9 Suggestions by Cyndi Krupp

cyndi krupp Sep 13, 2022

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

Over the past few weeks I have been facilitating Facebook Lives with some of the speakers of the upcoming End of Seeking Conference.


Have you registered yet? There are over 20 speakers, yoga instructors and musicians, and it is free to register and attend live..


The End of Seeking Conference - Sept 16,17,18


As I was listening to these beautiful beings from all over the world and many different traditions (including Science ;) ) I recognized how easy it can be to be feel overwhelmed and/or lost by all that is shared. It was from that realization the following list is being offered - simple tips that can be utilized to get the most out of any conference - or any teaching/teacher - or, for that matter - any experience.

Feel free to play with any or all that call to you...


1) Set an intention: Take a few moments to get clear on why you are attending, and what you are hoping to receive.

2) Be prepared for the unexpected: Once you set your intention leave room to be gifted with something different - something that will have you looking at your intention in a new, more expanded way.

3) Pay attention: If the world feels busy and there are other things to do than sure, go ahead and just click in to the conference and have it playing in the background. If, however, you would like to get the most out of the experience than make the decision to be fully present with the session you have chosen to attend.

4) Attend the sessions that call to You: Go ahead and attend the sessions that create a sense of interest and excitement in you.

5) Attend the sessions that you seem to resist: If there are sessions or teachers that create a strong sense of judgement or resistance within you consider attending those sessions as well.

6) Take notes: When something catches your attention than write it down. Even if you never look at your notes again the action of writing down a new idea or a question that you become aware of while you are in the session will activate a new understanding or awareness within you.

7) Ask questions: If a question comes up while you are listening to a speaker go ahead and take the step to raise your hand and ask your question. It will not only deepen your own understanding, it will also provide a deeper insight for the others in the room - many who, you can trust, also have the same question.

8) Teach to Learn: Take a few minutes to share what you have learned with another. If you are at The End of Seeking Conference you can do that during the daily Meet-Up Cafe.

9) Choose to Relax and Enjoy Yourself: Believe it or not making this one decision can and will shift your experience.

How we consciously choose to show up in every moment does affect how every moment is experienced. You do not have to believe me - just give it a go and find out for yourself.

Feeling grateful and open hearted