The Power of Devotion

By Bill Free

Do not underestimate the power of the Devotion of God’s Son as His Father created him.

the power of devotion

Devotion acts like a magnet in pulling the Child of God to experience the Love of God within.

Something happens to us when we sing, when we really pray with our whole heart, when we dance like nobody’s watching and when we find our Sacred Expression in devotion feeling so alive and Joyful in the Enthusiasm that we just lose track of time. I think the mind comes unplugged and we are dancing in the Spirit in sacred Devotion.

Sacred Expression in devotion seems to open us up, shifting the mind to gratitude, joy and being playful.

This is an important part of Awakening like Chanting or singing love songs to The Divine Self in God, dancing like the Sufis or just your own thing. If you’re like me, we take life way to serious.

I love the Om. In this video you will find what I feel is our Highest Attainment in the Awakening and bringing forth the experience of Heaven on earth in your devotional Expression.

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You can do this right now while everyone is watching. It is the most simple yet profound expression practiced today by Devotees and Disciples in all traditions.


If you don’t have a Sacred Devotion see if Quiet Awareness works for you.

Question: What do you use in your devotion or sacred expression? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Including, Judy, Amy, Kimberly, Lori and Terri.

We Love you.



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30 thoughts on “The Power of Devotion

    • I listened and could not grasp the full message, so I began to feel an urge of anger in my chest rising up. This I remember since I was a very young child I would get into a fit of anger. I Stopped myself and went throught the “SHIFT”, reread the message a few more times and gave myself the time to understand the message. Tears began to run down my cheek and peace began to fill my heart. I have been wanting to know why I get so full of rage for all of my life. It is because when I do not comprehend things or things don’t go my way. I immediately started to breathe in and out slowly and remembered the love of God that is healing me . Thank you for the healing that is beginning in me with this program. I have begun to meditate, dance around the room and singing. I will certainly start to OHM as well. Namaste.

    • I like to start my day in quiet, as well. I find it’s important to center myself in God’s love right away in the morning. I love using essential oils, like Envision, Highest Potential & Frankincense to heighten my connection. The idea of using OM intrigues me, but I haven’t tried it as a daily practice as of yet. ❤️💜💚

  1. Hi Bill, I just love the synchronicity of this life. Directly before I read this and watched the video I had been ‘singing and dancing like no one’s watching’ (except my husband was watching and he just thinks I’m a bit crazy), inspired by the lesson I am on today, Lesson 100 – ‘My part is essential to God’s plan for salvation’, in which God asks us to be happy……….My daily devotion: I start each morning with ten minutes of quiet time, then study the lesson for that day, followed by asking Jesus what he would have me do, then go about my day. If anyone asks me what I do, I simply say “I get up in the morning and do whatever comes along, and usually something does”…..but doing from that deep place within, makes life such a joy. Thank you for sharing Bill <3

    Thank you, my Beloved Friend. You ARE the Way, the Truth and the Life, shining in my experience.
    In answer to your question about my devotional practice-I exercise! Walking, biking/spinning, yoga, strength training, elliptical machine, swimming, stretching, BREATHING!
    All of these prepare my altar to receive my devotion.
    I love you, Bill, and I love all of us who are on this journey without distance to a place we never left-that is EVERBODY! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, k

    • Yes! Yes! Yes!
      I’m feeling very present when I excercise too! (after)lol-I don’t know why that happens since the body is neutral but it does seem to make me more clear, more centered and feeling really good:-) I love you too dear kimberly <3

  3. Happy Easter Lisa, Bill and the entire family at Teachers Of God! I love all of you! Bill, thank you for this video. My life and my soul is filled with heartaches with family at every angle I look. It weighs on my heart so heavy at times. I trust God is in the midst. However, it is only when I sit still, with God ~ bathe in his presence that I am lifted to a place of love, peace and a level of trust that surpasses all MY understanding. Thank you for reminding me of the quiet places I can go with him to find rest, to Be Still and remember he is God. Blessings to all of you always!!!

  4. When I wake up in the morning, I go into gratitude. Simply being grateful for everything that I can think of. Then, I pray. All this is done before I get out of bed. Thank you for sharing your devotional practices. It was very helpful!

  5. Yoga is one of my devotions. Dancing definitely. Lighting incense. Sometimes quiet meditation. Being in nature -taking in a flower or a sight truly. And may be against some peoples principles but other sacred herbs also. I surprise myself w a chant at times too…om or baba nam kevalam 🙂 <3

  6. Hi Bill ! Loved the blog today ! I feel such a peace when I hear your voice. I also have my AM quiet time where I meditate for about 5 minutes or so and read from what I now call “the purple book” (instead of “the blue book”…not to be confused with AA “Big Book”). I also write in my jounal, sometimes a letter to God, sometimes reflections on what I read, or just “plain old gratitude”. Love you guys so much ! I feel like I have transcanded to a new level after coming to Amesbury and started reading the text with Emily and the Course Companions on Monday. What an absolutely awesome group ! Namaste, joani

  7. Bill,
    Thanks for sharing this, Oming is an awesome practice as it moves vibration around.
    I love you Brother

  8. Sat Nam , namaste Rishi ,
    I just loved your blog. It is funny because today I had listened to your interview with Krishnabai and I was so happy listening , that was part of my practise today . Then I opened my emails and this blog was there. I also love to chant, I love devotional songs,I love deva premal , snatam kaur and listen and sing many hindu and sikh chants always bringing me closer to GOD. I equally love christian hymns ,especially, “How great thou art” and “All that I am”. I also try to sit in silence for some time and do my daily acim lesson. My partner and I have recently began to pray together which I am really loving too, there is something special about having a witness.
    Thank you so much for the work you and Lisa do, I am so grateful to be on this path and for this program.
    Om Namah Shivaya,
    yours in light brother,
    Mia Sera.

