The Awareness Podcast, Ep.02: Come Empty with Jackie Greggs & Neda Boin: Awakening with Music For The Soul

come empty jackie greggs neda boin podcast the awareness podcast Jan 14, 2022
Neda Boin started to write songs when she was a little girl and has used her gift of singing and songwriting to support the inner healing of many people across the world.  
Her music is inspired by A Course in Miracles and is the soundtrack on the spiritual journey of many.
Press play to hear Jackie and Neda discuss the role music has played in Neda’s spiritual evolution.
They also discuss
  • learning to trust
  • following inner guidance
  • trusting in divine providence
  • daring to show up and
  • stepping  back to let God lead the way.

Neda also gives a live performance of one of the songs from her new album entitled "Remember You’re Dreaming", which was created to help us to remember that we are dreaming and we are never alone. 


Neda Boin is a singer-songwriter with half Dutch, half Persian roots, born and raised in The Netherlands. She started writing songs from when she was a little kid and learned how it was a great way to communicate her message. When she was 17 years old, she wrote a song about HIV and Aids which brought her to Kenya, where she performed in slums, orphanages and even the Maasai tribe. The year after that she went to India to investigate child prostitution and share her song about women’s rights.
Again a few years later she hitchhiked from The Netherlands all the way down to South Africa, to raise awareness around topics such as child labour, gender equality, education and sustainable farming. After she came back, she started giving workshops in juvenile prison, which to this day she still does with great passion.

Neda has 2 albums, The Light Has Come and Remember You’re Dreaming. Neda is also offers ‘Voice Liberation’ workshops and retreats, where she teaches people to use the voice as a tool to access and release old blocks and grievances.


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