Spiritual Bypassing: How To Spot It

By Lisa Natoli

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19 thoughts on “Spiritual Bypassing: How To Spot It

  1. I think the real spiritual by pass is taking a Christ centered course and throwing in a whole bunch of teaching based on Buddhism.

  2. Good article, as usual, Lisa, and thank you. But yes, it’s tricky! Sometimes, incredibly difficult – that’s the experience. And it can sometimes feel like a question of stamina. You’re doing your best NOT to bypass anything, to look at those hidden beliefs, give them away to Spirit to deal with, let them be replaced by truth; and all that. And a lot of the time, it feels right, feels fine, even seems to have real and transforming effects “out there” – for a while. But still, for many I imagine, it can often seem to be simply not enough. At what point does one give up? Is 20, 30 years of trying not enough? How many times do we have to hear the same thing about abundance and healing from those who have “cracked it” while we struggle to feed ourselves, because one might feel obliged to survive, when all one really wants to do is to live, whether in a body or not – and who cares anyway? Sometimes, just a little acknowledgement “would be nice” at how frustrating it can be to have gushing happy people tell you life is great when it really isn’t the way it seems – is this all part of the trickery? How many more books about miracles need to be written? How many more versions, discussions, groups, practices, lessons, workshops? Is it OK to say, I Give Up? One senses there is something worthy beneath that. Coupled with a collective worldly disapproval of such a notion. A conundrum. Everything’s fine when it’s fine. It’s not “out there” it’s “in here”. You are the Light of the World – and the voice inside comes back, “Yeah, OK. You’re joking, right?” And just noticeable right then, another quieter voice, saying, “Let’s practice just a little more. As Dylan said, ‘when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose’.” 🙂 Lots of Love. Not really giving up!

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Thank you so much for your beautiful video. It did resonate so much with me. I thank you and the rest of the Teachers of God Foundation for all that you do and give.

    I have been working through the ACIM 365 and have done the 40 Day Program twice. I have also been working through the Living in Purpose Program. I left that to do the 40 Day Program for the second time. I am not sure if I should start it from the beginning again or go back to Week 14. I would love your suggestion on this.

    ACIM is an important part of my life, and I have learned so much and found so much more peace and purpose in my life. To the point of this message, things have been going well. I have, however, hit some ‘roadblocks’ over the last while. Doubts and fears have raised their ugly heads. I am a single mom and have been running my own business. The money is running out and I am afraid that I might lose my business – there – I have said it. I am trying to release my fears and stay in a place of love, but I am finding it so challenging. Friday was a horrible day, and I felt exhausted and terrified. I have taken out loans for my business. I am 63 and in debt. I had my children later in life. I want to provide security for them.

    I custom-design jewellery and I have a Big Dream that our cancer awareness bracelet can be sold globally to help people dealing with cancer.

    I want to be able to shift out of this fear and move forward.

    I would really love any suggestions/support that you could provide.

    Thank you,

  4. Thank you for putting into words what I’ve been feeling for years. It drives me crazy when someone says “It’s all good” or “All is well” and I know that for me it isn’t and that it isn’t for the person repeating those words either. I seldom say what is really so for me because I don’t want to feel or hear the judgements of those who do spiritual by-pass. Nothing gets solved by saying “All is well” and looking the other way instead of admitting that there’s a problem, now what has to be done to solve it including an examination of beliefs and thoughts and the actions coming from those beliefs and thoughts.

  5. You hit the nail on the head Lisa, as usual! I was getting frustrated that I kept falling into the pain and depression of a ‘situation/story’ and listening to your video I realised it was because I was not dealing with the underlying grief and pain of letting that illusion go. It was a nice dream, but is is over. Disks 1 & 2 of Marianne Williamson’s “Living in Light” also made me see that I am focusing on the other person’s ego actions, and my ego response to those instead of looking at what we both really are, which is love. I want to ” travel light” and stop driving the past into the present. Day by day, encounter by encounter I try to spend more time being my authentic self and less becoming bogged in the emotional hell my ego creates. It all comes down to time spent in silence, trying to connect to my forgotton source, it may be simple to understand but it is certainly not easy to practice hence the ‘by pass’ comes in. Thank you for all your good work, my dear teacher of God.

  6. yep totally was only when I did the 40 day and was introduced to the ACIM things changed, and I love the wording A Spiritual Bypass hope I can use that :)) thanks so much and love the comments here so positive…

  7. Dearest Lisa…this really hit the mark for me this morning! I can see situations I am dealing with today that I am short-circuiting by thinking “things will be alright; things will work out “; “I turn this over to God”; and not doing the footwork to effect the change. Specifically, my food addiction – I keep waiting for it to miracously disappear like it did for you. …and this also applied to a situation regarding a neglected dog in the neighborhood that I’ve been upset about….both of which have been blocked by fear: afraid of “not enough” and afraid of people’s disapproval. This video/blog really helped to crystalize what was happening. Thank you ever so much, dearest lady ! Love, joani
    p.s. Loved seeing the forsythia blooming behind you.

