It's All About Love by Isira

isira May 09, 2023

Is stillness essential for reconnection?

Where does all change come from?

What is the route of cause...?

Find out how all of the above relates to Isira's incredible and profound personal experience of acceptance, presence, "here-ness," and oneness with everything — precipitated by a brutally violent physical attack in which she almost lost her life — but yet healed miraculously.

"Through every single lifetime, through every single creation, through every single experience — it is all about love. It is the creation and manifestation of love and it is the quest for that love to be enacted, to be expressed, to be continued in its creation... it is the soul's journey to either remember and awaken to this love or impart this love..."

This session with Isira was recorded at a previous Pure Presence conference — complete recordings of this event and all past conferences are available within the Pure Presence Community.

Isira is offering a masterclass on using indigenous wisdom in spiritual practices and everyday living: "WE ARE ONE, NOT #1 —What Indigenous Wisdom Brings to Awakening" — still open for registration!