The Awareness Podcast Ep. #90: Conversations in Truth with Bill Free and Rosalyn Rourke

bill free center for awakening rosalyn rourke the awareness podcast Nov 02, 2023

In this episode of Conversations in Truth, Bill and his guest Rosalyn Rourke discuss Rosalyn’s new book, When Wisdom Arrives: From Imagined Unworthiness to Freedom. Tune in to hear:

  • How Rosalyn felt when her daughter died unexpectedly at the age of 39
  • What prompted Rosalyn to write this book 
  • Rosalyn explains her favorite sentence in the book: "If thoughts and feelings were truth, they would be called facts.”
  • What Rosalyn means by “okayness” and how you can live there always

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About Rosalyn Rourke

Rosalyn is passionate about making Non-Duality understandable for every interested person. This passion along with the unexpected death of her thirty nine year old daughter led Rosalyn to write her best selling book: When Wisdom Arrives: From Imagined Unworthiness to Freedom.

Rosalyn's book is in 3 sections: a Non-Dual Fable, a Companion Memoire and a Q&A.

In the Fable,11 year old Gem struggles with looping thoughts and feelings of self-hate because of her body weight. Gem believes she is unworthy of love. A wise woman appears in young Gem’s life. The visitor, Wisdom, demonstrates to Gem that her looping, hurtful, thoughts are untrue.Through playing games under Wisdom’s direction, Gem finds her True ‘I”.  Gem’s attention moved away from her habitual looping patterns, which allowed her to find her True “I” and notice it is free.

In the memoir, Rosalyn reveals how her life has replicated all 3 characters in the Fable: the judgmental mother, the hurt child and the wise woman. Even with a successful decades long psychotherapy practice and credentials as an eating disorder expert and trauma specialist, Rosalyn struggled with worry and judgment about her daughter Melissa’s weight. The same protocol Gem discovers in the fable, helped Rosalyn transcend ancestral mother-daughter hurtful patterns. Later in Rosalyn’s life that simple protocol that helped Gem was pivotal for Rosalyn’s path of transmuting grief to freedom.

In the late 1980’s, Rosalyn was one of the early pioneers to teach the new idea of “shame,” as a psychological dynamic. These days Rosalyn’s professional life as a Oneness Coach has shifted to the Non-Dual perspective that shame is "imagined unworthiness.”

Helping people discover freedom right now in whatever their external circumstances is Rosalyn’s “why" for coming out of retirement.

To learn more and to reach Rosalyn: