Living as Oneness by Helen Hamilton

helen hamilton Apr 11, 2023

Helen Hamilton shares her experience and insights living as the Oneness...

"Whatever we hold to be true inside our mind is going to show up as our experience... We are the Infinite Self already... what happens if we reset the paradigm — if we start from the assumption that we are already the Infinite Self... Can this be held away from us if we already are that...? What is it you feel you need to change before you can be awakened...? What if I am already what I'm looking for..."

This video was originally broadcast as part of The Integrated Awakening Conference — recordings of this event are available for those who are members of the Pure Presence Community, where Helen will be offering a live class on April 14th @ 12pm ET. She'll also be speaking at the upcoming Many Paths, One Self Conference (FREE!) — currently open for registration.