Nondual Understanding in 2 Simple Statements by Rupert Spira

rupert spira Jan 24, 2023

The Nondual understanding could be expressed in 2 simple statements:

The first — that happiness is the nature of our being and second is that we share our being with everyone and everything — recognizing everyone as one's own Self... The fact that we share our being with everyone — the common name of this recognition of our shared being is of course Love. This is one of the central tenets of the non-dual understanding in whatever tradition it is expressed. Beneath or behind the apparent multiplicity and diversity of people, animals and things, there lies a single unified indivisible reality from which everyone and everything derives its apparently independent existence. So to live this understanding means to treat everyone as one's own Self... Hear Rupert explain:

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The above video clip is from the Integrated Awakening Conference... you can still access the recordings from this event for more of Rupert's wisdom, along with many other inspiring presenters.