook lessons a few years ago and around Lesson 40 I had a grand mal seizure. So how can i know if this was a sign that things were getting worse as you speak about in the 40 days or that my resistance was stronger than my desire to remove the obstacles to peace?


    so im not sure if I am ready to begin the Lessons again,or if my fear is still to high.
    much Love, Elyse