From Wreck-Creation to Re-Creation

By Kelly Russell

A Course in Miracles teaches us that we have asked for all that we experience in our lives.

It says,

“I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I have asked for, and receive as I have asked.”

That statement has always pissed me off, producing an argumentative inner-teenager reaction in me. It went something like:

“Are you kidding me right now? Seriously? I did NOT ask for negative experiences! I didn’t ask for sickness, for heartache, for financial lack, for loss of loved ones, for conflicted relationships! WTF? How can you even say that? That is so unfair! I know what I asked for, I know what my prayers have been, what I have said affirmations about, what my vision boards have looked like, what intentions I have set. They were the opposite of those things! This is BULLSHIT!”

Yep, even growing up in a Unity church, with a New Age, metaphysical mom, practicing visualization meditations in Sunday School and manifesting parking spaces during grocery shopping trips; even after decades of studying metaphysics, including Divine laws such as the law of attraction; after being a student of ACIM for many years, and a teacher, minister, and counselor of its philosophy, I still found myself having that response.

But something has been happening to me lately, a deeper realization, a cosmic speed-up, an understanding that I find difficulty arguing with now even when I want to. I am seeing evidence of it too clearly.

They say hindsight is 20/20, and as I look back at the way things have gone in my life, I am now seeing with much greater clarity how this has occurred. I am realizing that what I believe establishes what I expect, and what I expect is what happens.

What I hold in my mind as a belief is what ends up playing out in my life in the world. Every time. Period. The End.

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I was planning to go on a vacation recently, and as much as I was looking forward to it, I also had a lot of anxiety and fear of the possibility of events unfolding in a particular way based upon past experience.

In particular, when I have gone away with more than one person, I often end up having difficulty with feeling left out and /or ignored, and it has been painful. So, because I have had challenges in the past, I deliberately worked with my thoughts beforehand, in order to change the expectation I was holding. I was embarking on a two-part vacation with two different groups of people whom I love very much, and I really wanted it to go well. Still, I was aware of a feeling of trepidation around what would happen.

I noticed that for the initial phase of each trip, I saw a marked positive difference in comparison with those I had taken in the past–improvement in my feelings of integration with my people, in my mood, and in my engagement in and enjoyment of what I was doing.

But then something eventually occurred in each of my two holidays – I couldn’t really even identify what – that triggered my old, fearful belief, and I began to allow those anxious thoughts and fear-based expectations to take hold in my mind. Kind of like,

“See? This is what always happens to me.”

And my mind responded by firing up all of those tired-ass stories of what had taken place on previous occasions, gathering all of its “evidence” of things happening in the present situation, and abra-ca-fricking-dabra, my immensely powerful creative thoughts manifested into reality, and there I was, on the rack, in the Pit of Despair; in tears, all boo-boo-kitty, feeling like I’m not important, not included, and not wanted, and should maybe just go eat worms.

Thankfully, in both instances, my Course-based muscle-memory eventually kicked in, and I was able to begin a practice of forgiveness of my perception of others and the situation. I asked to see it differently, and in addition to doing so, I included a new part to this process based upon my recent study of David Hawkins’ work. I consciously canceled the old fearful belief system I previously had of feeling unimportant, unwanted, and left out in groups of people, reminding myself instead that

“I am an infinite being, pure, whole, innocent, and perfect as spirit, and I do not buy into that belief.”

As I did this, things in my experience almost immediately began to shift toward the better. It became very clear to me that I had made the whole thing happen with my fearful beliefs, which had located me in a vibrational frequency of fear.

From that place, my experience of the world became the one I was most afraid of, because that was the lens through which I was looking. I inhabited a particular energy field, and attracted into it the experience that vibrationally matched it.

It had nothing to do with the people I was with, or how I was being treated, or whether people wanted to be with me or not.

The epilogue to this story is that some time later after I returned from vacation, a memory came to me that I had heard my mother express to me and about me to other people many times during my childhood.

