The Awareness Podcast, Ep.# 82: Conversations in Truth with Bill Free and Chris Beckett : Wisdom Freed: The Everyday Spiritual Path to Liberation

bill free chris beckett conversations in truth Aug 31, 2023

In this episode of Conversation in Truth, Bill Free talks to his guest Chris Beckett about what Chris calls Wisdom Freed.

Wisdom Freed is about pointing your spirituality towards the most important part of your life - the everyday when you're working, going to the supermarket or catching up with a good friend.

Chris discusses his own unexpected spiritual awakening and how through a series of Micro Meditations - simple, quick moments of presence done throughout the day, he allowed the natural process of awakening and liberation to unfold.

Chris discovered that these moments of presence also need to be supported with letting be. In this way, you avoid the danger of just practicing presence as a way to avoid the messy parts of life and the pitfall of just letting yourself be and acting out unconsciously and harming yourself and others.

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About Chris Beckett

Though he always felt a deep connection with life and the world around him, Chris Beckett never had any real spiritual inclination. He was not a spiritual seeker or student of any spiritual tradition. In his twenties, while interested in wellness and self help focused squarely on self-perfection, he developed a practice of what he simply thought of as ‘taking a moment’ to breath, what he now calls ‘micro-meditations’. Little did he know at the time that these moments would lead to a single, life-changing experience of awakening and spontaneous realization that he was not the world created by his thoughts, but rather the life itself in which the thoughts arise.

In this one instant he now knew what he was. What deepened during the years that followed was a growing sense of accepting all of who he was, not just the parts he wanted to be there. Living less through his ideas and more present to his direct experience, Chris reached a point where he gave up on everything he’d spent his whole life trying to achieve, even giving up on the idea of giving up.

While Chris still considers himself to be a ‘work in progress’ on a journey facilitated by ‘every-day-ness’, he no longer suffers as a separate self. He has found freedom, joy and relief to be fully himself.

Today, he offers his guidance as a coach through a non-spiritual approach of integrating micro-meditations into everyday life, allowing the natural process of unravelling the illusory-self to unfold. “Only in retrospect do you realize how much effort it takes to shoehorn an identity into a boundless life.”

For more information on Chris Beckett, his coaching offerings, and a copy of his free book, Meditation for Losers: Find Presence in a Distracted World, visit his website: