The Awareness Podcast, Ep.13: Living the Non-Dual Understanding with Bill Free & Dan Schmidt: Awakening Through Film

bill free dan schmidt living the non dual understanding Mar 31, 2022

Dan Schmidt is a spiritual teacher and filmmaker who created the well-known awakening series known as Samadhi. In this episode Bill talks to Dan about making the film and what’s behind the creator and creation of such a profound and very popular documentary series for awakening.

Join Bill and Dan to hear 

  • Dan talk about his own spiritual awakening 
  • Dan explain what is meant by samadhi and what the benefit of it is 
  • whether there is a path to spiritual wakening and if there is why is it called “the pathless path”.


Daniel Schmidt is the creator of the award-winning film “Inner Worlds Outer Worlds” as well as the ongoing “Samadhi” film series. It is Daniel's intention to convey the one perennial teaching that is inherent within all of the spiritual traditions. Daniel emphasizes that Samadhi can be experienced not merely as a temporary “state” but as a “stage” of development. The “pathless path” is to realize an ever-deepening development process within the self-structure, and to simultaneously realize the emptiness of the self-structure.

Learn about Dan and his work at his website

Dan is taking part in the Know Thyself Conference in April