From as early as I can remember, I heard that I always had trouble playing with more than one friend at a time, because I never had siblings close to my age, and so “someone always ends up feeling left out.” Someone? Really? (I’m pretty sure I am someone.)

So I have carried the belief in my mind for almost a lifetime that I have difficulty with feeling left out in groups of people – and, go figure – that’s what happened in my reality.

Remembering that was amazing in its ability to affirm and validate for me that I have the power to reprogram that belief system, and thus change my future experiences! (Now of course I feel like I need to go on another vacation – like, next week – you know, just to practice.)

But what usually happens to us when our fearful beliefs manifest into our experience?

Instead of being able to see it from the empowered point of view of having created it, and thus also then having the power to change it, we instead project it outward, looking at everyone and everything as the cause of our dissatisfaction, pain, mistrust, discomfort, hurt, disturbance, conflict, and lack of peace.

But it is not everyone or everything. It’s us. It can really suck to hear that – like, right out loud, I get that – hence my original rant mentioned in the beginning of this post. But the reason we resist it is because our ego minds take it on as guilt that we did this to ourselves, and it is the guilt that we can’t tolerate, and so we project it onto others.

In fact, it is our unconscious guilt over our belief that we have separated from our Creator – not that we ever could in reality, but that we believe that we have – that causes us to torture ourselves by creating these painful situations in the first place. It is our attempt to punish ourselves for something that we never did, but that on an unconscious level we absolutely believe we are guilty of.

But guilt is a choice we don’t have to make. We can choose love instead. We can choose to see it differently – as a reminder, a warning bell.

As A Course in Miracles advises us,

“Beware of the temptation to perceive yourself unfairly treated.”

As soon as we become aware that we are having an experience we don’t want to be having, as soon as our intuitive guidance system informs us that we are now in the process of creating something we don’t want, as soon as we tune into feeling crappy – as the Course also tells us, we can choose again.

It is in that moment that we can say the shortest, simplest forgiveness prayer the Course provides us with –

“I will forgive and this will disappear.”

I am finding that following forgiveness with the process of deliberately mentally canceling whatever belief system I have bought into (hating a job, difficulty in relationships, lack of financial abundance, illness, depression, anxiety, whatever), and reminding myself that I am an infinite, innocent being as I was created, and that I no longer buy into that old belief, and then releasing it –is immeasurably helpful and effective.

As we change our minds, as we endeavor to choose love instead of fear; as we work to release our belief in anything that we find is not serving us; as we forgive others and ourselves for what we haven’t done, remembering our innocence, our Divinity, our wholeness and perfection, we reclaim our creative power as the gift of God that is our birthright, and with joy and gratitude, take ownership of what is unfolding in our lives.

Guilt is a choice

Thank you for being here and bearing witness to my experience.

I would love to hear from you…

Question: Did any part of this video or message speak to or resonate with you? What is your experience with seeing your life experience reflect limiting beliefs you are holding in your mind? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I love you immensely.




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59 thoughts on “From Wreck-Creation to Re-Creation

  1. thank you for sharing your experience with the Course teachings and your resulting deepening and release from false beliefs. thank you for sharing the miracle. endless Love, nicci

  2. Kelly, what a wonderful and clear message. Thank you so much. Your quiet and sincere way of explaining this lesson on guilt..hit home. Namaste.

  3. Dear Kelly!
    Your presence and the way of sharing has touched me deeply!!! There is so much truth, love, light and authenticity streaming out if this video….. thank you with ALL MY HEART! The people of the teachers of god foundation have this “special glow, spark, light”, that comes forward when GOD is speaking! This “work” is the transformation we undergo together and I feel at HOME with everything that you ALL share! Each teacher- each video…. each share is the living TRUTH and representation of the course. Theories are worthless…. unless we LIVE THEM!!! I saw you for the first time- amazing!!! Thank you and god blesses all of us!!! Mary from Vienna

    • Kelly,
      I loved this. It felt so true although I really don’t want to own it. Congratulations for identifying the origin of your beliefs. This was very helpful. Keep on writing!

