The Awareness Podcast, Ep.22: Living the Non Dual Understanding with Bill Free and Jiffy Read: How to Integrate A Course in Miracles and Non-Duality from a Therapist’s Perspective.

bill free jiffy read living the non dual understanding Jun 02, 2022


Join Bill Free and Jiffy Read as Jiffy discusses her spiritual journey of integrating a Course in Miracles and the teachings of Rupert Spira. Learn how her spiritual practice informs her life and her work as a therapist and how to become a force for love and peace in the world.


Jiffy discusses 

  • why when she went into a deep depression she did not seek therapy
  • what led her to seek beyond A Course in Miracles to the non-dual teachings expressed through Rupert Spira 
  • the importance of honoring different ways of seeing on a spiritual path 
  • what prompted her to become a psychotherapist 
  • why she is disciplined and takes as practice the cultivation of inner peace 

Share with us in the comments below:

  • What is your biggest takeaway from this episode?
  • Are you a Course in Miracles student or a student of non-duality or both?
  • What has your spiritual path been like?

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