The Awareness Podcast, Ep.07: The Living in Oneness Experience with Cyndi Krupp and Linda Yameen: The Goal

cyndi krupp linda yameen living in oneness experience Feb 17, 2022

Join Cyndi Krupp and her guest Linda Yameen as they discuss the importance of knowing what the goal of the Living in Oneness Experience is and the importance of keeping it front and center.

Tune in to learn how to use the goal in day to day life. Linda also gifts us all with some simple exercises to help sink into the Oneness Experience within moments.



Linda had an upbringing in the church with traditional midwest values and a love of Sunday School and Church Choir. But she always felt that religion might be holding her back; maybe there was a bigger broader sense of Oneness out there waiting for her to recognize it.

As a young adult, then a wife, mother and professional she was introduced to A Course in Miracles and then eventually the Non Dual teachings, when she discovered the Teachers of God Foundation and Pure Presence Conferences.

For the last 12 years she has incorporated these teachings into her yoga classes and began to lead small retreats to learn of the Self.

Awakening awareness continues to abide in Linda as a sense of Presence.

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Thank you for joining us on this journey of awakening!