10 Day Stress Detox

By Linda Leland

Do you think stress is a normal part of being human?

10 day stress detox

It’s not.

Stress is NOT normal. It is not a requirement of this human existence and it’s NEVER, EVER helpful; unless, of course, you’re under attack by an angry predator which is generally not the case!

It’s absolutely not okay to live with stress.

If you experience a repeating stream of uncomfortable thoughts about some situation in your life that has you worrying and reacting and stuck in the same old pattern, you’re stressed.

Stress is hurting you and you are not fully living the way you were meant to live. Underneath your stress, you are peaceful, loving, authentic, calm, happy and certain!

I know you probably feel like you’ve tried everything and might be a bit skeptical. That’s because trying to “manage” stress is insane. It doesn’t work. It’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. You’ve put your focus and energy in the wrong place. You’re not addressing the real problem. Precious time is being wasted.

In this short video, I’ll explain how we have only 3 choices when dealing with stress. One of these 3 choices will actually eliminate stress. Yes, I said eliminate.

I’ll also briefly explain why the 10 Day Stress Detox is so effective and you’ll also receive a free downloadable worksheet to guide you every step of the way.

10 day stress detox 1

Thanks for being here. I’m excited for you!

Feel free to share this video on Facebook or with a “stressed out” loved one who could also use some relief.

And don’t forget to grab your 10 Day Stress Detox Worksheet. You can grab that now by clicking here.

Have the best 10 days ever!

Question: What was your takeaway from this video? Are you ready to start your personal 10 Day Stress Detox? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

With all my love and joyous expectation for your success in this beautiful journey to peace we are on together,


Rev. Linda Leland, Director of Operations and Teacher

Teachers of God Foundation

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24 thoughts on “10 Day Stress Detox

  1. I can not open the link for downloading 10 Day Stress Detox Worksheet. Can you help me? Thank you very much.
    With love

    • Ursula, can you click on where it says “grab it here”. You’ll have to enter your email address and then it’s sent to you via email.

  2. Hi Linda, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    Another wonderfully practical, doable and viable teaching! Thank you.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  3. This is great Linda. You have put together something wonderful here. Thank you! Is there a way to print it without all the pictures?

  4. Thank you so much for your sharing. This is another terrific video. I still refer to the one about the second thought and have found that one very beneficial and have passed it along to others. Loved the information that stress is from an old belief and that perfection may be a belief that it will give me safety. Thanks again.

  5. Hi Linda,

    This is just on time! There’s so much going on. Everything needing some kind of response/solution/development, like all at once. Decisions needing to be made NOW – what to let go of and what to take care of?! Some stuff that has been taking too long to take place (in my opinion!!??). Should I put pressure on people responsible? If I do, probably they too get stressed, ’cause they know what is expected of them, but they, too, have a long list of to-dos and they want it to work out really good, but can’t be performing in several places all at once. What’s serving the highest good of all of us?!?!

  6. Thank you for this great gift dear Linda. I am in & very excited to begin!

    Love & BIG hug coming your way!
    Jane xo

  7. Ok my sweet Linda…I am all in and I am so looking forward to this. Very interested in seeing what comes up because I think “oh I am doing just great” and I know that there is still littleness and doubt and denial going on under the surface.
    I love how when I feel a bit comfortable and then a challenge comes up…..No More sleep walking.
    I will start in the morning of the 5th and I am ALL IN my sweet.

  8. Hello again Linda, the Christ, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    Over the past couple of months or so, I was guided to three sources of spiritual related blogs to follow. Obviously, one of those sources is the Teachers of God Group with its participating group of bloggers of which you are one. I Love you ALL!

    For me, these blog sources I’ve been guided to follow are incredibly viable forms for me to both teach and learn. While each blog has a primary lesson that the blogger is teaching (the trunk of the tree), there are numerous other teachings that always present themselves (branches of the tree) within the teaching for exploration. It is through exploring the various branches that come into awareness while pondering a particular teaching, that “dots” are connected, perspectives shift, and understanding both deepens and broadens. It is not atypical that after exploring a particular branch of teaching I’ve been guided to, I am prompted to share my thoughts by way of adding a comment to the blog. Although I always have a sense of what I feel I should share, typically, what I end up communicating through the comment I write, is never what I expected it to be. This circumstance, though, does not produce any distress as I long ago came to recognize that this is my guide’s way of giving me a perspective that was missed in the exploration. Consequently, with this circumstance being the norm not the exception, there is a statement that constantly flashes in the mind as the Monte character interprets what is happening in what seems to be its day to day experience, that is; NOTHING is ever about what the ‘myself’ thinks it is about. And No One or No Thing are ever what they or it seem to be.

