The Awareness Podcast, Ep.06: Come Empty with Jackie Greggs - Bathe in the Isness with Artist, Stephen Wise.

come empty jackie greggs stephen wise Feb 10, 2022

Join host Jackie Greggs and her guest professional musician, songwriter, producer and international recording artist, Stephen Wise as they discuss their spiritual journeys, how music supported their awakening and how it can support you too.   

Press play to hear 
  • what coming empty means to Jackie
  • Stephen describe the source of his inspiration
  • the only thing that truly matters 
  • Stephen's live music perfomance 



Stephen is a professional musician, songwriter, producer and international recording artist.

As well as a vocalist, he plays multiple instruments including saxophone, flute, keyboards, drums, conch shell and didgeridoo. Stephen has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business. He was featured on 2 of Stevie Wonder’s albums Jungle Fever & Characters. He toured with Patti Labelle, sang with Boys II Men on Jungle Fever, sang and/or played sax on several songs of Reggae artist Luciano. He has also worked with reggae artist Maxi Priest.

Stephen Wise’s original music spans a plethora of musical genres such as pop, jazz, reggae, soul and new age. He has released 7 albums that are available at all online outlets. What sets his artistry apart is the higher conscious lyrical messages in many of his songs. Then there is the other side of his artistry, his spiritual work.

Sometimes referred to as a “musical shaman” and “Mystic Maestro” by the legendary healer Queen Afua, Stephen uses sacred instruments like the didgeridoo, conch shells and flutes to create sound bath healing in many meditative sessions.

Learn more about Stephen at Stephen Wise Music 

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