  4. Kelly
    I needed that reminder today. I realize if we remain “open” all we ever need will come to us when we are ready and usually not in the way it is expected. Grateful to be present for your gift.
    Ann Marie

  5. Kelly, I woke up today thinking about how I am creating my own reality and how everyone else is, too. Then I see this blog on my email! LOL, I needed it and it was there! Thank you for this, it totally resonates with me, and I love your pure honesty. Love and Light, Sandy

  6. Recently, I realized that I had been saying, “I would do almost anything if I could just stay home” for about a year before I lost my job. A friend had been saying how much she wanted to stay in bed before breaking her leg.
    By the way, I love staying at home. I quickly left a new job because I finally realized that I really, really, really want to stay home and have stopped job hunting.
    I want to become very aware of what I’m saying so that I can make corrections before something I don’t want appears so that what I’ve been saying I want appears: job loss so I can stay home; broken leg so friend can stay in bed.

  7. Thank you, Kelly!! Your story helped me to realize a couple of things: 1) I have used visualization to reinforce the reality of the world-like holding a parking space in my mind actually made me believe more in the world than release me from it. 2) The feelings of guilt from separation from our Cerator that you were talking about are the entirety of the self that I have called “me”. That there isn’t a “me” other than guilt-that “me” is the activity of guilt, and to heal is to do nothing with or about “me”, but rather to let the activity of “me” do whatever it is doing. And I loved your calm energy. Thank you!! I love you, Kelly, and I am so glad you are on the Board of TOGF and that we are Sisters. I LOVE YOU!!!!

    • Kimberly, I love the way you think about things with such depth. Thank you for your insight) I love you too! ❤️

  8. Your clarity and humor combination never stop slaying me Kelly. This is soooo good! You are a woman of elevation. I love you so much my friend.

  9. Thank you Kelly , your message very much resonated with me. I so appreciate your candor, and sharing…. with love, Linda c

  10. Amazing words, I totally resonate with this story. I’m going to ‘steal’ this one-two punch for my own life! ❤️

  11. Hi Kelly,

    Parts of your message resonated with me. I just signed up for the 40 day
    Program beginning today. Yes, we all have choices “forgiveness of ourselves and others releases us from the past” (louise Hayes)

    I just started Course of a miracles program in Wakefield as well.



  12. The timing of this is perfect. I am keenly aware of my repeated story line…the one that leaves me in lonlieness and despair…this is a good reminder about choice, awareness and forgiveness. Thanks!

  13. Thank you so much Kelly! Seeing the Course in action is so very helpful. You have helped me deepen my understanding by your example. I love your essence of peace.

  14. I love you Kelly, this is an amazing and inspiring post. I totally relate to your experiences and it is so funny because being with you in Utah, I would have never had guessed these things were running through your mind.

  15. Kelly,
    Many times I have felt this way, especially if there are three people involved. I wrote down what you said and will use it the next time something like this happens. Thank you.

  16. I love it- I realized I was seeing a situation in my life
    That I need to let
    Go off..(Since I created
    It, How can I blame others for it? ) I am not a victim 🙂

  17. So true, you just told my hold life.
    Thank you, beautiful.
    I´ll think about it.
    I´ll change something in it.

  18. Thank you for that. I have this belief of being unimportant, and often feel left out. I shall try your process! Could you please give the name of David Hawkins’ book with the “cancelling of belief” information . Thank you very much again.

    • Hi Julian! Thank you for writing! David Hawkins has written several books, but the two I have found immensely helpful are “Letting Go” and “Healing and Recovery”. Peace, love, & joy to you. ❤️

  19. Kelly, I am sitting here crying, since your post so clearly is an answer to my ardent prayer for help to get out of a recurring situation throughout ALL my life – and through my 29 year practice of healer and expressive arts therapist. I know I create it, I know that there is a belief causing it: ” I will not be respected – someone will enter my most sacred spaces ( which I have projected on sacred objects I create) – and I will not find the voice for truth to share how i feel about that – I will lose my voice and allow myself to be trampled all over. ”

    Psychologically I know it comes from my early childhood days when several men first treated me like a sweet little girl and then abused me – and when i knew that speaking up at all would create a very dangerous situation.
    I am writing it here, knowing there will be witnesses to it.

