Simple 5 Step Process To Help You When You Are Emotionally Triggered

By Kelly Russell

What can we do when we find ourselves emotionally triggered? It’s kind of the bazillion dollar question isn’t it? I am going to answer this question, posed by three of our wonderful readers in today’s post. (And hopefully win that bazillion dollars – payable in the currency of greater inner peace – which we can […]

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Is It Cruel To Forgive When I See Others Suffer?

By Linda Leland

This week I’m going to answer a very important question sent in by Sylvia. When you’re asking this question, know that you’ve come to a turning point. When I asked myself this same question, it was the day everything changed for me. It’s about being able to forgive when you see someone else is suffering. […]

Is it cruel to forgive when I see others suffering

Love Makes No Exceptions

With Bill Free

Thank you for your courage to ask hard questions and your openness to trust that the answers are always revealed within your own recognition of the truth of what you are. Today’s video presentation is from my talk at the Course in Miracles Conference in San Francisco In reference from Cameo 27 in the CE […]

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QUESTION: How Can I Deal With the Challenges That Arise Regarding My Aging/Elderly Parents?

By Kimberly Cartwright

Do you have an aging/elderly parent parent who is sick or complaining often? Is your relationship with them becoming increasing challenging? It’s Kimberly and I recorded today’s video live from the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. I’m going to be answering a question from one of the members of our Teachers of God community, and I came […]

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Valentine’s Day 2.0 Remix – A Virtual Relationship Coaching Session for You

By Kelly Russell

In honor of Valentine’s Day – an entire day devoted to LOVE – I am gifting you and your awesomeness with a virtual relationship coaching session RIGHT NOW. Whether you are partnered, or dating someone, or neither, I’m pretty sure you have some relationships in your life. As both a spiritual life coach and psychotherapist, […]

Valentine's Day 2.0

Take the Quiz: Find Out the Name of Your False Self

By Lisa Natoli

“The ego is not you. This false identification makes you incapable of understanding what anything is for.” –A Course in Miracles Do you ever as a kid play make-pretend? Almost all children do. We played cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, doctor and sick person (the best game of them all), Batman and Robin. Back […]

find out the name of your false self

Christ Vision and Awareness

By Bill Free

God is, Awareness, Presence, Being, Christ Vision… Are all these descriptions really a different word talking about the same thing and leading us to the same experience of our own True Nature? In today’s video, I will walk you through the way workbook lessons 1 – 40 lead you to the experience of Christ Vision […]

christ vision and awareness