Our Vision:

Our deepest intention and vision is that all beings awaken to the knowing of their true Self, live as an expression of this, and realize there is an immediate way out of suffering and confusion through the simple recognition of the Awareness of Love's Presence, our essential nature.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to inspire, encourage and support individuals to realize the Self, their true being as Awareness, pure Presence, in this lifetime and to integrate and live this understanding in their daily lives.

We provide a bridge from the progressive approach of A Course in Miracles and the nondual direct approach as taught by Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir Shaivism. 


Who Are We?


Bill Free

Bill is the co-founder of The Teachers of God Foundation, Director of Operations, and the host of the Conversations in Truth segment of The Awareness Podcast.

Cyndi Krupp

Cyndi is the Project Manager for Living in Oneness, The 40-Day Program, and the host of the Tools for Awakening segment of The Awareness Podcast.

Susan Telford

Susan is the Project Manager for Evolve and the TGF Masterclasses and the host of The Living an Awakened Life segment of The Awareness Podcast.

Joint Venture

The Teachers of God Foundation in association with Pure Presence Conferences hosts biannual online conferences. They bring together some of the world's foremost teachers and thought leaders in A Course in Miracles, Non-Duality, and Science.

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Want to Support Our Mission?

TAX-DEDUCTIBLE CONTRIBUTIONS: Teachers of God Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax–exempt organization. All donations to Teachers of God Foundation are tax-deductible. We are grateful for your support – thank you!

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7 Days to Awakening (Our Free Gift to You)

A powerful 7-day FREE course with Bill Free & Lisa Natoli.

✓ Daily opportunities to experience the Self.

✓ Simple practices that you can use to shift your day-to-day experience.

✓ Clear teachings delivered through two who have dedicated their lives to this work.