    Original belief:
    People – clients,patients,relatives,friends – will always end up acting in a gross disrespectful way, like I am garbage. Ex: they don’t flush the toilet after them – they use my toiletries and make a mess out them – they pick up personal sacred objects like they were garbage – and there is a strong feeling of contempt.

    Because – notwithstanding forgiving it in the Course-ways – I still fell like crap and HAVING TO not share anything about how I feel – I have stopped having clients come to my home where I have my private practice. And this is SOOO not right.

    So – belief:
    “I am not worthy of having my own space. My body and my belongings and art/sacred object is hated and disrespected, and somehow I believe that this is what I want – most possible because I believe I am guilty and must be punished and “helped” to realize my low value as a woman.”

    Holy Spirit,
    I have created this. This is my universe, and people entering it have to act after my beliefs – that is how powerful my thoughts are. I have felt tremendously guilty and deserving of punishment and crappy behaviour, and for my SIN of having separated from God. This is the cause of my self-torture.

    You are helping me to see I don’t need to CHOOSE guilt. I will choose love instead – and say: I will forgive and this will disappear.” – I have done the last a zillion times without a change – and now I will say it again, and add Hawkins’ sentence: “I cancel this old fearful belief system I have of being unworthy and deserving disrespect, reminding myself instead “I am an infinite being, pure,whole, innocent and perfect as spirit and God’s One Son, and I don’t buy into that fearful false belief.”
    Thank you for the space, Kelly and readers. It is done. I am so grateful

    • Amen, Nina. And so it is. Note that sometimes those belief systems are deeply ingrained, so if they appear to persist, keep using the process to dissolve them, just as you do with forgiveness. ❤️

  20. I have much gratitude that your message found it’s way to me today because I felt and lived the same issues! Still am and want to change my mind. You made me feel it’s easy and that I can, that it’S normal and pure. I’m on Day 5 of the 40-Day program and your message was much needed to go forward without fear and to face my grievances. I am feeling the way you felt and doing everything in my divine power to let go and not feel guilty. My situation is that because of fear and guilt and not feeling understood I left the home of my spouse because he has three teenagers and I was feeling left out and not being able to have a say. Not feeling respected. Now, I think I have to accept that because of that belief, that’s what happened! Trust is everything and it is my job to trust in God and that I am consistently good. I will keep your message and read it when I feel in doubt because you’ve pinpointed exactly how I feel and what I have to believe to grow and to be one with Jesus. Thank you

  21. Dear Kelly,

    I just wrote a heartfelt comment and gave an example of a false belief of unworthiness, that has created people trampling over me in various ways. I work as a healer and therapist, I have been giving groups in creativity – and I have stopped them since I cannot stand the recurrent happening that at the end, somebody always disrespects me or our common sacred space of safety.

    I wanted to write it here so I knew it would be witnessed. I expressed my heart fully, filled out the space with my website, and poof – all disappeared.

    First – the shock: “there it is again – I do NOT deserve to be heard.” I asked to see it differently, and heard ” write it again – shorter.”

    So I did
    I wrote:
    “I cancel the old fearful false beliefsystem that I am not worthy to be respected as my Self – and my art, dedicated to Spirit – and instead I declare: I am an infinite being, pure,whole, innocent and perfect as Spirit, as the One God loves – and I do not buy into the belief of unworthiness.”

    I posted it, and it disappeared for the second time
    There must be a strong belief here – that fear-filled phenomena are what I want.

    I say” This is fear. Fear is not justified in ANY form. I cancel the old fearful beliefsystem of being overpowered by limitation and fear. I want the peace of God. Holy Spirit speak to me of Christ.“

    Thank you, Kelly!

