The Awareness Podcast, Ep.# 77: Living An Awakened Life with Susan Telford and Jenny Beal: What Does It Mean to Live In Not-Knowing?

jenny beal living an awakened life susan telford Jul 27, 2023

In this episode of Living an Awakened Life, Susan sits down with fellow Awareness Podcast host Jenny Beal to discuss 

  • Jenny’s own spiritual journey and the misunderstandings she encountered along the way 
  • How awakening is not a state that can be achieved 
  • What it really means to live in not-knowing 
  • What stands in the way of knowing the peace and happiness of our true nature in this moment 
  • How much effort is required on the spiritual path 
  • Susan and Jenny’s own experiences of trying coming to an end in radical ways
  • How saying “I know I'm pure consciousness” is actually a block.  
  • What is meant by “life as celebration”

Jenny offers a guided experience to give listeners a direct experience of the effortlessness of non-objective meditation and discusses her series of 4 Masterclasses on Living in Not-Knowing which begin on Monday 7th August.   

About Jenny Beal:

Jenny discovered the peace, happiness and ease of being that is inherent in our true nature through the Direct Path teaching of Rupert Spira and Francis Lucille. She has a love of science and mathematics, and sees science as a set of mathematical models which express the beauty of unfolding patterns of natural phenomena, not as ultimate truth. She considers openness to examining and abandoning all belief systems to be the principal prerequisite for the understanding of our true nature. In Jenny’s view, the spiritual path has no beginning or end. Nor is there any distinction between spiritual life and life in the world. When asked a question, she temporarily becomes a teacher; otherwise, she remains a student and enjoyer of all that is.