Do You Absolutely Know That It’s True?

By Bill Free

Recently I attended a 9 day school called “The Work” with Byron Katie and I really loved the depth, the authenticity and level of inquiry I was able to look from in the school’s curriculum.

do you know that it's true

Wow, I looked at things I would never have thought about. I highly recommend her work with a caveat.

I also noticed some draw backs with the judge your neighbor worksheets (I talk about in this video) that could potentially keep someone trapped doing worksheets for a long time which I know is wasting time and the ego’s goal in the dream.

Seek and never find.

However, I don’t feel it’s Katie or Stephen Mitchell’s intent for the training in this one of a kind school that offers a different type access of forgiveness and purification with a specific practice, especially in the first two questions.

  1. Is it true?
  2. Do you absolutely know for certain that it’s true?

What do we use to verify our own beliefs or the true origin of our experience other than our own direct experience through a simple practice of self inquiry like “The Work”?

This is why it is essential that we take time to step out of time in asking ourselves, what is it that is Aware of this experience, so that we absolutely know the truth and then the truth will lead the way.

This understanding through direct experience is the goal of A Course in Miracles and any other non dual teaching of our Oneness with all that is that many call God or God’s infinite Being.

I want to prove to you the accuracy of this statement by asking you this one question (Yes or No) and I invite you to close all other activities you have going on right now whether it’s an app, your phone, your computer or even activities in the mind. Just set all of this aside for 5 minutes and give yourself this experience of Self Awareness in order that you absolutely know if it’s True.

Do You Absolutely Know That It’s True?

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I Am Aware

Is it True?

Yes or No?

Do you absolutely know that this is true? Pause and allow the answer to come forth of its own.

What knows this?

Now, that you are looking from here. You are in the space that knows and is Aware. You are Pure Presence. Stay in this experience of Awareness and Know.

Stay right here and be Aware. This is also The Holy Instant experience only most people don’t realize you can live here all the time.

I have added a guided meditation to help you hang out in this experience of Awareness. Enjoy!

Listen to it here or click the link blow the audio to download it to your device.

Click here to download the .mp3.


miracles are seen in light

Thank you for joining us.

I would love to hear from you.

Question: Did you take some time to be Aware and let the Truth lead the way? What was this experience like for you? If you absolutely know that it’s true, let me know! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Bill Free

Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation

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13 thoughts on “Do You Absolutely Know That It’s True?

  1. Hi Bill. Just want to thank you for this very clear and profound message. I have done retreats with various teachers and they’ve all made a difference for me. What always occurs to me is that the Course points to the same awareness. And, other approaches have actually enriched and made more clear the teachings of Jesus in the Course. Thank you for again reminding me to abide in the silent awareness. Much Love.

  2. Thank you Bill! As always God brings exactly what I need when I need it. Today I needed to hear this talk. Trusting the truth and the path through ACIM and The Work. And this I know is a miracle and absolutely true.

  3. thank you bill Free. I’m currently enrolled in Living in Purpose. I was interested in your comments about The Work. I have read three of Byron Katie’s books, and like her and her work very much but have not picked up The Work as a discipline for myself. For three reasons.
    The first is that for a fragile person who has suffered trauma, and I do not put myself in that group, but anyway, it is too easy to blame the victim, the self. This is a problem I have encountered in people I know doing this, because without a person alongside to help it’s just too easy to do.
    The second thing is that Spirit is not mentioned in the Work, there’s no word for it and as you say, the questions are coming from the ego, and I believe they can stay there without guidance. Mind training is good but it only works in tiny little steps. The WORK is both laborious, and too quick at the same time.

    ACIM works much better for me, as do the 12 steps of Alanon, where I go also for peace and support. The 12 Steps are pure ACIM. I find almost no difference between them. Both were channeled and to gifted people.

    Ok thanks for the opportunity to comment, Annelieke

  4. Hallo Bill,
    thank you for your interesting sharing. Almost the first and the last

    concepts’ Witchhunt’ and ‘Miracles are seen in Light’, are very

    striking concepts which help me most. The rest of the explanation

    leads me upto the threshhold of my,’not yet-experience’ of ‘knowing’ who I am. Thank you for reminding me to stop witchhunting and do more of ‘seeing in light’.

    Hearty regards Joachim

  5. How do I know the Light of Love is there all the time? I just have to pay attention, be the watcher, free myself of other matters and I am there experiencing It. Thank You so much for once again showing me this vibration that I can tune into anytime I desire to feel It.

  6. Bill – this blog was really “deep” and spoke to me directly. And I love being able to download the meditation so I can go back to it when I want or need to. Thank you for all you do and for being such a down-to-earth inspiration. I love you ! joani

  7. Dear Bill, Thank you for that beautiful field to let go! That held me in the truth that whole time of who I am and my thinking mind dissolved. In that emptiness I have no suffering, no me. What truly captured me was the lesson-Miracles are seen in light. That was powerful to me, like you were directly speaking to me -for me, and its a Miracle, I was just guided to this lesson earlier this morning..

    Namaste-sue c

  8. I am very grateful for the work of The Teachers of God organization. I am blessed every time I listen to any of the videos offered by your group. This one especially blessed me. I had learned about The Work of Byron Katie some years ago and went through that process for several issues that were blocks in my life at that time. It blessed me tremendously. After learning about the work I discovered ACIM and was blessed even more and continue to be blessed daily by my practice of the teachings of the Course. Thank you all for the work that you do.

  9. Hi Bill I am over the moon about your subject about the
    ‘I that I am’! And even more excited about the corollary –
    that is the further and even bígger realisation, namely that the I that I am is absolutely ONE with the God That Is!!!!
    I’ve been looking and reckoning on these huge realisations for a long time – but have become só persuaded especially when you spoke on it two Friday’s ago! It is the móst powerful realisation – everything else stands in its wake far down the line! I have bought both the Rupert books and the Katie one and I’m refreshing my mind every moment .. I want to get hold of your 8 past webinars with Rupert .. Where do I go – please advise or send the link to them .. Much love and blessings Rosemary

  10. Katie is awesome . . . and I love her work. So are you and Lisa! I too balked at the worksheets as it so didn’t “sync” with me to dig for dirt. So your brilliant clarity in bringing in the ego’s goal of “seek and never find” concluded my balking forever. I had not seen the view from my Self, but you have presented that. And with that sense of seeking, and shining the miracle of Light on ‘whatever’ I’m resolving, I can see movement forward with startling speed! Richest blessings! And I’ll be replaying this ’til I own the thinking my self.

  11. A very big THANK YOU to Bill Free and the Teachers of God Foundation for this wonderful video and everything else you do.
    Wish you a peaceful Christmas Season and for 2018 lots of light, love and peace.
    I am grateful.