    • Hi Nina, your original comment was posted, heard, & witnessed – as was the one above. Trust that this is now and always your Truth.

  22. Thank you Kelly for your honesty and for sharing your experience with us. Yes, I resonate with your message. I too have understood this “theoretically” for some time and am beginning to really get it now. I love the simplicity of cancelling the belief and reaffirming the truth. I love David Hawkins too! This was very timely and I appreciate this message so much!!

  23. Hi Kelly,
    You asked if any part of this video resonated with me? Yes….all of it!!…Being brought up by a Mum who was very spiritually minded. She took postal courses (there was no internet in those days) and taught me about healing and visualisation etc. Also the feeling of being left out -even though I wasn’t – It sounded so much like you were talking about me. Thank you for having the courage to share. Love and Blessings.

  24. Kelly
    This message really hit home for me can you send me the forgiveness process steps and David Hawkins cancellation steps? I am struggling with a reoccurring old addiction and I know there must be something underneath with shame and guilt and I want to explore deeper there.
    Any other suggestions?
    Love you

    • Hi Windy! Thank you for writing, I’m so happy it resonated. The process I am using is:
      “You are Spirit, pure, whole, and innocent, all is forgiven and released. ”


      “I cancel the belief system of not being good enough. I am an infinite being, whole, pure, innocent and perfect as I was created to be. I no longer buy into that false belief, it has no power over me.
      I will forgive this, and it will disappear.”

      Blessings and Peace.

      • Thanks for my new mantra Kelly. Please keep posting at TOG –your voice is powerful and extends wisdom for which I’m grateful to be the beneficiary!

  25. Yes! I say Yes! I connected with this. I have had a issue when someone,especially mt wife,when being questioned about my actions. I have taken this as being criticized and demeaned . I have had the bad habit of lashing back at the source of questioning and then playing that tape over and over in my mind trying to justify my reaction. Always coming to the point of forgiveness for myself but wasting a lot of energy getting there. My goal is to recognize the thought the moment it come to me and cancel it out on the spot. That ,in my mind , is growth.

  26. Kelly, I do the exact same thing and have my entire life. and I am 61 years old. I had this happen last week while I was simply discussing the possibility of a trip next January to an event, where a group of people I know but have never met will also be attending. I did it to myself in a big way, a full day and a half of tears, over and over and over. it’s an insane process. and I cannot believe that someone else experiences it and creates it as well.

    of course, I had no idea I was creating it. it took me close to three days to get back on an even keel, and I kept using various “things” in ACIM to help pull myself where I wanted to be. I remember specifically saying I am in the thought system of fear!!! I need to get back to the thought system of love!!! I read and re-read and re-read my current lesson, i’m in the first review, and did as many of the 2-5 minute practice periods as I could. but I never did, nor would I ever have done, what you suggested to me this evening. I am so grateful this email came, and very grateful for you to opening up about this and more importantly, sharing how you went about changing it. it’s a process that I can use in any situation. I suppose I’ve read different ways of doing this hundreds of different times, but they didn’t click deeply enough for me to remember them. which is another thing I have created in myself, the fact that I have very little ability to remember things. 🙂 so I am going to copy and paste your words into a document that I can take with me and store on my phone so that I have it anywhere, anytime I need to try to change my experience.

    I know that I have more layers of guilt than I ever dreamed! I have spent my life in guilt. I’ve always known it, talked about it a lot, knowing it was not good for me but not knowing, until I was brought to ACIM, what it was doing, and that I was doing it and why.

    again, Kelly, thank you very much for sharing yourself with me this evening. I love you. and look forward to all of us joining our mind once again and remembering we are one. With love.

    • Norbel, I am so honored that Spirit chose me to speak through to you in this particular instance. I am happy to have been able to be of service to you. Thank you s much for your story. 😊

  27. Thank you Kelly for your insightful post.

    I totally agree with the metaphysics you discuss. Thoughts do become things, & core beliefs are the driving force. It’s a kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The word “unwanted” stuck out for me. Unknowingly I have drawn experiences that have equated to abandonment of Self. Its been as a direct result of my core belief that I am unsafe if I am not perfect/right/whole in the eyes of others. With Self compassion I am reassuring my Innocence that this is not the case, & that I will never abandon her no matter what happens.

