ACIM 365 Versus ADD… Who Wins?

By Kimberly Cartwright

The first time I picked up a book about Attention Deficit Disorder was on behalf of one of my children who struggled with focus. Imagine my surprise, when I read the introduction questionnaire to determine if you have the characteristics of ADD and I said “yes” to almost every single characteristic!!!

acim versus add

I had done the lessons of ACIM many times, but I always stopped and started. I would get somewhere between lesson 50 and lesson 125, and my ability to be consistent would just run out, and I would either drop out and start over, or I would limp along as best I could, and eventually, I would “finish” the lessons, but not feeling like I had really done them. More like I was just getting it done so that I could say I did it.

It wasn’t until I did ACIM 365 with the Teachers of God Foundation that for the very first time in this lifetime, I did the lessons everyday, consecutively, without stopping and with the feeling of letting the lessons do me, instead of me doing them.

That experience brings me here to this moment, when I am embarking on the lessons again and, this time, I am doing them not as a seeker, but as a finder, as one who is walking side by side with Jesus, one who is making these lessons her own.

In other words, Here I AM, Lord, and I Know that I Know.

There is absolutely no telling what experiences I will have doing the lessons from this place of Mastery, but what I do know is that I am already free, already the kingdom of Heaven, already the Beloved Child of God, and I walk side by side with the consciousness of Jesus from which the lessons were birthed.

In today’s video, I tell the story of a lion cub who thought is was a sheep, and what happened when, for the first time, it heard a lion roar, and what happened when it recognized itself as a lion and not a sheep for the first time. You have to watch the video and hear the story with your whole body, so that you can Know, not with your mind, but with your Self, what that lion cub Knew.

And if there is any resonance in you with what I am saying, you know it!

I am here before you because we have both heard Jesus’ mighty roar, and we recognize the sound!! Now is our time to KNOW WHAT WE KNOW, to BE WHO WE ARE CREATED TO BE.

For me, doing the workbook lessons of ACIM with the ACIM 365 course was a game changer. When I was consistent, steady, available and willing, I had a completely different experience with the lessons of the workbook.

My life up-leveled. My capacity for the ideas of ACIM expanded. My ministry gained a crucial foundation that came from my commitment and follow-through.

As someone who has checked all of the boxes on self diagnosis questionnaires for ADD, I always thought I was never-ever going to be able to be consistent with anything! But, that, as Jesus would say, is a matter of motivation.

I am in love with my Divine Nature. Nothing, nothing, nothing will ever stop me from expanding and growing.

divine nature

Are you ready to expand? Would you like to solidify your foundation and step more fully into your ministry?

Watch my video, deepen your breath, and see your true reflection. After you watch the video you will know what I am talking about.

For more information about ACIM 365 and how you can have Lisa Natoli as your guide through the workbook lessons, click here.

I would love to hear from you…

Question: Did you resonate with the story about the lion cub? Are you ready to expand in your own life? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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As Always, peace, love and blessings to you and your family,

xoxoxoxoxo, k

Kimberly Cartwright, Teachers of God Foundation

For more information about ACIM 365 and how you can have Lisa Natoli as your guide through the workbook lessons, click here.

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23 thoughts on “ACIM 365 Versus ADD… Who Wins?

  1. Hi Dearest Kimberly, I thank you so much for being a “Mighty Companion” on this journey along with all of the other Bright Lights fm TOGF. I truly enjoyed the story of the cub and the lion. No accidents here, as have just started the workbook lessons again. I am on Lesson 12 at the moment. So many other times I have practiced the lessons and then put them aside, as if they were separate fm my ” real” life. Ha! This time it is different, I am actually living the lessons throughout the day and allowing the guidance to work me. ……. Yes, Am shedding the identity of the sheep and glancing at the reflection of the Lion. How utterly perfect in timing, this message was for me. Thank you! Love And Blessings!

