The Awareness Podcast, Ep.19: Come Empty with Jackie Greggs and Rhoda Makled: On the Path to Awakening

come empty jackie greggs rhoda makled May 12, 2022
Rhoda Makled followed the traditional path of the American dream. She worked hard, pursued a career, got married, had a family, bought a house, got divorced, ended her career and started over. By following the American dream, she found that she was also an expert in human suffering. This led her to a second act.

Rhoda's second act has completely focused on healing her own pain. The pain of believing she wasn't good enough. The pain of believing she wasn't safe. The pain of trying to control everything in her life.
She studied bookshelves. Journaled for thousands of hours. And did deep contemplative meditations on undoing her belief systems.

The result… a deep found sense of peace. The peace that is always here and available. Which turned into the third act… a life of holding the space to help others do the same. Rhoda’s entire focus is on sharing what she learned is true for everyone. We are what we seek and there is nothing to fear in this world. She teaches that we have fearless purposeful possibilities and are capable of living a life we love.

In this episode, Jackie and Rhoda discuss Rhoda's journey towards awakening from being in the corporate world to where she stands today. She will share what she has learned and how she is continuing to grow.
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  • Do you resonate with how Rhoda felt, that somehow you are not good enough?

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