    “The door to God opens inwards & One has sometimes to deny God in order to find God”.

    Thanks again.
    Love & Light.

  28. Hey there Kelly

    I absolutely love your video and content, and had to listen to it a few times, as I found my thoughts drifting here and there (lunchtime in South Africa at the moment I am writing this, and just after listening and reading your video and content).

    Everything about what you shared resonated with me. I did not grow up in an environment like yours, but I did practice the law of attraction (claiming parking spots etcetera) from a relatively young age.

    The one thing that I will now be focusing on from what you shared, is that I can cancel belief systems that do not serve me in any way, and forgive those and myself for the perception of the situation.

    Mine is around money, success and abundance, and yet, somehow I am sure more will come up.

    Oh, and just btw, as of today, I fully surrender and commit myself as a student of ACIM. I resonate with everything there and this is my chosen spiritual path to our Creator and Source of All That Is.

    Much love and thanks for sharing.

    Jenny B.
    Cape Town, South Africa

  29. Great blog. Very inciteful! I ask Holy Spirit to reveal to me the beliefs that are driving my life that they be dissolved.

  30. Yes it helped me a lot tremendously. I went to something like that and became all negative ,isolated and depression and panic and anxiety took root. I am in 40 days. I am on day 8 and I can feel a difference. I say and I definitely want to change my belief system. I want to change 35 years of not thinking straight and guilty, no self worth etc. Thank God for finding ACIM.

  31. Hi Kelly, I loved you video, thank-you.
    I am on day 6 of the 40 day course and I believe I have been guided to The Teachers of God foundation, it has been a slow journey, however I am here now. The book ” A Course in Miracles” has been on my bookshelf for 17 years, I guess when the student is ready the teacher appears!
    I am loving the course, and the wonderful new peace I am feeling.
    Thank-you again, blessings Eve

  32. Dear Kelly,
    Thank you so much for sharing. Your story blessed me. I signed up for 40 day program, today is second day. I am very much looking forward for miracle. Love you

  33. Kelly, I have one question. I’m not sure what you meant by “mentally cancelling” the belief system you bought into. What method do you use to do that?
    Thank you! I appreciate your support!

    • Hi Norbel,

      My process is as follows:
      First, forgiveness –
      “You are Spirit, pure, whole, and innocent, all is forgiven and released. ”


      “I cancel the belief system of (insert your false belief here). I am an infinite being, whole, pure, innocent and perfect as I was created to be. I no longer buy into that false belief, it has no power over me.
      I will forgive this, and it will disappear.”

      Blessings and Peace.

  34. Hi Kelly, I loved your video and am happy to say I am experiencing some wonderful changes in my dream this lifetime. I did not grow up in a Unity church. It was a church that preached hell, fire and damnation. I grew up in fear about everything and if angels were ever mentioned, I associated them with the angel of death.

    I was introduced to ACIM through Gary Renard’s book, The Disappearance of the Universe after I had watched The Secret movie. I began shifting my thoughts and letting go of negative beliefs over the years and recently I am experiencing some amazing positive manifestations. I have been doing the forgiveness work for about 8 years now with this. As I go about my life remembering that everyone I meet is Christ and God’s Holy Child and extending love, I love myself and go into my heart and say what is I want to experience or have. These things seem to come into my view very quickly now as I let go of my belief in lack and believe that I am God’s Holy Child who is a powerful being of love and light.

  35. Kelly, I am so happy I went online tonight and heard your message. It was just what I needed and when I needed it- funny how that works. Thanks for sharing!

