A Simple Exercise by Cyndi Krupp

cyndi krupp Nov 01, 2022

Today I have a little exercise for you that demonstrates, quite powerfully, the power of the mind. If you feel inspired I would love for you to play with it for a day or two and then send me an email ([email protected]) and let me know about your experience.

Pick a challenge you are currently facing in your life.

Something that creates a response within you when you place your attention on it.

Is there a pain or discomfort somewhere in your body (if more than one, just pick one - for now).

Is there an uncomfortable conversation you have been playing over and over in your mind?

A decision you don't know how to make that is making you uneasy?

Just pick one - and then put it to the side for a moment....

Then list 10 or more things that are going well...

Include parts of your body that feel good (even if its only your big toe)
The feel of a cool breeze on your cheek....
Your last hot shower....
Time with your puppy, kitten, small child....

Whatever it is - 10 things/memories that relax you, that make you smile

Got it? Great...

Now - here is what you do

1) Take 30 seconds and breath into your issue - whatever it is. Close your eyes, sink into your body, and allow it to fully come to the surface. Feel the pain, re-live the argument, acknowledge the fear.

2) After 30 seconds - switch your focus to something on your second list for 30 or more seconds. Just breath into your right elbow (if that's feeling good), or feel the sunlight on your face, or remember playing with your canine friend when he was a cuddly puppy.

3) Then move back to your issue again. Let it reappear fully - don't attempt to suppress or hide or downplay any of it - but only for about 30 seconds before you once again switch your focus to something (anything) on your second list

4) Continue going back and forth until you feel the "shift".

If you have been stuck in a rut of negative focus it may take some practice before you can switch with ease and that's OK - just be easy on yourself and take a few minutes a few times a day to play with shifting your thoughts. With consistent practice it will become easier, and then easier still. And then once you get the habit down you will find that it will become simpler to ease out of whatever negative mind state you find yourself in.

And you will also discover that it is from the peaceful center that the answers to your worldly problems begin to present themselves with surprising ease.