An Appreciation of The End of Seeking Conference by Annie Kiyonaga

annie kiyonaga Oct 04, 2022

I was fortunate to attend some of the End of Seeking Conference presented by Pure Presence last month.  The care and intelligence found in the organizing and presentation of the event, from the emails alerting to upcoming speakers to the gentle and courteous way both speakers and attendees were treated, were all obvious and felt.

In particular,  I found myself attending two of the speaker’s presentations, those of Jan Frazier and Shakti Caterina Maggi.  Both spoke from their own experience of portals into that pure awareness of which we are made.

For me, Jan emphasized more the present moment power in its beauty and deliciousness when lack of resistance prevails, and the peace and freedom that ensues.  Shakti Caterina, in her lovely Italian accent, described the irreducibility of that pure awareness - that which we are, and offered brief meditations. She also expounded on ananda, joy (which has no opposite), which is our real nature.

I had the opportunity to speak directly with Jan as I felt drawn to bring up a certain situation in my life. Though each speaker really did address, in a sense, any questions that might arise, the privilege and power of speaking directly to the teacher can be very helpful. I was grateful for this opportunity.

With Shakti Caterina, I did not feel drawn to ask a question. When in her ambit, that did not arise.  Such is the ebb and flow of being amidst these profound teachers.

On one of the replays of Shakti Caterina’s session, I heard something that provided an ah ha moment.  She said that spiritual awakening is really the beginning of our spiritual journey. This had never occurred to me before. And, I had a visual of sorts arise with this. I could see that once we tip the balance and stand more in our essential nature than in the temporal one with this awakening, then there is the opportunity and much more power to burn anything else that is not of our true nature.

This is, of course, my recollection and interpretation of what she shared, as well as Jan’s teachings.

During this weekend, I did venture into another session which I recall as being well attended.  And, I knew right away, it was not for me.  It did not resonate with where I am presently.  This is, in no way, a criticism of that teacher.  He was serving those there, and probably very well. But, it does speak to the strength of this Conference in that it provided teachings that spoke to an array of people and where we each presently abide.

In sum, both Jan and Shakti Caterina, through the transmission of their spiritual attainment, invited a deepening into our essential nature. And, both honored our humanness in this process and the need for an integrated awakening.

And, the end of seeking?…One way this was conveyed was in how the teachers I experienced were not on any pedestal but rather were friends walking with us on our journeys.  It is all here now, this pure awareness that we are and they shared their light to support bringing us to a steady awareness of That.

I would say the fact that such a Conference exists is a comment on the profound opportunity we all have to awaken spiritually during this very dynamic time on our globe.  The invitation is there and readily available for those that feel this powerful and divine pull.

Thank you to all the spiritual teachers and organizers for extending this gorgeous invitation to all of us. We are all very fortunate to be part of this tapestry of light (a light which has no opposite) as this spiritual awakening ripples across our beautiful globe.

I found attending the Conference to be very helpful.  The love and support so generously offered for this divine journey were evident.

Thank you.

Annie Kiyonaga