  36. Thank you Kelly! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I am currently working on letting go of limiting beliefs and fear around (my perceived) lack of financial security. Recently I started working with an intention and twice daily use of mala beads and it is no accident that your post caught my attention. Although I too, like you, know about thoughts creating reality, it is a huge jump to not just know this but to really believe it! I love when others share their life experiences of The course in miracles! Xo MaryAnne

  37. I agree with what you have said here. The challenge now is to heal my unbelief and put into practice the guidance offered when my false and limiting beliefs appear as real . Trying to comb the mirror when your hair is unkempt just does not work ! Change your beliefs and the mirror image will reflect the same. Time to comb my hair!

  38. Thank you so much. I have been struggling with this since I started lesson 5 several days ago. I have so many grievances that have manifested throughout the years toward my family especially. I see where they manifest themselves in many situations in my life. The part about your mother telling others about you having difficulty with making friends is very resonant with my. I was shy and found it difficult to be around people when I was little. She talked to me an others many times about this. I see where my fears have affected my sons the same way. This has put things into perspective. An ahha moment so to speak. Thank you sooo much. I praise God for leading me to this 40day challenge and now I can get past lessons 5&6.

  39. Thank you Kelly! Your experience resonated w me. Your words and video really helped me “get” the guilt part about which what the Course talks, too. For a long time I did not understand that part at all. Again, thank you for sharing w honesty and grace… Very helpful!

  40. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for sharing. Wow! So that’s what i wanted to say for so long. Even on Mother’s Day i experienced what you are talking about. In my Tap Dance Recital one or two of the girls took a picture of the group and i asked one if she could send me a copy from her phone. She made like she did it but it never went through. This is the same girl that didn’t give me her number when i had asked for it weeks before. Somehow i knew it might not go through. There is something real about this feeling left out. Like, which came first the chicken or the egg. Sure, i’m one with God but they are taking these actions and not fufilling my desires. So, i let go of the desire as best i could – though i did communicate with the teacher about it. Haven’t heard back from that teacher. I guess what i need to do is let go of attachment to ALL my desires… Especially the ones that don’t make it to reality, YET. What is the point of a desire anyway? To not get fufilled?
    I’m glad you have the perfect ending to your story. Sometimes it’s not always perfect the way you would like. Third dimension is slow… I guess i just need to vibrate higher. let it go, let it go – with the wind and rain. I love to sing it but when it comes right down to it, i think I’m slow in letting go. Because – how do you know if you really did let it go? You know? If i actually do get the photo that i wanted by way of some other person or the teacher – like i tried, then did i let it go? And letting go of the fact that i deserve that photo that i was in too. I guess i feel a little bullied. Ah well, i’m letting it go. A photo is a photo is a wonderful photo – and i’m going to let it go now! Forever. I’m beautiful without a picture to prove it!
    Sure, the girl is forgiven. Maybe she has left me out of something i don’t want to be involved in. I don’t know. The whole point is my desires. I’m letting go of the number of times that they haven’t made it to fruition… Why? Because I’m choosing peace. I feed worms to my turtle every day. Some of us even prefer worms for our meals – it takes all kinds to make this world. Now THAT’s amazing.

  41. Thanks for sharing this personal experience with us. I can relate to it easily. What happened in my childhood played a big role in how my thought system works today and where I am now. It’s encouraging to know that this can all be changed by shifting my perspective. It almost sounds too easy to believe. Yet we all know how hard it could be.
    Thanks again for sharing! I will start practicing it right now.

  42. I thoroughly enjoyed this article. Two things resonated with me:
    1. When considering that I asked for what I got, think of it from an empowered point of view.
    2. Saying the prayer – I will forgive and this will disappear – when I am in a situation that is not desirable.

  43. I really enjoyed your ability to be totally honest with yourself, and to share that honesty with your readers. Sometimes it just takes a little energy to get ourselves “up” for realizing that it’s we who need to change our mindset, not the other guy. And then to choose to come from a place of love in those scenarios that at one time we found disturbing and/or fearful to us. And finally to realize that most people are so wrapped up in themselves and their own experience, that a lot of times they are simply not aware that someone else is feeling small. It’s always about negating what is not true, no matter how much we tell ourselves it is.