    • Namaste Kimberly and Teachers of God,

      Even though I had heard the story of the lion cub before, the way it is presented in the video and thát it is shared in the space of Being, of Knowing, touched my heart!

      I have felt that roar and its invitation, but it is as if I need to be reminded and acknowledge that I am a lion over and over…so I can ever more deeply remember and know beyond doubt: Yes, yes, I already am the AM.

      Much love to you all

  2. Hi Kimberly. First if all, I want to tell you that you inspire me with your courage and with your presence, and and your ability to communicate what I know that I know. I read the Course book years ago, did the lessons continued to study the book with a group, etc. I’ve been to various non-dual teachings and over the last few years there were some profound realizations that allowed for some freedom, not always lasting, seemingly, but also brought up the most difficult time, what seems to be called the “dark night”. It’s like the life that I thought was real is no longer real, and the beliefs have disappeared. This seems to have not only closed, but has eliminated all doors going outward. This seems to eliminate not only a future, but a dependence on God/Jesus that I’ve always felt great love for. It raises the question “Who or what is living this life?” Any resistance to this is pure hell. I’m not sure that you know this place. It’s not depression. Mostly feels like fear, paralysis or something, like nothing in this world is true and that mostly I have been and we have all been living a false life. I’m wondering if I should just start the lessons anyway (do the 365) from this very “I Don’t Know” place, as my mind tells me that anything I do is more resistance to the present moment. I guess I have nothing to lose anyway. I’d welcome your response. Thanks for listening to this long email. Much Love and gratitude.

    • Please do the lessons from the ‘I Dont Know” place. That part of the mind is covering, or obscuring, your Knowing. Knowing is fundamental, or prior to, not knowing, or any feelings of fear or happiness or anything else. Jesus is pulling back the veils of obscuration right from the beginning in Lesson One: “Nothing I see means anything.”
      Breathe, and receive the lessons. With your whole body. Don’t let separate self thoughts trap you in your head area. The experience belongs to your awareness, not your thoughts.
      I love you, xxoxoxoxoox, k

    • Clarification: When I said to please do the lessons from the “I Don’t Know” place, I mean do the lessons WITHOUT ARGUING WITH the “I Don’t Know” place. By giving it no energy, “I Don’t Know” will drop away. And that which KNOWS will recognize Itself.

  3. eyI enjoyed your video very much,dear Kimberly.Thank you so much for appearing.I was already determined to do the ACIM365.Now I cannot wait to start.Let me tell you,I did the lessons over the last 25+ years and there is still so much for me to understand and learn….I am on the 40 day program right now.When that is complete,I ll join the ACIM365 curriculum. The story of the lion club is beautiful and has impact on me..I just think I am a body,but what I really am responds to the mighty call of God. Love to all,Frans

  4. thanks Kimberly i have done the lessons this year and was wondering if i would read them again next year and you convinced me i should.. I have only been reading the lessons.. not applying much.. so i will be reading them again. And the ACIM 365 is really helpful.. Lisa’s interpretations make it so clear Thank You All

  5. Thank you for your story. I smiled as I read it because I too am ADD. The reality hit me when I was watching a TV commercial about ADD/ADHD. Staying focused on anything has been a problem for me my entire life so when that came clear to me I was happy and set about finding out how to manage it. I am doing a lot better now. Thanks again. We don’t know how many older adults have ADD or ADHD and don’t even know it.

  6. Namaste and thank you for this beautiful message. I have also been in and out and recognize the “ADD” syndrome which I am totally ready to transform into the new reality of the “I AM”. I meant to write back and thank you for the last excersises you did with us “My heart is beating in the Peace of God”. I did record my voice and listened with breathing; it was so comforting! I am so Willing to be more focused and as you say “let the lessons do me”! Thank you for the share and the encouragment; I will look in mirror and see my I AM Presence!!!