    Linda, within your teaching a particular symbol popped out from the rest and said, “Explore me.” That symbol was the word ‘thought.’ Of course, I explored the symbol and, as all explorations are, it was most insightful. I suppose there will be another comment with regard to that exploration that will be coming and while I think I know what it will be, it will most definitely not be that. 🙂

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  9. I guess I will get to answer what comes first? The chicken or the egg? It took me about a half hour to come up with the other response that didn’t post, so I guess this is what I really took from the video.

  10. Hello Linda, I could not open the link that was sent via email for the 10 steps, could you pretty please send it again, I am excited to see it. Donna

  11. Hi Linda,
    I’m working with your 10 day detox n had a huge insight. I see I bought into my husband n his whole family’s belief that women are lessor than men, just because we are females.
    I’m Danish and it sits so wrong with me, I know it is not so, yet my entire marriage I bought it, unknowingly, and it had made me upset all the time with my husband and his family not knowing why, and now I feel n act from unworthiness and no right to show up in this world. I just now got this insight. Now I’m on my way up and can let go of all the suppressed anger I had by being told a women must be submissive to her husband even if he is abusive, I never thought I had bought this way of life, but I know I did, also because my daughter has the same issue, battling with men whose “Christian” belief tells them they are superior to wife/women.
    Thank you so much for your detox message and all else you do and share.
    Love and gratitude.
    Now I’m waiting for the follow up on your detox, how do I get out of the mud I got myself into?
    Stop, listen to the voice from God, silence and trust I will one day hear the God I don’t believe in speak to me.

  12. Hello again Linda, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    In my previous comment I explained how, within your blog, the word ‘thought’ popped out from the content and said, “Explore me.” I said, “Sure. I’m grateful for the prompt and opportunity to do so.” From that moment the exploration began and remains ongoing. Turns out that exploring thought is a wonderful classroom and teachers have been showing up in abundance within the projection! I (the Monte character) can’t begin to share everything that has happened thus far in this fascinating exploration nor would I know what to share if I were to attempt to do so. That being recognized I leave what comes next in the hands of my inner guide.

    First question: What is a thought?

    Hmmm…doesn’t seem to be any definition other than groups of words and/or phrases the dictionaries gather to use to refer to one another as being what the other is; e.g., thought = idea = concept= process of thinking = product of thinking = opinion = notion = feeling = view, and so on. Around and around the symbols go being presented by the dictionaries as definitions, descriptions and explanations. Yet, these symbols are nothing more than facades put in place to represent the abstract, which cannot be defined, described, explained or understood.

    I don’t know what you think, but I think it would be helpful if a dictionary would acknowledge when a particular symbol is not a definition, a description or an explanation, but is being used as a symbol to point to (indicate) an abstract that is actually beyond symbols, beyond definition, beyond description, beyond explanation and beyond understanding. Personally, I think such an explanation being offered by authors of dictionaries, could be helpful.

    When looking for the meaning of a word and the definitions found in the dictionaries aren’t quite cutting it, it can sometimes be helpful, even insightful, to go the etymology route. I did this with the word ‘thought’ but what came up did not prompt me to do anything other than try something else. I did. I next searched the etymology of the word ‘idea,’ which is one of the words used to “define” the word thought.
    Well, the first line that I read definitely caught my attention. The line I read: late 14c., “archetype, concept of a thing in the mind of God,” from Latin idea “Platonic idea, archetype.” Okay, reading this first line immediately blew open some very inviting doors that revealed some fascinating branches attached to this exploration of and into thought.

    Next, the word ‘archetype’ emphatically nudged me to have a closer look at its origin. So I did. And when I did, I got this symbol on a completely different level than ever before. Here is something I read in archetype’s etymology that seemed like I had read it for the first time: “beginning, origin, first place” Then I read something else that was also interesting: Jung defined archetypal images as “forms or images of a collective nature which occur practically all over the earth as constituents of myths and at the same time as autochthonous [indigenous; native] individual products of unconscious origin.” Well…the light bulbs really began to lite up! However, at present, I am unable to articulate exactly what I mean by that but I can at least say this…there was an abrupt shift of perspective. It was as if I went from a perspective of standing in the midst of a thick forest towering above me, to suddenly being 30,000 feet above the forest, which gave me this most incredibly expansive view. Unfortunately, I have no way to convert what I experienced into words.

