The Awareness Podcast, Ep.27: The Awareness Podcast introduces a new host: Jenny Beal, in conversation with Susan Telford on her theme of "Living in Not-Knowing".

jenny beal living in not knowing susan telford Jul 07, 2022

Susan  introduces Jenny Beal as one of the new hosts of The Awareness Podcast. Jenny shares her spiritual journey from her early 20s to the present day. Jenny has traveled a path of wanting to know everything “from the very biggest to the very smallest” to coming to the realization that true freedom and joy in living in not-knowing.

Listen as Jenny discusses

  • what she learned from her teachers 
  • how she dealt with a deep dark night of the soul 
  • the difference between the progressive path and the direct path
  • what is meant by idealism, solipsim and realism 
  • why she has chosen to name her segment of the podcast "Living in Not Knowing"


In her early twenties, Jenny Beal became interested in the ideas of P.D. Ouspensky, and eventually found her way to Dr Francis Roles, a former student of Ouspensky. In addition to studying Ouspensky’s system, she was introduced to the Advaita teachings of the Shankaracharya Shantananda Saraswati – a progressive path to self-realisation that involves the practice of mantra meditation.

But after following that teaching for over 40 years, and despite having had clear and lasting glimpses of her true nature, there was still something missing. Her search for whatever it was that was missing led her to the Direct Path and Rupert Spira. It was through his teaching that she discovered the permanent and imperturbable peace, happiness and ease of being that is the birth-right of all of us. After that, her desire to deepen her understanding and to integrate it with her love of science and mathematics, led her to Francis Lucille where she discovered the freedom and joy in living in not-knowing.

Jenny leads online groups exploring the non-dual teaching, and she loves to share her understanding with truth-seekers and truth-lovers.

Beginning in August, Jenny will discuss “Living in Not-Knowing” with her guests on the 2nd Friday of every month. 

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