  7. Hi Kimberly, thank you ever so much for that video. Your authenticity jumped thru thru the screen to meet me and your words were heartwarming and reaffirming. Your honesty is rare and your humility even rarer. That, I suppose is the ‘I am’ you are firmly rooted in. After all, what’s close to Jesus simply is (honesty) and without airs (humility). You are so clear about the self built self not being real and the one aligned to god as the true self, the ‘I am’. “Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world, grant us peace.” To understand the gamut of a lamb to a lion and to be able to get into their skin and they in ours, such is the malleability of the human as he has higher conscious awareness and can choose his/her nature. We are fully aware of the waves inside us and how we can master them or allow them to master us. Yes, Kimberly, if we offer instantly the power of control up to the lord, we learn the spirit skill of changing the mental channel to peace as opposed to anger/rage/vengeance. Respectfully yours, ann

  8. Amazing how the truth resonates. I’m doing ACIM 365 and it’s fantastic. It’s worth every penny – very reasonably priced.

  9. Thank you for the beautiful message and inspiring video.
    How fitting. I’m doing ACIM lesson 151 today and the analogy of the lion as who we truly are is so perfect to me. The practice exercise says :
    “… This day I will accept myself as what My Father’s Will created me to be.”
    Kimberly, your presence and stillness reaches beyond the screen to my heart. Thank you.

  10. Great video, Kimberly!! Really love the analogy of the little lion cub amongst the flock of sheep…….not knowing who she really is.

    I also appreciate your passion and genuineness, as these traits and attributes are so naturally and gracefully exuded from your presence-tation of the video….

    Thank You So Much!

    One Love,

  11. Thank you Kimberly –
    Just before I opened your mail and followed the loving meditation in the video- I gave name to a tiny little drawing I made – “Tiger comming out of the forrest- lake ” – at first there was the lake -and some trees – and I looked an thought – it was ok – but a littel bit borring -and suddently i saw this tiger- from the front looking straight at me – it surprised me because it was a normal Danish landscape – but it looked me happy anyway so… – it have been laying at my kitchentable for some days – but to day when I was about to clean it out – it was like the tiger insisted to have back leegs to – So I draw it a beautifull long elegant tiger body an 2 back leegs. – and the name came up. Still the drawing was just a littel sketcht i wantet to “get ritt of”.
    So -thank You – for You – and the storry in the video -It maked me realy apreciate it and realy love it – and I can se now that it is a wery happy and playfull strong animal whit a lot of selv-confidence -wanting to come out from the weeth aria and its borring hidding plase.
    And ofcause ….. Jesus must have been with me all the time by this lake – until I finaly got it. – I dont realy know much about Tigers – but maby they know me.
    I normaly never wright on bloks – because I cant spell – but now it came straight from my heart – with a lot of joy and happines – i hope you will enjoy it as it is just here and now.

    With lots of thanks and love – from Denmark – Helle.

  12. Hi Kimberly:
    I am very appreciative of your recognition and discussion of ADD in adults who are studying ACIM. I was a professional working with this Group of people for many years. I am classily ADD and have had experience doing lessons similar to your own. And I am still there. I look forward to this new environment recognizing the unique problems ADD people have have in doing the lessons and elsewhere. Than you for being there.

  13. Hello dear, beautiful, Kimberly. Thank you for this, and all the videos I have seen from you. I am so blessed by your presence! ❤️

  14. Kimberly I loved your sharing! I AM and that sharing helped put me back in the knowing in the moment. Thank You, Carol

  15. Perfect timing for the perfect Message …
    Thank you for sharing & reaching out dear Kimberly…
    I received the lions roar

    With Love & Gratitude
    Annette Karthika

  16. Dear Kimberly, I loved this story and the way you told it. I already had the intention to do the 365 as from 1st of January 2018 and now I surely will. I have done the lessons by myself and always ended up at around lesson 80 or so and I am convinced that, with the guidance of Lisa, this time I will be able to commit and celebrate my new self on 31st of December and roar like a lion. I see 2018 as the year my life will change! It is my 50th year in this life, so about time I do the work!