    I would readily encourage anyone to take their own exploration into the symbol ‘thought.’ A caveat, though; considering that each of us is on a highly individualized path, the outcomes of any exploration can’t help but reflect that condition. Therefore, there will be no two people who will share the same interpretation. But this is not necessarily a negative as the circumstance can make for some interesting and insightful conversations between projections.


    Obviously, when we are looking at thoughts we are looking at the ego thought system for there is no such thing as plural when it comes to what we really are, that is; a pure, ever consistent, never compromised integrity; a single idea in the mind of God.

    So what is a ‘thought’ when we’re looking at the ego thought system? When I went within and asked that question here is the simple answer that appeared: “It is a label.” And then I was directed to lesson 184 in the course. Here is the first paragraph in that lesson: “You live by symbols. You have made up names for everything you see. Each one becomes a separate entity, identified by its own name. By this you carve it out of unity. By this you designate its special attributes, and set it off from other things by emphasizing space surrounding it. This space you lay between all things to which you give a different name; all happenings in terms of place and time; all bodies which are greeted by a name.”

    I am an extension of Pure Oneness that is commonly pointed to by using the symbol ‘God.’ It is impossible to be anything other than what I am. However, I can pretend to be anything I desire to be. ‘Human Being’ is a label (an ego thought) that I seem to be pretending to be. Indeed, it seems like I am pretending to be a great many thoughts. But when I choose to be the observer of the thought, I am able to step away from the pretense of being the thought. When I observe a thought and recognize that it is not truth, I have the option to eradicate it from the synthetic composite, which is the ‘myself’ body identity, that I (the observer) am so intimately associated with; so much so that I am prone to identifying the observer as being the aggregation of thoughts commonly known as being a person.

    Every label (thought) denotes a specific thing that is apart from other things. Attached to every label is a complex story and the story is told through mental image pictures. Each picture contains interpretations derived from beliefs and are closely tied to emotions, sensations, attitudes, evaluations, judgments, experiences, extrapolations, conclusions, predictions, opinions, beliefs, desires, etc., regarding the label. And every label of the ego thought system is connected to every other label in the ego thought system. It makes for an inconceivable, incomprehensible conglomeration of insanity.

    Only a minuscule fraction of labels are accessible to a person. The bulk of ego thoughts lie beneath the awareness level of the individual.

    Looking at thoughts takes some practice. It is not a bad idea to begin the practice by looking at benign thoughts that are easily accessible. And it is a really good idea for one to invite their inner guide to join them in the practice. If the person chooses to go it alone, what can occur can be extremely uncomfortable to experience.

    I have at least one more comment to add to your blog Linda. It is forthcoming. I do apologize if it seems that I am sharing too much. It’s just that your blog, for whatever the reason, has prompted an incredible exploration of thought on my end. As it happens, at least part of it, wants to be shared here. Personally, I don’t know what any of this is about nor do I dare speculate on what it might be about. I accept that it is what it is.

    In Love, As Love
    I AM

  13. Linda, from the moment I received the teaching that you shared in this blog, it has served as a most unexpected, extraordinary catalyst for an exploration within. I am deeply grateful for the numerous instants of recognition that this exploration has flushed up into my awareness.

    In our pretense of being unique individuals, it seems that there is much space and distance between the two body identities known as Linda and Monte. Any collaboration between our two body identities seems highly improbable. However, as real and individually unique as our, and all other identities seem to be, there is but one inner guide that manages them all. And because this is the case, collaborations between different body identities that, even in a million years, would be considered an impossibility, occur routinely.

    Each body identity goes through a period in their journey through space and time where, even though collaborations are occurring consistently, there is no awareness that this is happening. Yet there comes a moment in time during every journey when an awareness begins to grow within the individual, and it is this awareness that ever so gradually, sometimes rapidly, prompts the individual to reach beyond what can be grasped. In reaching beyond what can be grasped, the Observer, Witness, Deciding Mind or whatever other moniker one chooses to assign to it, is loosened from the body identity. Once the Observer is freed from it’s compelled and complete identification with the body identity, it can finally recognize the existence of the inner guide of which there are many, many different symbols used to point to this presence that is beyond symbols.

    Note: When I set down at my laptop I thought that I was going to type out my “forthcoming” comment that I had mentioned toward the end of my previous comment. Obviously, though, before I did that, my inner guide, directed me to communicate what was written above (I never question why as I have learned it is always in my best interests).

    Now, I as the Observer, am being directed to communicate what I thought I was going to when I started typing.


