Embodiment and Integration


Louise Kay 

  • Would you like to recognise your true nature beyond a mere conceptual understanding?
  • Do you want to learn how to include everything: your mind, your body, your emotions? 
Louise Kay invites you to a experience of unconditional love, so that you can awaken and live a life of unity and harmony. 

Teachings on spiritual awakening can seem paradoxical:


Is there nothing to do, nobody to do it and only this completely divinely perfect moment?


Or can you learn to live this understanding experientially?


Louise Kay guides you to rest continuously as pure awareness and discover the natural and effortless consequence is a process of healing and integration that  takes place on the level of form.


Experience transformation on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and circumstantial.


What you’ll get:

  • On demand access to recordings of two 2-hour Masterclasses with Louise Kay.
  • The opportunity to explore emotions, sensations and experiences and allow the unfolding of the divine.
  • Teachings, pointers, inquiry & dialogue and guided meditations

What you’ll learn:

  • to inquire into the nature of self beyond concepts 

  • to discover your true nature as eternal peace and freedom
  • to include all aspects of your life so that old beliefs and conditionings fall away

  • to embody and integrate your understanding and bring your system back to its natural state of unity and harmony. 


“The recognition of one's true nature as awareness and not the conceptual self is the beginning of the spiritual journey.  

Louise Kay

Session 1:

 The Foundation for Transformation: Unconditional Love 

Enquire into the nature of the self and discover who you are beyond concepts, forms and conditionings. This recognition, which is not a mental but a direct, experiential understanding, is the basis for transformation, but primarily and above all else is the key to discovering one's True nature as eternal peace and freedom


Session 2:
Embodiment and the Healing and Transformation Process 

Allow the understanding of your True nature as unconditional love to penetrate deeply into all aspects of the system: the mind, the physical body and the emotional body. The foundation of the exploration is to abide as the True self, which is unconditional love by its very nature. As sensations and energies are consciously felt and included in this non-judgemental and all-inclusive formless divinity, old information held in the system, such as conditionings, unconscious beliefs, unprocessed emotions and dense or contracted energies begin to naturally and effortlessly fall away, dissolve and integrate as the power of higher consciousness brings the whole system back into its natural state of unity and harmony.


Meet Your Teacher

Louise Kay


Louise Kay was born in Lancashire, in the north west of The UK. After graduating from university she worked as an English teacher for 15 years, and during this time began to question the deeper meaning of life. This led her to the path of spirituality, where she found a strong resonance with the teachings of non-duality.

In her early thirties Louise felt a deep call in her heart to visit India, where she experienced a profound spiritual awakening. Shortly afterwards Louise began channeling and travelled around the world sharing this gift for several years. During this time she experienced a deepening and integration of her initial spiritual awakening and as she opened more to this non-dual truth the channeling faded away and a new form of expression revealed itself from deep in her heart.

Louise now holds group events online and around the world. She is passionate about supporting people to live in Presence and Unconditional Love and to express their creative gifts in the world. Explorations often include self-enquiry, the release of limiting beliefs and the integration of unprocessed emotions and energies.


Embodiment and Integration with Louise Kay

2-Part Masterclass Replay Package



  • On Demand Replays to Watch At Your Convenience. 

" Spiritual awakening is a phenomena that occurs when somebody transcends the conditioned mind and the sense of being a separate self."


Louise Kay