  9. Hi Bill

    I just wanted to say it is an honor having your presence joined with mine. I have children so ive been trying to wake up earlier, sit in front of my wood stove and have my quite time with God, I read a few a few passages from the Bible with regards to http://www.Everyday, each month comes with different passages. The month of April is Romans 15:7, 1 Corinthians 1:10, Ephesians 6:1-4, 1 Timothy 4:12, Colossians 3:20-21 and Deuteronomy 6:6-9 – I still read my commitment letter from the 40 days program and I have printed the Instant Remedy prayer and a few other reminders of the Truth and tape them to my wall. I totally notice the difference in my day when I (don’t) take time with God in the morning….Bless you in all you do Much LOVE

  10. I start my day by ready daily word published by unity, and follow with reading inspirational sayings. My mind is often busy with my what needs to be done list. Tomorrow morning I will add OM to my morning routine, and cancel and delete other thoughts for a 10 minute sitting in quiet. Thank you! Happy Easter!
    Love ❤️

  11. Thank you for this wonderful video, just short, simpel and still so rich in what it contains. Just what I needed now😊Namaste Ingrid

  12. I loved hearing you speak about 15 minutes of silence and oms. I sometimes sit in quiet just because and I may pick a mantra that just shows up. I turn to ACIM
    book usually when I am down or when I feel uncertain about who I am or what is next. Not sure which one of these I will try tomorrow morning maybe all three. Sounds like a plan especially at this time of Passover and Easter what a great time and place to be open to something old and something new. Thank you

  13. Mine devotions all begin with song. It is my intension to sing for 10-15 minutes however, I never abide to that timeframe and normally I am being so blessed I cannot stop. I literally sing anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. There are many hymns that I sing everytime, and everytime they bring me to tears. There is a story behind my singing but it’s important just to me. Be blessed.

  14. Great blog. I also am in the quiet asking to be guided for rhe day. I read the
    Days lesson, write it down and carry it with me all day. Live in Paradise,
    Maui and often keep repeating the lesson as I exercise in the pool. See you
    in Utah! Namaste and Aloha, ❤🌴

  15. Hi to all of you!
    last year I made the 40-day-programm…it really nurished me and my wish is to join in again – but I don`t know when ehe next turn will beginn – except, that is starts 3 times a year – please let me know when it´ll start next time!
    love to all of you and so many thanks for your devotional work!!

  16. My daily devotion first consists of a 12 minute yoga practice. This is followed by a meditation and prayer whereby I ask God to show me what I might do today, what I might say, where I might go and to whom I might speak. Then, I say prayers for family, for the world, for those who are ill and for those who have lost loved ones. Sometimes, I might need to ask for help in letting go of grievances, might be troubled by something coming up that day, etc and so I also ask for help for that. I see it as my time to talk to God. Then, I listen to God everyday by reading A Course in Miracles. Right now I am doing the Living in Purpose program and Course Companions. I read and reflect according to my week. I love and cherish this time! Lastly, I have a half hour drive to work each day. I play uplifting music in my car, sing along with it and arrive at work in a state of readiness for whatever may happen. I love it and it works for me! Namaste.
    Tina Stevens

  17. Hello, I posted something, but did not see it after I posted. So I am reposting. I have a devotion of yoga, prayer and meditation every morning. This is followed by reading the course, and then reflecting for course companions and/or living in purpose in my journal. My devotional prayer and meditation time flows easily from my yoga practice. Before I leave home for my half hour drive to work I ask God to help send my light and love out before me to all of the people whom I will see on my way to work, the people and children that I will see there and all the people I will see on my way home. I love my morning devotions. This video was wonderful. Happy Easter to all. The honesty and simple messages resonate so for me. I thank you both. Blessings and love to you. Tina

  18. I do feel like you and love so much the chanting about God ,Who we are and dancing and the stillness, having spent 12 years in ashram everyday . And I hope to have cooperative family home, in nature, where we can dance and sing. I went to the beach this week to chant Guru Gita to God , at sunrise. I do ACIM lesson daily. Sometimes , I chant Guru Gita by river or with others on Youtube. I play bajans so I can do dishes happily. I played Om Namah Shivaya in my home , softly all the years I was raising my daughter and for protection .

  19. I sing Karen Druker’s song “I am so blessed.” Even just singing it in my mind it brings me a deep sense of gratitude and wellbeing.

  20. Thank you for sharing your sacred devotion with us, Bill. Although I haven’t called it “sacred devotion,” I resonate with with those words as my morning unfolds. I wake up and begin my devotion in stillness. Weather permitting, I sit on my deck and take in the sounds of birds, trees, new growth and life all around me, noticing what my body senses. I used to read words from Eckhart Tolle, and now I am reading the new ACIM edition along with my companions. Thank you for reminding me to add an OM! Listen up, birdies!