The Awareness Podcast, Ep.21: Integrating Spiritual Awakening with Susan Telford and Aaron Abke: Empowered Devotion

aaron abke integrating spiritual awakening susan telford May 26, 2022

Join Susan Telford for a fascinating conversation with spiritual teacher Aaron Abke.

Press the play button to hear 
  • Aaron describe how his only desire was to be a worship pastor in the Christian church.
  • what happened when he made the painful decision to leave it all behind
  • how listening to Eckhart Tolle while on a lunchbreak at Google sparked a spiritual awakening 
  • the journey Aaron took through the teachings of Advaita Vedanta, Taoism, A Course in Miracles and the Law of One
  • the role of the chakras in the development of spiritual intelligence 
  • what he means by empowered devotion 
  • what Aaron has come to realize is the greatest worship any of us can offer
  • what Aaron will be teaching in 2 exclusive LIVE Masterclasses this June 


Aaron will be teaching a two part series for The Integrated Awakening Series in June, entitled Empowered Devotion. 

Aaron will teach a different approach to the subject of Devotion. Traditional Devotion is a practice of consecrating all of one's thoughts and actions to God as an act of worship. To live no longer for oneself, but to devote one's entire life to God. Empowered Devotion takes a unique approach to this practice, as it focuses more on realizing one's full potential as an act of worship. Devotion to one's spiritual potential and the realization of one's unique gifts and purpose in this life.

The first Masterclass on June 13th will cover the topic of "Devotion to the Guru". The "Guru" in this teaching is the Sadhguru of Life itself, or "the inner Guru". In order to access our divine potential, we must be able to learn the lessons Life teaches us, and flow with the direction it takes. This is perhaps the most powerful practice one can adopt for their spiritual growth.

The second class on June 27th will use the principles covered in the first and take them a step further, to the development of personal empowerment through devotion to Life. As we become more aligned with the flow of life and the lessons it teaches us, our consciousness becomes upgraded to higher and higher levels, allowing us to realize the fullness of our Divine potential.

To learn how to join Aaron for these classes, go to Evolve