Poetree by Melanie Gillies

melanie gillies Sep 21, 2022


A tree, a rainbow, a hidden treasure in our own backyard. Life is celebrating Itself beneath the surface of our thoughts. Pause and notice. We are that.

Being present and open allows inspiration to flower. It bubbles up from beyond thought and flows into form. Poetree plays with words to evoke what cannot be described or to look at the familiar through an unfamiliar lens. It circumvents the mind and speaks directly to the heart.

A tree in-barks messages of freedom. A rainbow plays a hymn in the sky. Look carefully for all your silent friends whispering to you to come out and dance.

Love is always expressing through us and transforms the day from mindless activity to an amazing grace.


Oh, my tree friends, how you teach me
from your lofty perspective, how to be free
of worries and fears and dis-ease and woes
that we harbor and cherish and won’t let go.
Your leaves simply blow away
and with the wind, dance and play.
No strings attached
to bring them back.
You allow the new to emerge and be
your ever changing, changeless reality.

Music of a Rainbow

A moment of sheer ecstasy,
this sight of such transcendent rarity.
Union of the earthly and the divine,
the rainbow is God’s halo sign.

The sky plays its music inaudibly,
notes of color in symphony.
A harp with strings of light,
each color fills a unique height.

Red reaches most high,
this bass note of the sky,
while violet, of this aerial piano,
plays the highest soprano.
Music and color within us flow,
our life, a spiritual rainbow.
The pastel beauty of our love uplifts
whenever we share unconditionally our gifts.
Can you see in your neighbor’s eyes
this arch of possibility decorating the sky?
A photo-synthesis of eternity
unveiled in a moment of serendipity.

Little Things of Spirit

My spiritual garden is filled with
invisible little things that live
and dance and leap and flash and whirl
and beneath a mushroom curl.

My friends chant and hum and keep
in rhythm with the birds’ symphonic tweet.
They shine every morning, glow in the night
and perform a tango in the moon’s entrancing light.

They have found a door that lets them pass
into my receptive consciousness.
I’m sure they’d love to visit you
if you are willing to let them through
all the seriousness of the day
for only with the childlike do they play.
Sometimes they plant an idea or two
just to surprise and awaken you.

You can’t see them but you can feel their wispy breath
and sense that you have been blest
by these little moments that arise and spark
the fire of love deep in your heart.

Melanie Gillies is a member of the Teachers of God Foundation's community Evolve.

This is what she said about her experience of being a member of Evolve.

"Our Evolve Community is an open loving space to share our challenges, insights, support, and gifts. It is the sacred ground of acceptance where we experience oneness and the truth of our divine being. All are welcome in this beautiful sanctuary."