The Awareness Podcast, Ep.04: Integrating Spiritual Awakening with Susan Telford and Miranda Macpherson: The Development of Trust

integrating spiritual awakening miranda macpherson susan telford Jan 27, 2022
In this first episode of the Integrating Spiritual Awakening in Everyday Life Series of podcasts, Susan Telford and Miranda Macpherson discuss what we can do when we feel as if we have just had to step into the unknown, without being able to use our familiar reference points.

How do we let go and develop the trust that Grace will lead us to our deepest center?
Is it possible to live our lives with peace and love, in touch with our inherent goodness, no matter what?

Press play to hear Susan and Miranda discuss:
  • how Miranda developed trust in the Grace that is a living Presence and Intelligence, a guiding force that is fundamentally loving 
  •  whether there is meaning in the events that surround us?

  •  how Susan faced her own dark night of the soul and the surprising insight that changed everything

  •  the secret to becoming more resilient emotionally and spiritually

  •  how to take your place as a spiritually mature human being who is capable of staying present, trusting, openhearted and responsive, even in chaotic situations.


    Miranda will be teaching 2 workshops in February for The Integrated Awakening Series in Evolve focussed on developing our capacity to trust, deepen on our spiritual path and become a deeper, wiser human being. 

    To take part in this inspiring workshop and ask Miranda any questions you may have on trust and to become part of a global community devoted to spiritual awakening, join us in Evolve!

    Thank you for joining us on this journey of awakening!