    Many years ago myself and a few friends were having a late lunch at a KFC in Beaverton, Or. Because it was mid-afternoon, we had the place to ourselves. The conversations and discussions that this group of friends and I would typically have, were not typical. Instead, I guess one could say, that we fancied ourselves as explorers of the realms of “What if…” At this particular lunch, I don’t recall what prompted this surprising exploration, but it quickly evolved into a viable process for experiencing how one is connected to everything. On this day, our exploration began with someone indicating a specific, but nondescript object, and asking, “How did that get here?”

    The question put time in reverse. Each one of us, with regard to this object, immediately began to look backwards in time. Enthusiastically, we began to generate probable scenarios that would tell the tale of how the object came to be in this location in space and time. Instantly, a complex network of dots and lines, in the form of mental image pictures, began to spring from the object. And in very short order, through our connection to that little nondescript object, found ourselves intimately connected to absolutely everything in the universe all the way back to its beginning. It was a wild experience!

    I’m going to give you a tiny fraction of how this process went and I’m sure that you’ll be able to picture how and where it went after that. Where did we begin to answer this question about how this object
    get here? Well, interestingly enough, we all recognized that to be “here” there had to first be a here to get to. So, the question to ask was how did the KFC get here? And that question couldn’t help but take us to the inception of KFC and then through its evolution to the person in Beaverton who had the idea to purchase a franchise, borrow money from a bank, purchase land, hire a contractor to build the building, all the raw materials involved and how they came to be and so on. Of course, the stories of every single element, as well as the origin of every single element (including ourselves, our stories and yes…stardust), contributing to the object being where it was had to come into play as a legitimate piece of the answer.

    The question, “How did it get here?” instantly became a process to expand our minds and viscerally connect us to the entire universe and every single component of the universe. When we came to the end of the process that day, we had completely blown ourselves out of our body identities and out of our minds. It was if the question asked had been a dose of Ayahuasca that we each, without any hesitation, consumed and consequently exteriorized our attention out of the ego thought system. It was a helluva “trip!” However, at that time we had no idea what had happened or that there was such a thing as an ego thought system. Suffice it to say we left the KFC that afternoon in an altered state of mind.

    The “question” asked that afternoon propelled me and my friends into such an incredible journey that I couldn’t wait to introduce it at home around the dinner table. How could I not share this? So one night soon after my family (my wife and three step daughters) had started to feed our body identities, I got everyone’s attention then picked up a butter knife and asked, “How did this get here?” And so it began.

    Asking “the question” quickly became a popular thing for our family to do at the dinner table and everyone had their chance to be the one asking the question. It was a wonderful and fun way to practice looking at thoughts. Although, we never considered or recognized that what we were looking at were thoughts. A that time, asking the question was seen and experienced to be a viable and fun method to realize and feel how connected we were to everything in the universe.

    Answering the question often flushed a lot of forgotten memories into awareness. For me, this happened one evening at dinner when my daughter, Monet, asked the question while pointing to a black olive she had stuck on one of her fingers. Monet loved to eat black olives. And the way she went about doing so was to stick them onto her finger tips then suck them off one by one. She would do this again and again. Whenever I saw that she was doing this, I would tell her to stop and say that she was going to make herself sick. Just as she never missed an opportunity to consume as many black olives as she could, I never missed an opportunity to say her actions were going to make her sick.

    As we were answering the question as to how the black olive came to be at our dinner table, a long forgotten memory of mine having to do with black olives came into my awareness. The memory informed me that as a young boy I shared Monet’s affinity for eating black olives. My mother, though, would only allow me to eat a few at a time saying that if I ate more I would make myself sick. This occurred often enough that the idea of eating too many black olives would make me sick, became a belief system. At some point this belief about black olives dropped beneath my awareness but continued to direct my behavior; that is, I would only eat a few at a time but never wondered why, as much as I enjoyed them, did I not ever consume the contents of an entire can. Yet here I was telling Monet they would make her sick if she ate too many. Obviously, unbeknownst to me, my mother’s voice was continuing to tell me the same thing and I was listening.

    Once this memory came back into my awareness, its power to dictate my behavior and put words in my mouth immediately vanished. After that night’s realization I have never not eaten as many olives, regardless of color, as I want and doing so has never made me sick.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  14. I loved this exercise and found it extremely insightful. I found I have the false beliefs that I’m helpless, should be different and not good enough. I’ve used the exercise on several other occasions and it’s really beneficial.
    Thank you for taking the time and energy to share this practice.