The Awareness Podcast, Ep.55: Living in Not-Knowing with Jenny Beal and Donald Hoffman: Science and Non-duality

donald hoffman jenny beal living in not knowing Feb 09, 2023

In this Living in Not-knowing podcast, Professor Donald Hoffman explains how science is now catching up with what many of the spiritual traditions have been saying for millennia - that there is only one consciousness, and that time and space are not fundamental.

Tune in for answers to these fascinating questions:

  • What does science tell us about the nature of our human experience? 
  • Can we escape from the virtual reality headset that prevents us seeing things as they really are? 
  • Can Artificial Intelligence become conscious? What do we mean by 'understanding'?
  •  Is there anything we can know for certain? 
  • How can science and spirituality work together to discover new insights into the nature of ourselves and the universe? 

Professor Hoffman also talks about his practice of meditation, and describes the benefits it brings to his scientific work, to his everyday life, and to his understanding of his true nature.


About Donald Hoffman:

Donald Hoffman received his PhD from MIT and joined the faculty of the University of California, Irvine in 1983, where he is a Professor Emeritus of Cognitive Sciences. He is an author of over 100 scientific papers and three books, including Visual Intelligence, and The Case Against Reality.

He received a Distinguished Scientific Award from the American Psychological Association for early career research, the Rustum Roy Award of the Chopra Foundation, and the Troland Research Award of the US National Academy of Sciences.

His writing has appeared in Edge, New Scientist, LA Review of Books, and Scientific American and his work has been featured in Wired, Quanta, The Atlantic, and Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.

He has a TED Talk titled “Do We See Reality As It Is?”