The Awareness Podcast, Ep.# 67: Living in Not-Knowing with Jenny Beal and Billy Doyle - Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition

billy doyle jenny beal living in not knowing May 15, 2023

Billy starts by describing the path he took through a variety of spiritual teachers and spiritual books to arrive at the teaching of Jean Klein. He goes on to talk about his relationship with Jean Klein.

Jenny and Billy discuss

  • Can recognition of our true nature happen just through reading books, or is a teacher necessary?
  • What can a teacher impart, that books cannot? 
  • Is there a karana-guru (a guru with the ability to lead one to enlightenment) out there for all spiritual seekers? 
  • Do some people need more than teacher?
  • The yoga Billy teaches and its relationship with Advaita
  •  The traps that truth-seekers fall into. 
  • Are meditation and practice necessary? 
  • Does the spiritual path come to an end? 
  • How does someone fully-established in truth respond to the various traumas that life brings? 

Billy goes on to explain what ‘living in not-knowing’ means for him and guides listeners in a yoga meditation.

The podcast finishes with Billy reading two of his poems which beautifully express the theme of living in not-knowing.

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Billy Doyle teaches Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition, an approach based on listening to the body and has its foundation in the non-dualistic perspective.

He was drawn to the non-dualistic teaching of the East in his 20’s and in the 1980’s he met Jean Klein, a master of Advaita and Yoga, in London. The meeting had a deep impact and he subsequently spent many years attending Jean Klein’s retreats and dialogues in the UK and abroad.

Billy runs meetings and retreats in the UK, and teaches yoga as well as non-duality discourses online.

He is author of “Yoga in the Kashmir Tradition: the art of listening”, which follows the teachings of Jean Klein and also two poetic books written from a non-duality perspective: “The Mirage of Separation” and “Ocean of Silence”.