  8. I really needed this today. I was finally open with partner about an obsession I have regarding food and 10 lbs of weight , sounds ridiculous and a story I know, but I lie all the time to myself and to him, talking about it was my biggest fear especially explaining the extent to which this has occupied my mind for 35 yrs, no joke !!!
    I am so happy not to pretend that I don’t care , when I do ! I am surrendering my weight and food obsession to the Holy Spirit right now but I am also admitting its existence and the pain it has caused to date.
    I also realise that my fear of being light and feeling good in my body is greater than my fear of feeling heavy and less attractive.In the past when I have felt good and empowered I had to sabotage as the confidence and joy I felt was a candle a little too bright for me. Of course God doesn’t care about ten pounds but he does want me to be the best version of myself and to have peace whatever my shape or size, happiness being my birthright. I had felt great shame at critisizing myself as a child of God so I pretended I loved myself exactly as I am. Today was a great day for honesty , meeting the pain and surrendering it. Thank you Lisa.

  9. I just finished the 40 Day Program.
    I thought it was great.
    But, after seeing this video, I apparently did not understand it.
    I thought that you just believed and said your “New Way Of Being Card” all the time, no matter what was happening in your life. I thought you watched yourself do and say your “usual behaviors”, and just then said stuff from your “New Way Card” instead. Apparently that is not right, because that is just saying words you do not mean.
    Now I am more confused than ever.

  10. Your videos always resonate something in me. I LOVE them. I am in LIP and struggle with hidden beliefs. They are hidden, so how do you find them. I have uncovered some through reading, videos and quiet time, but I know there are more in there. In week 5 we are asked what feelings have we buried alive? They must be buried deep because I could not answer that question. I am hopeful that between LIP, Course Companions and daily lessons I will uncover some of those feelings that are causing my blockages. I am truly grateful for all I have available to me. Never giving up! God is doing amazing work through all of you and your hard work. Thank you Teachers of God and Course Companions. Many blessings!

  11. Dear Sweet Loving Lisa,
    There are times when I am sure you have lived my life. You take words from my mind and speak of them thru your experiences.
    What you spoke about in this video is, oddly enough, exactly where I am RIGHT now on my spiritual journey. I have all the knowledge, have read “wordy” books, talk a good talk, but as you said so eloquently I “get pulled so easily into the drama”. It matters not what the drama is, it’s always the same theme, fear and unworthiness. I tell myself I believe all I hear, yet my behaviors reflect a completely different thought system. How can I know all of this, and still be paralyzed by fear and unworthiness? There seems to always be a disconnect somewhere. I have stopped trying to figure out where . I now just acknowledge, I am choosing an incorrect thought system based upon lies. I have made tremendous progress and I barely recognize myself these days. Yet, I am being honest enough to look at myself and admit, something is still amiss, or you’d be making different choices. Thank You for putting into words what my heart and soul have been feeling lately. I am not alone, there are many who have walked before me, along side me, and carrying up the “rear”. For that I am, and yes I truly mean this 😉☺️ , eternally grateful.
    I love you and what you do for all of us

  12. What a great awareness – Spiritual Bypassing. That is a piece that was missing. I could feel the connection with Spirit most times, but there are blocks that are really rooted deep and the switching to the Love mind and trying to stay there wasn’t working (Spiritual Bypass). But to Notice the Fear Based thought and just allow it to be, not trying to fix it, is liberating. It brings it into the light, but realizing I am not in this world – this is a story that I made up in the fear based mind, I can look at it from afar and give it room to be released. I am doing the 40 day Program and this is going to be very helpful. thanks Lisa. much love

  13. I always think about past mistakes and my old very old abusive relationship my hair is naturally curly so I’m dealing with that and I’m ill and praying for healing I have a kind and have always helped others when possible and still do thank you for this program I love you ….#youareawesome

  14. Lisa, It has been about six weeks now I’ve finished the 40-day programme. I felt disappointed. Another course that didn’t ‘save’ me, that did not take all these thoughts and beliefs away. I recognise and live the spiritual bypassing. Scared to feel and see and letting my ego run the show. It hit me when I saw the video. My mind goes of trying everything for me to stay away from reading your messages. Finding many excuses, mostly about money, to stay away. I followed a feeling and just bought ACIM third edition of the original. Going to do the workbook. And I will be watching myself like a hawk. I thank you for all your love and support. If I need help I will join the ‘ACIM 365 days’ programme. In my heart I believe there is a whole other way of living… Thank you, love you, honour you ❤ Lien

  15. Wow, my take away is a reminder to remember where I am located in any given moment….fear or love. This does require radical honesty. Thank you!