Train Your Mind to a State of Euphoria and Joy

By Lisa Natoli

When Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, experienced a massive stroke in the left hemisphere of her brain, she experienced (in her own words) “a state of euphoria, a sense of complete well-being and peace.”

train your mind

Without the use of her left brain, she was unable to walk, talk, read, write or remember anything. She was able to recover fully in 8 years, and to her this stroke was a blessing and revelation about how much of experience in the world is based on interpretation, memory and brain chatter that sequences time and space with a past and a future.

When she temporarily lost the use of her left brain, she was completely present. There was no past and future.

In today’s video, I talk about how to experience this state of euphoria and peace without having a stroke.

I describe the signs and symptoms of what some people call “monkey mind” or “reptile brain”.

In this video, I ask a few simple questions to help you get unstuck and move forward.

Download the Video Transcript

The first step in transformation is “to notice what you are noticing” so you can decide if you want to make a change and do things differently.

Watch the video above for the full message. 

I would love to hear from you!

Question: What are some of the ways that you play small and helpless? What are your distractions? How do you shift to joy and euphoria? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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31 thoughts on “Train Your Mind to a State of Euphoria and Joy

  1. I experience continuous joy and peace by using the simple “practice” of Keeping Quiet (not following thoughts) and making no effort every moment of the waking day.
    This no teaching comes from Mooji, Papaji and Ramana Maharshi.
    For me, it’s been the quickest and simplest………
    No “person” equals “NO PROBLEMS.”

    LIBERATION for all Beings!

  2. Hi Lisa , thanks your beautiful and clear post.
    Off course I would love to be constantly in peace /joy and happiness …and still most unexpected buttons are pushed bringing you out of peace…even during sleep , you do not remember what it was all about but waking up with a not so happy feeling…. I am even not aware of where it comes from ………Then I allow , and do not give it extra attention…and what helps to bring me back in peace is remembering : ‘God is in everything I see , because God is in my mind “and “my thoughts are images that I have made ” and I remember the linear/vertical video from the 40 days …. .
    Love you Lisa for bringing the hawk into my life and so many other gifts …bless you.

  3. Yes I heard the same thing from a friends wife whose husband have had a stroke! I felt a lovely possibility to strengthen my right half of the brain and educate the left by tis method: every time I heard something negative, I thought:as this is something positive for my right brainhalf: what can it be that it sees/experiences?
    Meditation as well as intellektual and emotional work is necessary to succseed! Good luck!

    • Dear Lisa:
      I feel a shifting in me thanks to this 40 days program. Thank you so very much for your life, sharing it with us, being the practical straightforward teacher you are, you are a blessing.
      I have a question, when you say go inward, don’t think about healing the body does that mean don’t take medicines if that is a way you have been fearfully trying to control things? I am grateful for any feedback.
      Thank you so much, I love you! ❤️

      • Hi Christine – thank you for this beautiful straightforward message! I suggest continue taking meds because this work is about changing your thoughts (and not on changing the physical) and at the same time let your focus be on changing your mind. on noticing differences in how you feel. Develop a practice for listening, and for trusting in this still quiet voice within. Blessings and love. Keep going. I love you.

    • Hi Maria! Thank you for this beautiful message. I love your dedication to see things in a new way, to find something positive in it. You are the light of the world. Love, Lisa

  4. Hi Lisa, thanks so much for the 40-day program. Just something that happened after rec. email ‘Are you living Richly’, your vids are now completely black – started with that vid from Richly within email, tho could see her Promo vid after h/liting link – am I only one experiencing this? But still have audio transcript…thanks again. And bless you for all your teachings!

    • Hi Marie-Claire – Blessings and love to you. And Hmmmm. that’s very strange. Let me know which videos are black and I will check into it.

      • Oh Joys! Hi Lisa – Thanks so much for your reply. Suddenly this morning had an inspiration – try ‘edge’ browser. And it works perfectly! (Prefer IE, but from now on will open your emails in ‘edge’.) You give us so much with audios and t/scripts included, yet just felt my mornings really missed your videos. God does work in mysterious ways. And your vids are a wonder! Blessings and love to you.

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  5. Good morning Lisa,
    Thank you for this. I am one of those who knows better but somehow let myself get dragged back into the abyss of the monkey mind thinking, although it’s getting better…at least it doesn’t pour out of my mouth like they used to & I’m better at handing over the thoughts to the Holy Spirit than I was, maybe 6 months ago, but still the same thoughts come over & over. I just want to move on, I’m so done with this!
    Yesterday when I was journaling I realized that even though I ask the Holy Spirit to take these thoughts away I don’t necessarily go to the Holy Instant & stay quite for a few minutes…I normally continue with what I’m doing while the yelling & screaming is going on in my head. I’ll typically scold myself for being here again and try to not listen while I ask the HS for help. Starting today I will really work the Holy Instant into my daily activities and try to head off the egos attempt to sideline my progress. Thanks again Lisa! I love you!

    • Hi Lois – I love this. I definitely get sucked in, and I noticed the same thing about myself – I will ask, but then not stick around long enough in quiet to listen to the answer. That realization alone right there is life-changing! To see what we have been doing, and realize now we can do things differently – go into the Holy Instant and actually stay there quiet for a few minutes. Thanks for posting this great reminder. Love to you. Lisa

  6. Hello Lisa,
    I just finished listening to your post ‘Train your mind to a state of Euphoria
    and Joy. Thank you very much for the post. Lisa you presented the function of the brain quit scientificly. The example of Jill Bolte Taylor is very convincing. I am a person that always was ‘nice’, even though I would not be so in my thinking. I was living like that all my life. I will not get into stories,
    but perhaps a small fragment from my writing will give you an idea.
    ” suspended in vacuum without the ground under the feet, day dreaming,
    Looking for the answer …”
    At the present I am doing with you ’40 Days’. I am very glad for your course
    and the opportunity to be with you exactly now. I am learning and watching myself very attentively. I am descovering, that I am not so nice. That often I feel helplessness and feeling that there is something missing in my life.
    Thank you Lisa for finding me and being just apposite guide for me. Love!💐

    • Hi Krystyna – wow. BEAUTIFUL POST. Thank you so much. It’s amazing when we can recognize that sometimes being “nice” is still fear in disguise, a way to get our needs met or a way to be liked. When we train our minds to see what they have been doing, we can see a new way of responding. We can see all the mind’s little tricks. Blessings and love to you. Lisa

  7. I play small by telling myself that my happiness is dependent upon what others do for me or say about me. I distract myself with technology, tv, and social media. I shift into Euphoria when I’m in nature.

    • Hi Maggie – I love this. Thank you for this post. I love the simplicity of mind-training – to be able to discover how we play small, and what our distractions are. Then we can make a real change. Blessings to you. Lisa

  8. Hi Lisa,

    I just joined the 40 day say, and I noticed below this question was already asked re healing will just occur naturally, do I stop my depression meds? Please answer.
    I thank you so much and am so excited to develop this relationship of Love with myself, with the Universe that I am.

    • Hi Deana – I love your message about feeling excited to develop this relationship of Love with myself! SO GREAT. my suggestion always as people begin with this work, is to change your mind about things, to begin to see things differently and keep doing what you are doing on the physical level (like taking meds) until you feel clarity and certainty to make a change. This work is not about changing behavior. It is about seeing things differently. It is about listening within, and receiving guidance there. If you are to stop with the meds, or decrease dosage, you will know what to do. I also love how change is even occurring within your post! You say you suffer from depression, but then you say you are excited! So right there is a beautiful change in the energy! Keep going. Love, Lisa