Level Confusion: Who is the you on the path of awakening? by Bill Free

bill free Sep 27, 2022

Is it the personal self?

How often do we hear or read something that completely changes a lifetime of thinking only after years of experiencing the results of our own decisions based on the understanding we originally held that was off?

Level confusion on the spiritual path is a common issue with new and seasoned practitioners/students alike sending many to a lifetime of misunderstanding and misappropriating the language and interpretations by which they are investing everything they hold dear and important in life.

This is a very serious (and time consuming) miscalculation or miss-listening. Let me explain.

When reading the context of the ideas and concepts presented in your spiritual study, it’s imperative that one understands who the content is speaking to: The person that thinks it’s a body-mind separate self? Or formless Awareness (Awakening awareness)? Meaning, is the context speaking to the personal self-mind that believes itself to be a separate entity? Or is it speaking to an awakening mind that is cognizant it is not a body, but instead it knows itself to be consciousness and is aware of the activity of the body-mind experience as a seeming limited and finite experience occurring in what is termed an illusion in the Course or maya in the Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads.

If you are A Course in Miracles student reading the text often, you find one paragraph will go from speaking to the person to what’s called “the son of God” or spirit and back to the person using male pronouns and genders for God and the holy spirit leaving the reader with the impression and subtle unconscious belief that it’s speaking to the personal self that is somehow separate from the thing it’s pointing to. This has caused countless numbers of people confusion over the message and more importantly tethers the I Am (true self) identity to the ego body-mind perpetuating a belief in separation while trying to wake up from it.

The antidote to this is establishing your position from the beginning and throughout all study as the unchangeable imperturbable I Am presence that is aware of all experience able to extricate itself from the experience just enough to not identify with it, as it.

If the content or context of the teaching is speaking about thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, time and space issues, objects of experience that come and go. you know it’s speaking to the person, and you are aware of this. The you that is aware of this is not the person. STAY HERE. This is what was meant when Jesus said he or she who has ears to hear let her hear. Discern your position.

After years of reading the text, the workbook lessons, the Manual for Teachers and Clarification of Terms, it dawned on me that a reinterpretation of the religious language, the male pronouns and gender references allowed the filter that was reading the Course to free itself from all these psychological and personal self-references and see the Course and self in a whole new way.

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