About Us


The Teachers of God Foundation is a fellowship of individuals who have undergone a transformation from fear to love, and now want to use their life to carry God’s Peace and Light to others. WE ARE TEACHERS OF GOD. We are devoted to inspiring supporting and encouraging others to emerge from conflict to know the peace and joy of God through the practice of A Course in Miracles.


We are devoted to supporting people in their transformation and awakening. We offer online classes, workshops and retreats that help people transform their lives by helping them to emerge from littleness and excuses to “get above the battleground” of their own limiting stories to know what it means to be alive in God, in abundance and freedom.


The primary purpose of a Teacher of God is to be a light in this world and carry God’s Love to others who still believe they suffer.

Our message is simple: We have found a way to live in joy without conflict and we are happy to share it with anyone who is ready for a new way of life.